Shops are where you can buy items with your different Currency. There are 3 different types of shop. There are shops in each world in Marada that may restock with new stock every five minutes, there are shops in each world that are always fully stocked with each item they currently sell and there are Player Shops. You can price items in Your Shop but you must first move items there from your Inventory or Attic.

Hello !

Anything here is for sale, NOT for trade.

**I have UB photos of my pets in trades!

Bug Straya Photo

Marapoints 499,187MP
1 in stock

Cupid Walee Potion

Marapoints 499,508MP
1 in stock

Enchanted Navy Tantua Plushie

Marapoints 429,895MP
1 in stock

Enchanted Negative Xoi Plushie

Marapoints 52,683MP
1 in stock

Enchanted Pink Crindol Plushie

Marapoints 119,099MP
1 in stock

Enchanted Red Tantua Plushie

Marapoints 14,761MP
1 in stock

Enchanted Silver Walee Plushie

Marapoints 8,544MP
1 in stock

Enchanted Teal Tantua Plushie

Marapoints 33,898MP
1 in stock

Lipstick Kiss Mark

Marapoints 254,160MP
2 in stock

Love Bolimo Potion

Marapoints 496,733MP
2 in stock

Moth Antennas

Marapoints 298,671MP
1 in stock

Navy Kaala Plushie

Marapoints 16,865MP
1 in stock

Obese Fairy Songs

Marapoints 8,875MP
1 in stock

Plushie Ercuw Photo

Marapoints 149,821MP
1 in stock

Plushie Straya Photo

Marapoints 274,978MP
1 in stock

Rainbow Mordo Photo

Marapoints 499,997MP
1 in stock

Red Eye Makeup Powder

Marapoints 6,336MP
2 in stock

Teal Jessup Potion

Marapoints 8,930MP
2 in stock

Vampire Raulf Photo

Marapoints 299,533MP
1 in stock

If you add the Shop Pricer Giftbox to your collection, you will be able price all items in your shop automatically to the cheapest on the Shop Search - for life!

The Seasonal Fairy also rewards you for every giftbox that you collect

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