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*You may not edit, resell, trade or otherwise distribute another person's code - including code you bought from them - without their direct consent. If they wish to give consent for the general public to use their code in any such way, it must be written in their original selling topic for that code or in their blogs. Offsite code is the same - if the site doesn't give permission to use their code, please don't.

*All code bought and sold must be for Marapets currency and must stay on the site. This means you may not offer someone MP, AU, etc. for code you intend to use offsite. Code is to be for clubs and Marasites only.

*When using generators to create graphics or layouts, you absolutely MUST include that fact when trying to sell. You may NOT claim you made them and you MUST tell everyone you're using a generator.

*Punishments for stealing code/layouts will vary based on whether or not it is a first time offense and the extent of the theft. However, they will never be less than a substantial fine and the return of all profits from the stolen code to the buyers. In worst case scenarios, the member may be permanently underaged. There will never be third chances and anyone convicted of theft a third time will be underaged, possibly permanently.

*Double posting is allowed if it has been more than half an hour since the last post.

*No award ceremonies or asking for nominations for awards. Contests are allowed, though, provided there is no entrance fee. No wars - we ask that you keep those in your club.

*Agree on prices before selling or buying a layout. If you're buying and not sure you'll like the person's work, ask for examples before agreeing to buy. When selling, please include examples and any necessary forms in your post. In the event that a buyer no longer wants the ordered layout they will be expected to pay 50% of the final cost for the time the coder has spent creating it.

*No live auctions on layouts that aren't finished yet. In the event you want to LA a custom layout you must have a completed example so bidders will know what you're capable of making. Live Auctions must not be abandoned for longer than 6 hours. No reserving the right not to sell. All auctions must be final. Live auctions must be completed within 24 hours.

*Critiques should be limited to topics where the person is asking for them. Do not critique any layout unless it's specifically asked for. Also, please keep criticism constructive. For example, "I think your css code needs some work" is acceptable. Posting "Your layout sucks" is not.

*Please limit topics to programming issues such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, C++, BASIC, etc. Topics looking for help coding your own petsite or a gaming server will be deleted.

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Topic Starter Replies Last Post
Making club layouts! Milestone 0 16th Aug 2019 08:18
Computer Question not programming Cappygirl 0 16th Aug 2019 01:27
Marasite SixFeetUnder 1 1st Aug 2019 17:25
Taking Commissions: CLUB LAYOUTS Declan 0 21st Jul 2019 23:35
Anyone here good with netbeans? Foot 3 8th Jul 2019 07:20
Help with making site layouts raybies 3 7th Jul 2019 21:01
How to have text inside of Spencer 2 6th Jul 2019 08:57
Custom marasite & club layouts! Veritas 5 18th Jun 2019 18:00
Could use some help with div class dogafton 1 18th Jun 2019 06:26
What sites did u learn HTML/CSS from? Red 9 17th Jun 2019 07:41
Adobe flash support ending Interstellarfox 4 12th Jun 2019 19:32
I'm Back! Making Club Layouts x aethereality 0 10th Jun 2019 05:16
Custom Marasite/club layouts! Declan 2 28th May 2019 14:44
Will pay to be taught!! kosh7417 3 24th May 2019 14:02
Commissioning Club Layout and 1 18th May 2019 15:36
New club layout style, need help pricing Milestone 2 14th May 2019 19:53
Need a club layout and logo, hefty compensation. Inuyashagirll97 0 8th May 2019 23:08
Doing 2 Free Club Layouts To Build Portfolio RPI 16 8th May 2019 23:04
✨ Taking Site/Club Layout Commissions ✨ bad 2 30th Apr 2019 21:28
Taking commissions on Club Layouts Declan 2 24th Apr 2019 12:29
Seeking Club layout maker Spencer 5 22nd Apr 2019 10:33
Looking for: HTML Birthday Calender Badger 0 20th Apr 2019 17:03
Looking for HTML & CSS practice the_rad_one 2 19th Mar 2019 10:42
Custom Layout Pricing??? Ouch 7 10th Mar 2019 19:27
ISO Custom Club Layout poprox27 0 5th Mar 2019 16:40
Any club layout makers out here? Need your opinion Milestone 1 23rd Feb 2019 19:44
Is anyone fluent in PHP, HTML, CSS?? Slick 9 21st Feb 2019 21:42
Looking for a club layout DragonFroot 2 18th Feb 2019 12:40
Paying up to 5mill for a club layout !!! Liv31 0 16th Feb 2019 16:21
Taking layout Requests (fairly cheap) Paffuto 0 8th Feb 2019 16:49
ISO free club layouts poprox27 3 22nd Jan 2019 17:26
♡ club layout Kagayama 10 19th Jan 2019 14:58
Marasite layouts Kagayama 4 14th Jan 2019 08:32
Iso site & club layouts <3 Razz 4 13th Jan 2019 20:24
Get custom club layouts just in time for VDay Declan 2 9th Jan 2019 02:39
[zei] LA - custom blinking chibi (last one) Zeichii 9 26th Dec 2018 21:42
Wanting to buy a Marasite layout twiter78 1 21st Dec 2018 07:57
✨ Taking Club Layout Commissions ✨ bad 9 16th Dec 2018 17:39
Layout Help Ambzillius 6 8th Dec 2018 04:04
Need some programming help! moonx 0 7th Dec 2018 21:03
Help! I have a question about my club coding.... Lee2016 7 6th Dec 2018 09:32
Anyone do coding for hobby or work? Natalieroks 19 4th Dec 2018 23:15
Introducing Bad Layouts - Free Club Layouts :) bad 10 2nd Dec 2018 16:09
Taking custom club layout orders Declan 3 25th Nov 2018 13:56
CLUB PAGES Picalilie 2 22nd Nov 2018 21:45
Club Help Lee2016 2 17th Nov 2018 07:41
Making free marasites (to put in my portfolio) ZoeGomez 11 7th Nov 2018 12:37
Need a marasite layout - preferably custom Killer 0 4th Nov 2018 19:27
Finished First Marasite spottedcalf 4 29th Oct 2018 04:15
How do I edit/add notes to above my profile? Bef 3 27th Oct 2018 10:57

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