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Insomnia how is it being judgy for someone to be upset a site they (likely) pay for with au literally closes down and has issues very often? its not judgy as all, the same way that defending ian in every situation isnt judgy its you being appreciative of him...
Puke re: my eggs are dropping- aka aunt flo came to visit
Surprise also dudes, Ian didn't want to close mara down and tried to keep it open during this - it's clearly not working b/c mara is struggling and so he's last resorting. We lose mara for a couple of days and it'll be much better after. It ma...

Help & Assistance
Beauty Contest vote button not working
by Psych at 17th Aug 2018 13:01
New Players
by Yauaisha at 17th Aug 2018 12:16
Marapets Chat
Merydith has been renamed to Kennedie
by bestfriends88184 at 17th Aug 2018 13:47
General Chat
*Knock Knock* Giveaway
by xxsamxx6 at 17th Aug 2018 14:00
Random Chat
by DarkRealm52 at 17th Aug 2018 14:01
Restricted Chat
this carpet run is ridiculous
by Puke at 15th Aug 2018 14:07
Price Check
Buying 2 au at 1.1m each. send ce.
by SuperWasp at 17th Aug 2018 13:40
Notice Board
Limited Time- The Magic Box is Public!
by inesegu at 16th Aug 2018 12:01
One on one anyone?
by GoddessofMinorDemons at 7th Aug 2018 21:03
What books are you currently reading right now?
by yellowknightrules at 12th Aug 2018 18:42
Programming & Graphics
[Art] Interest Check on Sketches
by End at 17th Aug 2018 13:33
Dress Up
()Rate the Doll Above()
by Politics at 17th Aug 2018 13:34
Adult Chat
Strictly 18+ Adults Only. £3.00

by Choke at 10th Aug 2018 15:32

Recent Editorial

Matthew Would you ever consider increasing the shop price maximum past 500,000MP?

No, I think 500,000MP is more than enough.
27 Apr 01:17

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