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I'm Abi, 24 and mum to an adorable little boy.
If you want to know more be nosey and read my info! So like I said I'm Abi. 24 years old from the UK and a mummy to a gorgeous little boy!

I am a huge fangirl, my fandom's include;

Harry Potter
House of Night
Maze Runner
Game of Thrones (New to this one)
Hunger Games
Once Upon A Time
The Mortal Instruments (Books only!)

A ton more too that I can't think of right now so I'll add to this later!

I love my TV shows, reading, writing and singing. I have two mad cats, mother and daughter that I love but they drive me mad at times.

I love both cutesy things and dark things (though I really hate pink!)

Note to Staff ~ My partner has just joined Marapets and we used the same IP, computer and laptop.

(Made by Joey)
Player for 4 years, 9 months & 2 daysJoined 5th Oct 2015 06:35
♡ Love is Love ♡

Buying Rainbow things for my gallery - let me know if you're selling anything at a discount (or wish to donate hehe ;))
Player for 4 years, 9 months & 2 days Joined 5th Oct 2015 06:35

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