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  • Safari Challenge     ~04 Jun 2018
  • Missing Photos T     ~25 Mar 2018
  • St. Patric's Day 2018     ~16 Mar 2018
  • Valentine's 2018     ~13 Feb 2018
  • Missing Stamps     ~07 Jan 2018
  • POG Elf/Scrooge     ~07 Dec 2017
  • Advent 2017     ~01 Dec 2017
  • Bingo!     ~05 Sep 2017
  • Missing DVDs     ~31 Aug 2017
  • Plates needed W-Z     ~10 Jun 2017
  • Plates needed R-V     ~10 Jun 2017
  • Plates needed P     ~10 Jun 2017
  • Plates needed H-O     ~10 Jun 2017
  • Plates needed C-G     ~10 Jun 2017
  • Plates needed A-B     ~10 Jun 2017
  • Missing Photos U-Z     ~09 Jun 2017
  • Missing Photos S     ~09 Jun 2017
  • Missing Photos R     ~09 Jun 2017
  • Missing Photos N-P     ~09 Jun 2017
  • Missing Photos L-M     ~09 Jun 2017
  • Missing Photos H-K     ~09 Jun 2017
  • Missing Photos E-G     ~09 Jun 2017
  • Missing Photos C-D     ~09 Jun 2017
  • Missing Photos A-B     ~09 Jun 2017
  • Job Perks     ~01 May 2017
  • Missing Glowing Eggs     ~19 Apr 2017
  • Scout winner!!!     ~27 Jul 2016
  • Winnings     ~26 Oct 2015

  • Safari Challenge

    Posted on : 4th Jun 2018 19:26   Posted by : AngelicGal
    [x]Belt Pack
    [x]Blue Gummy Grub
    [x]Cheetah Jacket
    [x]Green Gummy Grub
    [x]Jessup Blanket
    [x]Jessup Doll
    [x]Jessup Hand Puppet
    [x]Jessup Sugar Cookie
    [x]Man Bun Wig
    [x]Mara Crackers
    [x]Meat Lover Stamp
    [x]Phanty Hand Puppet
    [x]Phanty Sugar Cookie
    [x]Plastic Tree
    [x]Poera Hand Puppet
    [x]Poera Scarf
    [x]Poera Sugar Cookie
    [x]Purple Gummy Grub
    [x]Red Gummy Grub
    [x]Ripped Jessup Plushie
    [x]Ripped Sybri Plushie
    [x]Rising Sun
    [x]Safari Badge
    [x]Safari Boy Doll
    [x]Safari Girl Doll
    [x]Safari Camp Jessup Plushie
    [x]Safari Camp Poera Plushie
    [x]Safari Camp Sybri Plushie
    [x]Safari Camp Tantua Plushie
    [x]Safari Compass
    [x]Safari Glowing Egg
    [x]Safari Pearl
    [x]Safari Postcard
    [x]Safari Skirt
    [x]Safari Smoothie
    [x]Safari Tantua Book
    [x]Safari Tantua Glowing Egg
    [x]Safari Vest
    [x]Savannah Tales
    [x]Snake Print Gloves
    [x]Steak Cupcake
    [x]Steak Plushie
    [x]Sunset Sonnets
    [x]Sybri Blanket
    [x]Sybri Book
    [x]Sybri Hand Puppet
    [x]Sybri Sugar Cookie
    [x]Tantua Burger
    [x]Tantua Doll
    [x]Tantua Hand Puppet
    [x]Tantua Pancake
    [x]Tantua Sugar Cookie
    [x]Wild Contact Lenses

    Congratulations! You completed your Safari Badge yesterday and the Camp Leader has chosen you to win an extra special prize. You have won £1 Account Upgrade Credit!!! 7th Jul 2018 00:00


    Missing Photos T

    Posted on : 25th Mar 2018 10:22   Posted by : AngelicGal
    Teal Arinya Photo
    Teal Astro Photo
    Teal Azul Photo
    Teal Basil Photo
    Teal Bolimo Photo
    Teal Chibs Photo
    Teal Crikey Photo
    Teal Daisy Photo
    Teal Dakota Photo
    Teal Decadal Photo
    Teal Doyle Photo
    Teal Echlin Photo
    Teal Ercuw Photo
    Teal Eyru Photo
    Teal Fasoro Photo
    Teal Figaro Photo
    Teal Flab Photo
    Teal Gizmo Photo
    Teal Gobble Photo
    Teal Grint Photo
    Teal Hump Photo
    Teal Huthiq Photo
    Teal Ideus Photo
    Teal Ike Photo
    Teal Justin Photo
    Teal Kidlet Photo
    Teal Kronk Photo
    Teal Kujo Photo
    Teal Lati Photo
    Teal Limax Photo
    Teal Lorius Photo
    Teal Murfin Photo
    Teal Nino Photo
    Teal Oglue Photo
    Teal Osafo Photo
    Teal Phanty Photo
    Teal Poera Photo
    Teal Pucu Photo
    Teal Quell Photo
    Teal Raulf Photo
    Teal Rofling Photo
    Teal Rusty Photo
    Teal Sindi Photo
    Teal Snookle Photo
    Teal Straya Photo
    Teal Sybri Photo
    Teal Tasi Photo
    Teal Troit Photo
    Teal Ushunda Photo
    Teal Viotto Photo
    Teal Vixen Photo
    Teal Vlad Photo
    Teal Walee Photo
    Teal Willa Photo
    Teal Yakubi Photo
    Teal Yuni Photo
    Teal Zoink Photo
    Teal Zola Photo
    Teal Zoosh Photo
    Thunder Ike Photo
    Thunder Lorius Photo
    Thunder Willa Photo
    Thunder Zola Photo
    Tiger Addow Photo
    Tiger Arinya Photo
    Tiger Astro Photo
    Tiger Azul Photo
    Tiger Basil Photo
    Tiger Crikey Photo
    Tiger Crindol Photo
    Tiger Daisy Photo
    Tiger Dakota Photo
    Tiger Decadal Photo
    Tiger Doyle Photo
    Tiger Echlin Photo
    Tiger Ercuw Photo
    Tiger Eyru Photo
    Tiger Feliz Photo
    Tiger Figaro Photo
    Tiger Grint Photo
    Tiger Ideus Photo
    Tiger Ike Photo
    Tiger Justin Photo
    Tiger Kidlet Photo
    Tiger Knutt Photo
    Tiger Kujo Photo
    Tiger Lati Photo
    Tiger Leido Photo
    Tiger Limax Photo
    Tiger Mordo Photo
    Tiger Nino Photo
    Tiger Oglue Photo
    Tiger Osafo Photo
    Tiger Poera Photo
    Tiger Pucu Photo
    Tiger Quell Photo
    Tiger Raulf Photo
    Tiger Reese Photo
    Tiger Renat Photo
    Tiger Rofling Photo
    Tiger Rusty Photo
    Tiger Sindi Photo
    Tiger Snookle Photo
    Tiger Sybri Photo
    Tiger Tasi Photo
    Tiger Troit Photo
    Tiger Viotto Photo
    Tiger Vixen Photo
    Tiger Walee Photo
    Tiger Willa Photo
    Tiger Yuni Photo
    Tiger Zola Photo
    Tiger Zoosh Photo
    Toddler Astro Photo
    Toddler Basil Photo
    Toddler Chibs Photo
    Toddler Decadal Photo
    Toddler Equilor Photo
    Toddler Huthiq Photo
    Toddler Mordo Photo
    Toddler Rofling Photo
    Toddler Sybri Photo
    Toddler Troit Photo
    Toddler Vlad Photo
    Tornado Decadal Photo
    Tornado Gobble Photo
    Tornado Huthiq Photo
    Tornado Ike Photo
    Tornado Snookle Photo
    Tornado Tantua Photo
    Tornado Yakubi Photo
    Toy Gonk Photo
    Toy Kujo Photo
    Toy Murfin Photo
    Toy Sybri Photo
    Toy Viotto Photo
    Toy Xoi Photo
    Toy Zoink Photo
    Tundra Eyru Photo
    Tundra Fasoro Photo
    Tundra Poera Photo
    Tundra Quell Photo
    Tundra Rofling Photo
    Tundra Sybri Photo
    Tundra Troit Photo
    Tundra Vixen Photo
    Tundra Willa Photo
    Tundra Zola Photo

    St. Patric's Day 2018

    Posted on : 16th Mar 2018 09:45   Posted by : AngelicGal
    [x]Shamrock Plushie
    [x]Lucky Horseshoe
    [x]Rainbow Mobile
    [x]Rainbow Sweater
    [x]Lucky Pants
    [x]Lucky Vest
    [x]Lucky Jacket
    [x]Glitter Boots
    [x]Lucky Curls Wig
    [x]Curious Contact Lenses
    [x]Mushroom Garden
    [x]Rain Storm
    [x]Lightning Storm
    [x]Charmer Summoning Stone
    [x]End of the Rainbow Stamp
    [x]Lucky Tunes
    [x]Behind the Rainbow
    [x]Shamrock Shake
    [x]Pot of Gold Pearl
    [x]Rainbow Donut
    [x]St Patricks Day Cupcake

    Valentine's 2018

    Posted on : 13th Feb 2018 07:06   Posted by : AngelicGal
    Valentine Candy Tree

    [x]Broken Heart Pearl
    [x]Broken Heart Skirt
    [x]Charming Heart
    [x]Chocolate Bouquet
    [x]Dark Cupid Bow
    [x]Loser Tank Top
    [x]Love Trumpet[10]
    [x]Loveless Corset
    [x]Meh Candy Heart
    [x]Romantic Sunset
    [x]Songs of Love
    [x]Sweet Hair Buns
    [x]Valentine Azul Ears
    [x]Valentine Bouquet

    Valentines Day Hunt 2018

    [x]Chocolate Heart Sandwich
    [x]Cupid Heart
    [x]Frilly Top
    [x]Giant Bear
    [x]Healing Heart
    [x]Heart Cheesecake
    [x]Heart Sweater
    [x]Lace Veil
    [x]Love Harp[10]
    [x]Love Stamp
    [x]Melting Heart Candle
    [x]Pride Shirt
    [x]Rose Crown
    [x]Rose in Mouth
    [x]Secret Crush Contact Lenses
    [x]Thank You Note
    [x]Timber Boots

    Missing Stamps

    Posted on : 7th Jan 2018 18:04   Posted by : AngelicGal
    Account Upgrades Stamp
    American Flag Stamp
    Angel Fasoro Stamp
    Angel Wings Stamp

    Bagel Stamp
    Banana Peel Stamp
    Bauble Stamp
    Bee Stamp
    Birthday Present Stamp
    Blue Justin Stamp
    Bobber Stamp
    Bone Stamp

    Chidder Stamp
    Christmas Trees Stamp
    City Recession Stamp
    Cloud Nine Stamp
    Coffee Stamp
    Cowboy Potato Stamp
    Cursed Stamp

    Decadal Stamp
    Desert Fairy Stamp
    Doughnut Stamp
    Duckling Stamp
    Dukka Caves Stamp

    Easter Bunny Stamp
    Easter Egg Stamp
    Elger Stamp

    Fire Fairy Stamp
    Fishbowl Stamp
    Fluffy Stamp

    Genie Stamp
    Glow Stick Stamp
    Gnome Stamp

    Howling Stamp

    Ice Cream Cone Stamp

    Jelly Stamp

    Kamilah Desert Stamp
    Kamilah Sphinx Stamp
    Killer Stamp

    Leprechaun Stamp

    Mad Scientist Stamp
    MaraJournals Stamp
    Marapop Stamp
    Marasites Stamp
    Masterpiece Stamp
    Mini Stamp
    Moon Stamp
    Moonlight Stamp

    Native Stamp
    Nightmare Stamp

    Paparazzi Stamp
    Phantom Grin Stamp
    Pirates Booty Stamp
    Pixie Snookle Stamp
    Poop Stamp
    Puchalla Meals Stamp
    Punk Kaala Stamp

    Referral System Stamp
    Royal Wedding Stamp

    Seasonal Stamp
    Simeria Goals Stamp
    Simerian Sea Stamp
    Skateboard Stamp
    Skater Stamp
    Sleepy Stamp
    Smartphone Stamp
    Space Fairy Stamp
    Sparkle Stamp
    Speedy Newth Stamp
    Spring Bouquet Stamp
    Spy Stamp

    Thunder Stamp
    Tis the Season Stamp
    Transuranic Stamp
    Transvaluation Stamp
    Twree Stamp

    Underwater Stamp
    Undying Festival Stamp
    Unlucky Stamp
    Uploads Stamp

    Valentine Potato Stamp
    Valentines Stamp
    Villain Mask Stamp
    Vlad Stamp
    Vortex Stamp

    Weather Stamp
    Werewolf Stamp
    Witch Stamp
    Wizard Stamp

    Zola Wine Stamp

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