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*A discussion is a thought provoking conversation that is open to opinions of others that can further the discussion. This is not a forum for discussing Marapets related subjects, if you wish to do so please use forums more suited like Restricted Chat, Random Chat or other Marapets forums. If you want to discuss your new puppy or where you are going for your birthday this is NOT the forum to do so. Use a chat area for that like ReC, RC or even Maratalk.

*No double posting. If you need to add anything to your post then please edit it. The ONLY exception for a double post is if your post exceeds the character limit and you still have more to say.

*Before using the Discussion Forum, please be aware that the content of this forum includes sensitive subjects and people's personal opinions on them. Some of these subjects or opinions may be offensive to some people. If you are sensitive or easily offended, you may want to consider using another forum instead.

*Please do not report topics or posts in this forum that you find offensive if they do not break the Discussion Forum rules.

*You are not to target or insult anyone for their opinion. You may disagree with someone but it must be done politely.

*You are allowed to post topics on religion, politics, racism, and sexism as long as it is done civilly.

*You may NOT discuss alcohol, smoking or drugs, and nothing of a sexual nature is to be discussed.

*Be very careful if you are posting about your personal life. Do not give out personal information.

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Topic Starter Replies Last Post
The Kinsey Scale bad 8 20th Aug 2019 23:45
Is Donald Trump racist? Catherine 8 20th Aug 2019 23:43
What do you think is an ideal age range EnvyCosplay 11 20th Aug 2019 20:15
Should everyone have the right to carry a weapon? Catherine 1 20th Aug 2019 19:07
Is male privilege a real thing? Catherine 0 20th Aug 2019 19:01
Vegan / Vegetarian -vs- Meat Eater Alexithymia 62 20th Aug 2019 12:05
Are disabled people treated well enough? Catherine 14 20th Aug 2019 10:56
What are your views on anti-lgbtq+? SixFeetUnder 114 20th Aug 2019 09:51
Getting married in your early 20s..? marapets022 6 19th Aug 2019 17:57
Do You Love/Hate Your Job? Tuesday 11 19th Aug 2019 10:14
Are elderly people treated well enough? Catherine 3 19th Aug 2019 04:40
Censorship Elenlin 12 18th Aug 2019 13:07
Would You Date a Person Who is Transgender? bad 120 17th Aug 2019 17:56
Is it ok for a man to cry? Catherine 13 17th Aug 2019 13:16
Pet Bereavement Catherine 6 16th Aug 2019 21:10
Common Misconceptions/Beliefs/Practices. SixFeetUnder 6 14th Aug 2019 09:51
United States Domestic Terrorism bad 13 13th Aug 2019 10:52
Ghosts / Paranormal Loyalty 19 13th Aug 2019 01:33
Seasonal Affective Disorder Orion 1 6th Aug 2019 14:39
Obesity Catherine 46 5th Aug 2019 17:18
Young Love Catherine 3 5th Aug 2019 16:53
Babies with pierced ears Catherine 28 5th Aug 2019 16:40
Texas Walmart shooting Catherine 30 5th Aug 2019 08:06
Disabled parking spaces Catherine 16 4th Aug 2019 13:23
Is this fair? Catherine 63 4th Aug 2019 09:56
Public Transport Catherine 3 3rd Aug 2019 10:00
Snowflake Generation Catherine 26 2nd Aug 2019 19:20
do online relationships work? bad 20 2nd Aug 2019 17:47
Does 'white privilege' really exist? Catherine 31 2nd Aug 2019 17:06
How to cope with dogs death? am i overreacting? ginabug010 17 2nd Aug 2019 10:12
What do u guys think of the Avril conspiracy psychedelic 6 2nd Aug 2019 09:17
Area 51 Catherine 4 2nd Aug 2019 08:22
does age matter in a relationship? bad 21 28th Jul 2019 14:48
Nurse negligence Cosplay 12 27th Jul 2019 18:11
THE MANDALA EFFECT twigs 24 23rd Jul 2019 06:26
Why is the US so behind? Scrusher88 20 13th Jul 2019 18:21
Art Discussion Xemnas 7 11th Jul 2019 08:37
How to get over whatever this is? Christy 7 3rd Jul 2019 15:37
How many dusterbuster 7 30th Jun 2019 07:46
When do you know you're ready to move in with raybies 3 26th Jun 2019 21:27
Americans: What party do you consider yourself? Frolic 33 26th Jun 2019 19:31
Don't know who I am anymore. DragonFroot 20 26th Jun 2019 10:08
Why is it ok for a guy to be shirtless but a girl Calculus 37 20th Jun 2019 12:18
I think I might be trans... Greystokey 20 17th Jun 2019 21:11
"The silent treatment" Gender 7 17th Jun 2019 18:35
Choosing your own engagement ring? Medieval 46 16th Jun 2019 19:23
at what age should it be okay to transition? wax 63 14th Jun 2019 18:29
What is the purpose of life? bad 12 10th Jun 2019 06:59
Butterfly Effect? Scrusher88 4 10th Jun 2019 06:28
When do you become a mother? Catherine 21 9th Jun 2019 01:11

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