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Sachiko You can't trade people you have blocked. It'll give a warning that "you have this person blocked" or "this person has you blocked".
Grateful_Dead Some people on this place hold grudges and blocking them from mail is one thing but Ian needs to fix it so even if someone wants to shut (me) someone up fine but if they have people blocked from trading they shouldnt be allowed to trade..... ...

Help & Assistance
by adairrules1 at 22nd Feb 2018 06:17
New Players
New ish member saying hi
by Lovelovexx at 22nd Feb 2018 03:24
Marapets Chat
by iammom at 22nd Feb 2018 05:35
General Chat
by yuki367 at 22nd Feb 2018 06:18
Random Chat
I haven't had a maradream in forever and this one
by Sachiko at 22nd Feb 2018 06:24
Restricted Chat
People really amaze me
by Hales at 21st Feb 2018 23:14
Price Check
Take a PHOTO from the user above you
by etrnldarkness at 22nd Feb 2018 06:13
Notice Board
LIMITLESS - Faction War - (Join Now)
by kirakogure at 21st Feb 2018 23:12
Marapet Pound Roleplay?
by bluedragon390 at 15th Feb 2018 17:25
What song are you listening to right now? 🎵
by cev88 at 22nd Feb 2018 05:49
Programming & Graphics
Making A Free Marasite
by Ouch at 21st Feb 2018 11:16
Dress Up
🧦 Rate the Doll above 🧦
by adairrules1 at 22nd Feb 2018 05:50
Adult Chat
Strictly 18+ Adults Only. £3.00

Open a Pinata or Gift Bag and post what you got!
by at 22nd Sep 2017 21:10

Recent Editorial

Ambriella When getting a Currency Exchange alert from someone, could you put a button on the alert so we can get directed straight to the CE page?

This has been added to Currency Exchange now. There is also a slight delay of 30-120 seconds in processing accepted or declined Currency Exchanges.
25 Nov 18:11

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