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*You may not edit, resell, trade or otherwise distribute another person's art - including art you bought from them - without the artist's direct consent. If they wish to give consent for the general public to use their art in any such way, it must be written in their original selling topic for that artwork or in their blogs. Once you have traded the graphic, you can no longer use it unless said otherwise by the current owner. If the art is from offsite, you must receive their permission there and we will ask for proof if we find reason to do so. Doing any of this without their consent will be considered theft and punished as such.

*All artwork bought and sold must be for Marapets currency/items and must stay on the site. This means you may not offer someone MP, AU, etc. for a graphic you intend to use offsite. Artists may not offer their services for free for any artwork that will be used offsite.

*When using generators to create graphics or layouts, you absolutely MUST include that fact when trying to sell AND have the generator owner's permission. You may NOT claim you made them and you MUST tell everyone you're using a generator.

*Punishments for stealing graphics will vary based on whether or not it is a first time offense and the extent of the theft. However, they will never be less than a substantial fine and the return of all profits from the stolen artwork to the buyers. In worst case scenarios, the member may be permanently underaged. There will never be third chances and anyone convicted of theft a third time will be underaged, possibly permanently.

*Double posting is allowed if it has been more than 30 mins since the last post.

*Contests are allowed provided there is no entrance fee. All contests must last no longer than 10 days and the winner(s) of the contest MUST be announced with prizes awarded no later than ONE WEEK after the contest deadline. When hosting a contest all prizes must be listed in the initial post.

*No award ceremonies or asking for nominations for awards. No wars - we ask that you keep those in your club.

*Please don't make more than three rating boards a day - you can edit your first ones to include new art.

*Agree on prices before selling or buying a graphic. If you're buying and not sure you'll like the person's work, ask for examples before agreeing to buy. When selling, please include examples and any necessary forms in your post. In the event that a buyer no longer wants the ordered graphic they will be expected to pay 50% of the final cost for the time the artist has spent creating it. This rule also applies to layouts.

*No live auctions on art that is not yet finished, and in the event of auctioning a custom item members must have a completed example of what the final graphic will be similar to before auctioning. Live Auctions must not be abandoned for longer than 6 hours. No reserving the right not to sell. All auctions must be final. Live auctions must be completed within 24 hours.

*Critiques should be limited to topics where the artist is asking for them. Do not critique any artwork unless it's specifically asked for by the artist. Also, please keep criticism constructive. For example, "I think your shading needs some work" is acceptable. Posting "Your art sucks" is not.

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Topic Starter Replies Last Post
It's Birthday Time!!! - GF Art Swap Jasperie 28 23rd Aug 2019 21:08
LA: Doll/OC Art Hagumi 2 23rd Aug 2019 18:34
LA: custom chibs art Meringueapples 1 23rd Aug 2019 17:16
♡☺Hicka || Making Signatures / Nametags ☺♡ Ouch 43 23rd Aug 2019 15:20
LIMITED TIME! FREE CUSTOM NAME FLORAL WREATHS Meringueapples 35 23rd Aug 2019 03:34
🌸 art shop 🌸 Kagayama 4 23rd Aug 2019 01:04
☪️ 1 year l8r 311 8 22nd Aug 2019 23:00
Making more floral wreath siggies! New designs Meringueapples 0 22nd Aug 2019 15:52
🦡 Making Graphics 🎨 again for MP or 📸s! Badger 17 22nd Aug 2019 14:32
Apple’s free arts: MORDO + PANCAKE = ? Meringueapples 0 22nd Aug 2019 10:26
Bribe me and i'll draw for you wink Cassiopie 11 21st Aug 2019 19:45
♡MOSS: PWYW BUTTONS mosspaws 84 21st Aug 2019 16:27
LA 💙 𝓒𝓾𝓼𝓽𝓸𝓶 𝓟𝓲𝔁𝓮𝓵 𝓐𝓻𝓽! Lustrous 4 21st Aug 2019 09:32
Sketchy freebies! Snooty 15 20th Aug 2019 21:42
{zak} art shoppe Zaku 8 20th Aug 2019 15:50
Apple’s free art: I love mordos…… Meringueapples 9 20th Aug 2019 11:10
Ian // Art Contest (Win a Decadal Potion) Ian 72 19th Aug 2019 22:10
Buying art 10 mil. Native 1 19th Aug 2019 12:47
drew my demon doll Tokyo 10 19th Aug 2019 09:08
Drawing your dolls! SixFeetUnder 2 18th Aug 2019 03:18
☆ Beau the Bee Boy, again ☆ Raybies 3 17th Aug 2019 22:43
☆ Art - Honey Bee Beau ☆ Raybies 3 17th Aug 2019 17:16
#G’s ugly chibi sketches {pwyw} Na 1 17th Aug 2019 14:51
Finally drew my doll puddingblossom 11 17th Aug 2019 09:01
Draw the doll above you batouttaheck 0 16th Aug 2019 23:00
Madalyns dumb art thread slimy_pennies 3 16th Aug 2019 11:44
♡ Tsukasa's Bribe Shop! Snooty 27 16th Aug 2019 11:17
Should I do some of these? Customised floral... Meringueapples 2 16th Aug 2019 05:50
Returning! I don’t know... here’s a free wreath? Meringueapples 5 16th Aug 2019 00:17
Wow.. My sig skills are rusty Glowstick 11 14th Aug 2019 18:35
drew my doll again Tokyo 8 14th Aug 2019 10:37
Should I start selling these? Meringueapples 4 14th Aug 2019 00:12
Auction art! SaraKittenburg 1 12th Aug 2019 18:53
Ky~ Chibi Mara Doll Comissions 🦄 Zombie 23 12th Aug 2019 12:16
I got carried away Meggy 16 12th Aug 2019 12:06
What happens when i dont like drawing faces ApfelQueen 2 11th Aug 2019 04:30
Selling this potato Farm 3 10th Aug 2019 14:49
[Commissioning] Digital art/drawings, paying well! angellover 5 10th Aug 2019 09:36
☪️ PWYW mini fullbody customs Anis 13 9th Aug 2019 20:02
♥ Wishlist Items for Art OPEN ! ♥ raybies 24 8th Aug 2019 15:32
Pokemon fusions~ Angi 20 7th Aug 2019 14:38
Ian's Dress Up Contest Rood 2 6th Aug 2019 19:23
☪️ art fight 2019 art dump puke 5 6th Aug 2019 10:19
Doing art for YOU! SaraKittenburg 10 2nd Aug 2019 10:42
Pricing art help? Dexterous 5 2nd Aug 2019 06:06
Chibis made 4 U! SaraKittenburg 2 1st Aug 2019 21:54
**Signatures & Headers & Doll Art!!!** SaraKittenburg 9 31st Jul 2019 12:56
LTB Custom Avatars <3 YunisUnis 4 30th Jul 2019 06:01
Starting art! SaraKittenburg 19 30th Jul 2019 05:59
**Signatures, Headers, and doll drawings!** SaraKittenburg 6 28th Jul 2019 21:14

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