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iMel 80/125 battles with Cheddar. It's so mind numbing.
iMel I went to bed at a reasonable hour and woke up 90 minutes later from a nightmare about being heavily pregnant at a Weight Watchers meeting, and they were yelling at me for having weekly gains lol
Twigs omg hahahahaha

Help & Assistance
Removing items from attic
by Kyreecie at 20th May 2019 23:41
New Players
Can't heal my pet
by Nathalia94 at 20th May 2019 13:39
Marapets Chat
Looking for various pets... GF, Stats, Names
by Commander at 20th May 2019 23:53
General Chat
Plushie SPAM
by ArcaneSpirit at 20th May 2019 23:55
Random Chat
*screams in new updates*
by Laughter at 20th May 2019 23:59
Restricted Chat
Happy stinkin birthday to me........
by Chaser at 20th May 2019 21:30
Price Check
Buying 4 AU
by Bane at 20th May 2019 23:53
Notice Board
Club Weeaboo wants Weeallofyou!
4,000,001MP by gOOn
by michellequachkins12 at 28th Apr 2019 15:45
Does anyone here play rhythm games?
by shoegaze at 20th May 2019 22:12
Programming & Graphics
♡moss: making graphics♡
by livingdead at 20th May 2019 21:15
Dress Up
🌸💁‍spring gender-bender dress up contest💁‍♂🌸
by hanami at 20th May 2019 23:58
Adult Chat
Strictly 18+ Adults Only. £3.00

PRIZE // Favourite Memory
by at 25th Oct 2014 09:06
Earn 250MP per post or topic


7 May 13:28

Borrowing/Lending Goals Notes
Blog by starycichick
20 May 23:54:19

Astronomical May Dress Up VOTING
Blog by Colony
20 May 19:41:49

Missing minipet avatars
Blog by Sickening
20 May 16:59:41

King B
Blog by icewolf12
20 May 15:59:41

Missing plates 5/20/19
Blog by Gwylynnsgarden
20 May 15:42:20

Detective Pikachu
Blog by Cereal
20 May 14:49:54

Blog by poprox27
20 May 09:28:09

Missing Photos S -
Blog by TannyB
20 May 05:13:20

Missing Photos N -
Blog by TannyB
20 May 04:09:44

Missing Photos H -
Blog by TannyB
20 May 02:23:19

Pet Stats For Jobs // Current Jobs
Blog by Xodias
20 May 01:38:14

Missing Photos
Blog by TannyB
19 May 20:13:06

Lost Sock Awareness Day 2019
Blog by LindsayRae
19 May 19:59:31

Blog by Dulce
19 May 18:59:17

Lending some pets
Blog by Cosplay
19 May 13:21:55

Matilda2019 is now an Arinya!!!!&#...
Blog by Nanny_of_16
19 May 12:48:56

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