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Joined Marapets September 30, 2006.

I collect Enchanted Plushies!

I am very easy to talk to so feel free to message me.

I am always willing to lend my pets, just message me and I'll send them right over!
My name is Raeveena (Rahveena)
scares the Midnight Grint
13 years, 2 months & 8 days OldBorn 3rd Oct 2006 17:01

Yellow Loyal
9 Years 3 Months Old
Red Nesasio
9 Years 3 Months Old
Grey Devan
9 Years 3 Months Old
9 Years 3 Months Old
1 Year 5 Months Old
7 Months 29 Days Old
Level 8 Athlete earning MP925MP a day

Job Promotion earning MP1,000MP a day
Level 25  Strength 90  Speed 90  Health 90  Charisma 20  Sports 90  Balance 40  Magic 45  Stamina 40  Coordination 40 

Golem Shield
Doyle Amulet
Doyle Gauntlet
Staff of the Light Fairy
Staff of the Light Fairy
Grint Magic Staff
Grint Magic Staff
Bough Bow