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Kamilah Desert
Welcome to the opulent palace of the Sultan. The Sultan is the rich and power leader of the Kamilah Desert. While the King rewards your loyalty based on how long you have been playing Marapets for and Queen Eleka counts the number of unique days you have visited Marapets, the Sultan rewards you for everyday that you have paid your Taxes.

As the self declared ruler of Marada, the Sultan needs taxes to be paid by all players. Taxes start at 10MP and increase by 10MP each day that you pay them. You can only pay taxes once per day and the Sultan will reward you for the number of days that you pay tax. There are many other Collections that you can complete for even more Rewards.
Sultan Loyalty Prizes

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1,050 Days
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1,170 Days
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1,350 Days
1,365 Days
Level Stats for all pets
1,380 Days
1,410 Days
4 Years
Strength, Defence & Speed Stats for all pets
1,460 Days
Coordination, Stamina & Balance Stats for all pets
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1,520 Days
1,550 Days
1,590 Days
1,600 Days
Level Stats for all pets
1,620 Days
1,630 Days
Health Stats for all pets
1,660 Days
Coordination, Stamina & Balance Stats for all pets
1,700 Days
Magic Stats for all pets
1,710 Days
1,720 Days
Charisma Stats for all pets
1,730 Days
1,740 Days
Level Stats for all pets