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Nick Until the market crashes and the US dollar is worth pennies
Kyrae But I also want a job that I enjoy. Money isn't worth misery.
Kyrae I will feel more successful if I make more money than I currently do.

Help & Assistance
Unable to post in club chat?
by Dani at 22nd Apr 2018 17:04
New Players
First day here
by tiffstery at 22nd Apr 2018 17:02
Marapets Chat
💕 Favorite Pet Of The User Above You 💕
by Ocy at 22nd Apr 2018 16:45
General Chat
Spamming board
by Hermit at 22nd Apr 2018 17:05
Random Chat
Why are love diamonds so expensive
by potato15124 at 22nd Apr 2018 17:04
Restricted Chat
How did Ushunda became an LE?
by JustThatCraziie at 22nd Apr 2018 16:34
Price Check
Buying 3 AU for 3.3 mil
by Oreoania at 22nd Apr 2018 16:59
Notice Board
Cheap retired items in Auctions!
by Melissa at 17th Apr 2018 07:09
Story rp?
by Shan2016 at 3rd Mar 2018 01:47
The Originals (Final Season)
by Fae at 22nd Apr 2018 16:48
Programming & Graphics
More kittys!
by Brittyross at 22nd Apr 2018 14:59
Dress Up
Rate the Doll Above!! <3 x
by magnet1o1 at 22nd Apr 2018 16:57
Adult Chat
Strictly 18+ Adults Only. £3.00

Open a Pinata or Gift Bag and post what you got!
by at 22nd Sep 2017 21:10

Recent Editorial

Lin Can the hotel stay be made longer than 28 days? It really isn't long enough. Thankies

The hotel can now accept pets for upto a year.
22 Apr 03:43

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Missing Taurus & Noble Chest Items ~...
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Achievements : Collections
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Newth Racing Prizes
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Potato's I need
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Great Achievements
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🐝 Queen Bee Clothing Previews!...
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photos to take
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Pet backstories!! Part 4, Final part!&...
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Grumby my gourmet eater...
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