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*You may not double post in this Forum! This includes self boosting through double posts. Boosting means actual words, not endless emojis.

* No multiple topics about buying the same item. For example, if you're buying AU and a potion, 2 topics are fine. But if you're buying AU, and more AU, edit your post instead of making a new topic.

*No price checks. If you do not know what an item costs, ask in the Price Check forum.

*No false prices. Saying an item is worth less than its real value in order to buy it for less is considered scamming. The penalty for scamming is a frozen account.

*No telling a buyer that their offer is not worth it. What they are offering is solely their business and the seller's business. If you are not happy with their offer, simply do not sell to them.

*No advertising while boosting topics, e.g. mentioning voting for you or hinting about your shop while boosting someone's topic.

*No harassment or rude conduct. If you are caught harassing or being excessively rude, you will be forum banned. If you continue afterward, we may take it further.

*All other site rules apply and we will deal with any form of rule breaking as we see fit.

Topic Starter Replies Last Post
BUYING 2x RETICULUM FOR UBLISH LEVEL 30 daisiepetals 6 6th Sep 2019 15:30
[B] Winter Costume Cae 4 6th Sep 2019 14:36
Buying photos for 25k each! Christy 8 6th Sep 2019 14:27
Buying au speedy95 0 6th Sep 2019 14:04
Buying 22 AU asap! SpirouTheDragon 0 6th Sep 2019 12:47
B: Werewolf Costume + 100k BP Zed 5 6th Sep 2019 12:19
B: 300k RP at 1:11, send CE! Xero 4 6th Sep 2019 10:40
B: Whirlpool Treasure Map Bonehead 5 6th Sep 2019 09:31
Buying 7 AU ZahraRulez 1 6th Sep 2019 08:31
Wanted Ads Up for Remaining Sewer Pipes pieces Shark 0 6th Sep 2019 02:17

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