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Aurina is a character from a fantasy novel I was writing when I was 17. However at some point I destroyed everything I had written since I felt it had no meaning to anyone. Yes, I was stupid and I have a temper.

Aurina is a angelic mother of twin wolfhumans Shadow and Luna. Her children are raised in a distant island where a tribe of wolfhumans that worship the moon live. Aurina was never there to actually raise her children since she was high-priestess of the tribe and became more of a spirit than actual living being, never leaving the temple. But she often guided her cubs with visions in their dreams and such. Luna showed a great promise to follow in her footsteps but she and her twin brother Shadow are swept away to the world by adventure started from a prophecy their mother told. And they never see their home or their mother again.

Fun fact, they were also promised to each other as mates, Shadow and Luna. Since it's the custom in their tribe to wed twins. But Luna fells in love with someone else and even though Shadow is jealous, he also realizes that he doesn't have that kind of feelings for her sister either. And that their lives are going to be much different than what their tribes customs are.
Aurina the Nimbus Chibs
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