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*Looking for a place to give away pets or items? You've come to the right place!

*You need to state the items/pets you are giving away. This means you must state the items/pets you are giving away on your first post. You may not hold a giveaway saying you will buy people items off their wishlists. Attic giveaways where players state a page and item number, belong in the word games forum.

*Currency may no longer be given away in this forum. Instead you may donate marapoints to the new Giveaways feature here:

*When doing a large Giveaway, you will need to get permission via a Support Ticket, BEFORE making the topic. This is to make sure nothing is suspicious.

*Giveaways are to be kept simple. Getting players to 'jump through hoops' is NOT a giveaway. For example, post a word to enter, post your favorite colour, post a picture of your cat/dog. Why you want the pet/item/currency etc etc are fine.

*Giveaways go here and here only please! This includes all giveaways for pets and items. There are no exceptions, and if giveaways are seen in other forums they will be deleted.


*This is not SPAM forum, no spam posts please! They will be deleted. Posts have to be proper posts not endless 'boosts' or smilies.

*GIVEAWAYS MUST NOT LAST LONGER THAN A WEEK. Once started the giveaway must be completed. If staff have to complete the giveaway on your behalf you will be fined for this.

*You may hold as many giveaways as you like within a time frame as long as the previous one has FINISHED and prizes have been sent out

*No asking for donations for your giveaways

*No false giveaways, please only post giveaways if you actually have the items/pets on your account AND intend to give the items away.

*You may not specify how many members may enter before giving away an item/pet/MP. This falls under holding a false giveaway.

*You may not ask for an entry fee in the form of items or mp for your giveaway.

*Giveaways must be open for all and you may not place restrictions on your giveaways.

*Giveaways are to be kept to giveaway boards only, you are not to have blogs where people post applications or mail applications. You should post applications on the giveaway board only.

*Club Giveaways are not allowed in this forum. Those strictly belong in blogs and must clearly say it is a Club Members Giveaway only.

*You may not require players to change their signatures to something of your choosing nor tell them the more they post, the better the chance they have to win. That encourages spam and is not allowed.

*This forum is just for giveaways and NOT games/competitions that result in a prize. Games that result in a prize belong in Word Games forum.

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Topic Starter Replies Last Post
Giving away lush lake stamp PURPLE232 12 25th Aug 2019 06:56
Giving away 2 pets :) wolfthunder 7 24th Aug 2019 22:58
Giving away a RW meepkitty9 1 24th Aug 2019 10:09
Giving away 2 HP named pet Minipet 5 22nd Aug 2019 14:53
***Giving away some pets!*** AlphaGreyWolf 6 22nd Aug 2019 11:11
Win a Celebrate Glowing Egg NativeNancy 44 22nd Aug 2019 03:15
giving away SoMo the safari viotto oh 6 21st Aug 2019 22:34
Giving two awesome real words Alphabet 8 19th Aug 2019 22:25
Giving away a new Recycled Equilor pet Alcyone 3 19th Aug 2019 08:05
Giving away several pets! XXfalcoXX 9 18th Aug 2019 13:34
Giving away a great starter battle pet! fOOt 8 18th Aug 2019 04:38
Giving Away 6 Pets(First come first serve) Yonaka 14 17th Aug 2019 08:24
Giving Away Gaylin unicorn51333 4 16th Aug 2019 22:50
Giving away Outraged Taunted 32 16th Aug 2019 13:12
Giving Gothic Kronk Startingover 2 16th Aug 2019 08:46
Giving calico eyru! Simplistical 19 16th Aug 2019 07:57
Giving Away Logically & Reandy Jackmsteiner 12 14th Aug 2019 20:57
Giving baby mordo! Frostseraph 3 14th Aug 2019 12:27
Giving baboon LoneStyr 4 14th Aug 2019 08:48
Giving Away Throwback the Candle Gizmo! carrillx 3 11th Aug 2019 17:27
Giving Otho, Stash, Wedge Alphabet 8 11th Aug 2019 15:46
Giving Away Three LEs! Reese 24 11th Aug 2019 06:02
Giving away Attachments and Ardie Shame 5 10th Aug 2019 07:07
Giving away a couple pets! meepkitty9 1 9th Aug 2019 17:51
Giving: Ushunda named Brewer Tals 3 9th Aug 2019 17:45
Giving away W/N Ushunda rebeccathecrazy 2 9th Aug 2019 16:24
GIVEAWAY 3: A few wardrobe items lover 45 8th Aug 2019 19:01
Giving Limax + R/N EnvyCosplay 14 7th Aug 2019 14:02
Wetherspoon giveaway! Mythical 5 7th Aug 2019 12:06
Giving away 4 LEs Stilinski 22 6th Aug 2019 02:38
Giving away 3 pets (2 LEs) Glowstick 6 5th Aug 2019 06:41
Giving pets to new homes Calvinowen3 9 3rd Aug 2019 18:17
Giving away amemori the Minipet Doyle audreyalisha 6 2nd Aug 2019 15:33
Giving away a pet! meepkitty9 3 2nd Aug 2019 15:22
Giving away two pets Kurama 10 1st Aug 2019 17:00
Trying to downsize so giving away some pets meepkitty9 4 31st Jul 2019 19:22
Kien the baby fasoro - GIVING AWAY Aus 1 31st Jul 2019 13:43
Who wants a tasi Dietrich 6 30th Jul 2019 15:52
GIVEAWAY 2: A FEW MORE PLUSHIES hEATher 24 30th Jul 2019 09:54
Giving Toy kujo Paigesmurf 3 29th Jul 2019 23:32
giving RW - After chronic 1 29th Jul 2019 22:32
GIVEAWAY 1: Beige Lorius Plushie Lover 8 29th Jul 2019 09:43
Giveaway: Pet Certificate Kina 28 29th Jul 2019 03:47
giving Babu Nino!! "Surina" Anis 4 27th Jul 2019 17:06
Giving grey phanty Foggy 10 27th Jul 2019 15:23
Giving away my island Zoink! expensive 4 27th Jul 2019 13:42
Giving Surely [Chibi Crindol] Twinkly 4 25th Jul 2019 21:51
Giving away Sweetish the Chocolate Fasoro Ambriella 5 25th Jul 2019 20:55
~Giving Away 2 w/n Nicely costume Le's~ Nafre 14 25th Jul 2019 10:44
Giving away Poera TheBiteof87 9 24th Jul 2019 18:09

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