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[center]HELLO: My username OMI-OMI. That means Grandmother in the German language...Yes, boys and girls, I am old ..LOL.. Even older adults like playing these games. I love cats, birds, horses and of course my grandchildren. My favorite TV shows are..Medium, CSI, Law & Order, Soaps.. General Hospital. Im addicted to Marapets, its a wonderful site to take your mind off the daily stress. Check out my pets and please buy from my Shop. Make this poor old lady RICH......Have fun.[/center][br]


OurToddler the Navy Fasoro
13 years, 1 month & 18 days OldBorn 2nd Sep 2007 06:33

3 Years 3 Months Old
3 Years 3 Months Old
2 Years 6 Months Old
9 Years 2 Months Old
Level 17 Journalist earning MP8,000MP a day

Fasoro Gauntlet
Light Fairy Magic Staff
Blackjack Spikes
Addow Ride Gun
Battle of Baspinar Axe
Blackjack Spikes
Biala Tetris Axe
Devil Sword
Rune Amulet
Jessup Quarter Health Tonic
Staff of the Forest Fairy
Kirin Magic Staff
Staff of the Lazy Fairy