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[center] <b><span style="text-decoration: underline">Most of my pets will NEVER be up for trade</b></span>:[br][/center][br][br]The <b>ONLY</b> time my pets will be up for trade is if they are sat in Pet Trades. [br]Well-named, ONE pet offers only please as I do not have room for more - serious offers only.[br] <b><span style="text-decoration: underline">BAD OFFERS WILL BE IGNORED</b></span> [br][br]<br/>

Isambard the Angel Chibs
11 years, 11 months & 11 days OldBorn 2nd Jan 2008 18:26

Zetlian Quarter Health Tonic
Zetlian Quarter Health Tonic
Chibs Helmet
Chibs Gauntlet
Ziranek Blade
Xoi Quarter Health Tonic
Zetlian Quarter Health Tonic
Battle Wings
Chibs Amulet
Chibs Shield
Xoi Quarter Health Tonic