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*Real life roleplays are allowed, but try to find ways to be creative with them rather than just going to school and living daily life. However, plots involving things such as abuse are not allowed and will not be tolerated.

*Romance is now allowed, but it absolutely must not go past kissing, holding hands and cuddling. Kissing descriptions are not to be extremely in depth; there's no need to know all the little details of a kiss. There is also to be no sexual interaction whatsoever. This includes leading up to a sexual encounter and cutting off before direct mentions are made. If this rule is not strictly adhered to, we will revoke all romance entirely.

*Husbands, wives, boyfriends, girlfriends, wolf mates, etc are allowed provided the romance rules are followed.

*Dormatories, camps and sleepovers are allowed if they are purely a setting and not the main focus of the roleplay. If romance rules are not followed, these will be taken away too.

*Excessive violence is not allowed. People may be injured or die and there can be some blood but something such as going into gory detail of a murder is going too far.

*Very mild religious influence is allowed. Characters can be religious and there can be creatures with religious origins such as angels or devils but there is to be no preaching, debates or condemning of religions.

*1x1 requests are to be limited to the Basic roleplay forum regardless of the roleplaying experience being sought. These are not to be posted in Intermediate or Advanced.

*These rules only apply in the Intermediate and Advanced roleplay forums. Basic roleplay forum rules are the same as they were before, i.e. no romance.

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Devils Night silvi1734 0 16th Oct 2018 15:41
Cruising Away Yasmeen 2 6th Oct 2018 06:56
The Gifted payton_miller 1 19th Jul 2018 00:57
Pay Attention... This Lesson may be your LAST! lightyinstar 6 14th Jul 2018 18:42
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Star Wars & Harry Potter/FB & Supernatural monchanteur 0 5th Aug 2017 23:40
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Holiday Gifted Slave/Master (Trying Again ^.^) Rainkit 388 1st Jul 2017 12:34
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Just go with the flow? Kelsie 0 13th Jun 2017 08:35
Musical RP anyone? jkofan 0 12th Jun 2017 05:53
Camp Kudos Flight 0 22nd May 2017 12:20
The Magic Squad Short 0 12th May 2017 01:55
Undertale RP Yasmeen 223 27th Mar 2017 02:50
This is a Wild World {RP} TheKittyLilly 0 18th Mar 2017 09:55
Deck the Halls (Holiday gifted/slave master) Rainkit 100 6th Mar 2017 09:41
The EverEmerald Forest (A Fantasy RP) Meggy 221 5th Feb 2017 12:28
Camp Kudos Flight 2 4th Feb 2017 08:23
We All Suck At Relationships yasminagirl 9 16th Jan 2017 13:50
Harry Potter Rainkit 27 3rd Jan 2017 10:36
The Traitor is... you? The First and Final Episode Specter 9 7th Dec 2016 19:17
King Arthur Reborn Wycca 1 20th Oct 2016 17:38
The skin-grafters exterminati0n 17 7th Oct 2016 09:50
In Search on a Land with the Starlit Sky Fruitsbasket136 12 13th Aug 2016 03:09
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Good Vs. Evil: Worlds Collide Part 2 Mandi 4 27th Jun 2016 06:07
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Win and Die Yasmeen 3 3rd Apr 2016 09:13
Good Vs. Evil: Worlds Collide Mandi 70 31st Mar 2016 21:28
A World of Change. Fruitsbasket136 20 18th Mar 2016 06:10
We Never Thought It Would Happen Candles 35 8th Mar 2016 17:31
The Pound: A Gifted Slave/Master Role Play Rainkit 24 23rd Feb 2016 19:39
Peace Makers Elune 9 10th Jan 2016 22:22
Freakshow Elune 28 10th Nov 2015 19:09
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The Pound: A Slave/Master Role Play (Please Join!) Rainkit 93 27th Oct 2015 13:36

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