The Currency Exchange is where you can safely exchange your MP, BP, RP and Account Upgrades Credit with another player. The service is currently free to use and this is the only place you should use to exchange your currency. Using the Trades is not safe, as you have no guarentee that the other player will send you their currency once you have already given them your currency. Return to

Vortex Park

Currency Exchange

Currency Exchange with AmberAtriox
Currency You're Receiving
1,000 Marapoints
0 Baspinar Points
0 Restock Points
0 AU
Currency You're Sending
0 Marapoints
0 Baspinar Points
1,000 Restock Points
0 AU


You are only allowed one account per person. Everything you do is logged and monitored by staff. Anyone found to be using accounts to gain items and/or points will be frozen. Gaining items and/or points from family/friends account is classed as multiple account abuse and is against the rules and you will permanently lose all accounts.

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