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MacTaylor I'm just the giving type!

Help & Assistance
Fake Dukka Coins
by Kazema at 24th Jun 2019 10:55
New Players
by vicky2125 at 24th Jun 2019 10:58
Marapets Chat
Avatars worth it
by Brunette at 24th Jun 2019 10:58
General Chat
by Joanna at 24th Jun 2019 10:59
Random Chat
In the mood for garage sales 😱
by plaidgirl at 24th Jun 2019 10:56
Restricted Chat
I'd like to introduce myself...
by 4evryoung at 24th Jun 2019 10:27
Price Check
Swap Scholarships
by Luoss at 24th Jun 2019 10:54
Notice Board
I Just Need EPI 2! I have 3,6, 13
650,000MP by promara2015
by promara2015 at 11th Jun 2019 01:00
What song are you listening to? ♥🎵
by Walee at 24th Jun 2019 10:52
Programming & Graphics
♡moss: making graphics♡
by mosspaws at 24th Jun 2019 10:57
Dress Up
🌸 Rate The Doll Above!
by Austen at 24th Jun 2019 10:41
Adult Chat
Strictly 18+ Adults Only. £3.00

Band Camp Spam
by NewthsAtWork at 24th Jun 2019 10:59
Earn 250MP per post or topic


3 Jun 19:30

Missing Transformations - Need Photos...
Blog by Clefarious
24 Jun 10:00:16

Missing Camp Events
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24 Jun 08:37:11

Quest Runs
Blog by Hime
24 Jun 08:09:20

Current Pet Goals
Blog by Australia
24 Jun 06:38:27

Bingo Winnings Log(June)
Blog by shiying2000
24 Jun 02:33:42

Blog by daisiepetals
24 Jun 02:14:34

Pet Goals
Blog by earwig
24 Jun 01:11:06

ZathuraJumanji has changed into...
Blog by Susanna
23 Jun 20:32:54

Blog by Zoonigator
23 Jun 19:18:24

My Art
Blog by darkemo64
23 Jun 17:50:57

Puny Pyramid Completions
Blog by Varus
23 Jun 16:09:00

FaithHopeLove is now wearing Earth Fairy Costume...
Blog by Susanna
23 Jun 14:52:25

Dream pets
Blog by 5SecondsOfJessie
23 Jun 14:15:21

Blog by raybies
23 Jun 12:09:29

Congratulations! You found the 'Daylight&#...
Blog by Susanna
23 Jun 11:53:28

Blog by jason9482
23 Jun 09:55:34

Four Corners
in 14 minutes
235,817MP Prize

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