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*You may not double post in this Forum! This includes self boosting through double posts. Boosting means actual words, not endless emojis.

*No advertising topics. This forum is only for checking the price of an item or currency exchange ratio, not buying or selling it.

*No asking for price checks on your gallery. We have noticed that such askings are due to laziness or just to show off. This includes offering to pay somebody to price your items.

*No false pricing. If you do not know an accurate price for sure, do not give one. Continuous false pricing can cost you your account for scamming, especially if you or a friend of yours profits from the false pricing.

*A correct price is the average price that an item sells for. This means what most people are selling for, not how much you got for the most expensive one you sold or what you paid on the cheapest one you bought.

*Do not give prices based on auctions. These are meant to be priced low and do not reflect the true value of an item.

*Do not give prices on items you are buying or selling. Leave it up to someone who will not profit from the sale of an item to give a price.

*No advertising while boosting topics, e.g. mentioning voting for you or hinting about your shop while boosting someone's topic.

*No harassment or rude conduct. If you are caught harassing or being excessively rude, you will be forum banned. If you continue afterward, we may take it further.

*All other site rules apply and staff will deal with any form of rule breaking as we see fit.

Topic Starter Replies Last Post
PC ZOMBIE XOI POTION Em 0 17th Sep 2019 02:39
Pc Olympic onion rings robinh00d 0 16th Sep 2019 20:38
PC: Red Magic Powder Alexithymia 2 16th Sep 2019 17:22
PC: Full Simerian Explorer map Selection 2 16th Sep 2019 14:43
PC: RP to MP rates? Gracie 2 16th Sep 2019 10:38
PC: Full Kamilah Pyramid Treasure Map Rosa 0 16th Sep 2019 08:59
Pc on Vixen skin sakamoto 0 16th Sep 2019 01:51
Pc on digital kidlet pet lhdc 0 16th Sep 2019 00:09
Fire Tantua Potion PC Azaura 0 15th Sep 2019 22:04
PC: Cracked Trading Card BasilLeaves 0 15th Sep 2019 20:04
War clothing prices Cappygirl 6 15th Sep 2019 19:30
How much for a Full Set of EPI, Please? HedgeHog90 1 15th Sep 2019 18:30
PC on Ike maker Seiko 2 15th Sep 2019 14:58
PC:// Zola Maker ruemika 2 15th Sep 2019 14:54
PC: daylight dance Sparky347 0 15th Sep 2019 11:51
Pc:// ghost chibs plushie Gravestone 0 15th Sep 2019 10:03
PC: Navy Limax Plushie & Enchanted Armoured Equil KintanaWolf 0 15th Sep 2019 07:47
PC: Beige Astro Potion Omnisphere 2 15th Sep 2019 06:31
PC: on some stamps pls Ecosse 4 15th Sep 2019 05:16
PC:8 au's Frostix 0 14th Sep 2019 22:19
PC Essence of Daisy Talos13 3 14th Sep 2019 21:58
Pucu makers regalwhat10 2 14th Sep 2019 21:35
PC:// Coral Oglue Potion KJH 0 14th Sep 2019 20:40
PC: Creepy Bunny Plushie Christy 0 14th Sep 2019 15:17
PC - Genie Sybri Potion Bane 0 14th Sep 2019 08:44
PC: Advent Tree Instructions 07 Amethystium 0 14th Sep 2019 08:07
PC// Full Foxfire Pond Treasure Map Ionna 1 14th Sep 2019 05:41
PC a Chameleon Azaura 9 13th Sep 2019 18:44
PC: Lord Splishy Splashy Trading Card Irresistible 1 13th Sep 2019 16:15
Price check for Anlur Poop LoreneGo 3 13th Sep 2019 11:00
PC; Batty Poop Hannibalism 0 13th Sep 2019 08:34
PC: Fake Dukkas lext219 0 13th Sep 2019 08:00
Price check Starry Wig for me please Bitten 4 13th Sep 2019 07:03
PC Explosive TC GoddessOfKaos 0 13th Sep 2019 06:38
PC Enchanted Blue Poera Plushie SiruisSeriousBlack 1 13th Sep 2019 05:52
Pc:// Clown Grint Potion Desiringyou 0 13th Sep 2019 03:35
Essence of Daisy PC Azaura 0 12th Sep 2019 22:04
PC: Enchanted Basic Colored Crikey plushie Jamie_c55 5 12th Sep 2019 18:31
PC:Green Raulf Potion Hannibalism 1 12th Sep 2019 18:17
Bailiff TC, Discontinued Music, and 2 other rares _mariokart_ 0 12th Sep 2019 14:40
PC:// Checkered Costume Slick 2 12th Sep 2019 12:08
PC - Currency Rates YaShawty 3 12th Sep 2019 10:59
PC:// Desert Treasure Chest HanSolo 2 12th Sep 2019 07:52
PC Poco mini Joker 2 12th Sep 2019 00:44
PC: Teal Lati Potion s57v58 1 12th Sep 2019 00:42
PC: Grave Robber Whistle Toyboks 2 11th Sep 2019 23:00
PC: Slice of Gourmet Cherry Pie matt9999 0 11th Sep 2019 22:49
PC: Enchanted Space Quell Plushie Candles 0 11th Sep 2019 11:15
PC: Sewer Pipes Treasure Map 08 & 12 s57v58 0 11th Sep 2019 09:28
PC on Fossil Stamp Threat 2 11th Sep 2019 04:33

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