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⤷ photo/plate swap: ✔
_____________________________________________________ Special thanks to ThinkDeeper for her generosity and her amazing club :)

nicknames: Vee/vani/evie,
Dad (cause I make bad dad jokes), sarcasm, tissue

Staff: I log on my phone and computer
- I also use data on my phone -

ty Oak for this siggie :)
My nametag is by Zed!


some of my outfits (more in blog 1):



I tend to collect wardrobe items and spend most of my MP to buy some, also trying to collect gourmet and other collections but they come second!
(therefore still not satisfied with my pets and didn't complete many pet goals etc..)

about me:
- escaping from reality with Marapets cause currently under a lot of pressure
- some hobbies: volleyball, drawing, tv shows, singing, dancing, love listening to all types of music, books -well not rn- etc..
- little things that make me happy:
puns -hearing & making them-, making people smile and laugh (tho my humor is really bad), running barefoot on the sand,
scoring at volleyball -I'm a beginner-, cute cats that sadly I can't pet cause I'm allergic,
watching old vines or looking at dumb memes on reddit, singing a song with a friend when both of us know the lyrics by heart

- TV show of the moment: Friends -


face reveal:
  1. songs
    20th Nov 2020 03:43
    7 days, 11 hrs & 14 mins ago
  2. oMg gOaLs *-*
    17th Jun 2020 03:04
    5 months, 12 days & 12 hrs ago
  3. Minipets I need
    14th Jun 2020 03:11
    5 months, 15 days & 12 hrs ago
  4. ♕ 2020 looks ♕
    24th Mar 2020 09:56
    8 months, 6 days & 6 hrs ago
  5. ➳ EVENTS ITEMS SWAP: what I have
    21st Mar 2020 11:26
    8 months, 9 days & 4 hrs ago
  6. ➳ EVENTS ITEMS SWAP: wanteds
    21st Mar 2020 10:57
    8 months, 9 days & 5 hrs ago
  7. Missing items
    28th Aug 2019 10:24
    1 year & 3 months ago
  8. WISHLIST <100k + to do list
    24th Aug 2019 09:38
    1 year, 3 months & 4 days ago
  9. ♕ August looks 2019 ♕
    17th Aug 2019 08:56
    1 year, 3 months & 11 days ago
  10. ❁ Wishlist previews + guides ❁
    16th Aug 2019 14:30
    1 year, 3 months & 12 days ago
Game prizes
2 years, 6 months & 9 days ago
22nd May 2018 13:06

Apprentice Wizard
Bonus prizes
Apprentice Wizard Stamp

Kamilah codes
Bonus prizes
Book of Kamilah Codes
Hump candle
Kamilah Codes Gumball
Kamilah Codes potato

Mine Marada
Bonus prizes
Mine Marada
Mine Marada Book
Mine Marada Game
Mine Marada Glowing Egg
Mine Marada Jelly
Mine Marada Soundtrack
Mine Marada Sugar Cube

Monty's Great Escape
High score rewards
Monty Cupcake
Monty Keyring
Great Escape
Traffic Pizza
Traffic Pancakes
Monty Game
Monty Action Figure
Monty Mayhem
Monty Muesli
Monty Photo
Traffic Cones
Monty Plushie
Book of Road Closures
Road Closed Sign
Monty Trading Card

Pearl Hurl
High score rewards
Pearl Hurl Keyring
Pearl Hurl Balloon
Sardine Oil Mace
Pearl Hurl Cupcake
Pearl Hurl Sugar Cube
Tiny Clam Pearl
Pearl Hurl Game
Tiny Beach Pearl
Pearl Hurl Ice Cream
Sardine Oil Spray
Tiny Mermaid Pearl
Bootleg Flix
Pearl Hurl Pancakes
Bootleg Flub
Pearl Hurl Jelly
Bootleg Fropa
[/sBootleg Foh[/s]
Hurler Pearl
Bootleg Frex
Pearl Hurl Cinnamon Swirl
Bootleg Faye
Bootleg Frump
Tiny Underwater Pearl
Bootleg Fee
Bootleg Fumb
Bootleg Flicker
Tiny Hurler Pearl
Bootleg Flip
Tiny Water Pearl
Bootleg Flow
Sardine Oil Stamp
Tiny Pearl with a Hat
Pearl Hurl Glowing Egg
Pearl Hurl Stamp

Pumpkin patch
High score rewards
Pumpkin Patch Keyring
Pumpkin Patch Pencil
Pumpkin Patch Game
Pumpkin Patch Cupcake
Pumpkin Patch Book
Dread Pumpkin
Dead Pumpkin
Fred Pumpkin
Misread Pumpkin
Pumpkin Patch Sugarcube
Wed Pumpkin
Shred Pumpkin
Ted Pumpkin
Unwed Pumpkin
Ed Pumpkin
Pumpkin Dead Trading Card
Pumpkin Dread Trading Card
Pumpkin Ed Trading Card
Pumpkin Fred Trading Card
Pumpkin Ted Trading Card
Pumpkin Misread Trading Card
Pumpkin Unwed Trading Card
Pumpkin Patch Jelly
Pumpkin Wed Trading Card
Pumpkin Shred Trading Card
Pumpkin Patch Pals
Pumpkin Scarecrows
Pumpkin Patch Stamp

Quack Mafia
Bonus prizes
Quack Mafia Stamp
Quack Mafia Sugar Cube
Quackula Mug
Safe Quacking Guide
Snap Quackle Pop
The Quacketeer

High score rewards
Quack Mafia Cupcake
Quack Whistle x10
Quack Mafia Game
I Fought the Law
Quack Mafia Jelly
Quackers Wanted Poster
Quackula Wanted Poster
Cheese N Quackers Wanted Poster
Officer Quack Wanted Poster
Quackpot Wanted Poster
Quack Sparrow Wanted Poster
Quack the Ripper Wanted Poster
Sir Quackers Wanted Poster
I Shot the Sheriff
Quackers Plushie
Quackula Plushie
Cheese N Quackers Plushie
Officer Quack Plushie
Quackpot Plushie
Quack Sparrow Plushie
Quack the Ripper Plushie
Sir Quackers Plushie
Police Tape Belt
Ripping Yarns
Quack Mafia Gumball
Police Tape Wrap
Quack Mafia Glowing Egg
Quack Mafia
Quack Beak
Police Tape

Waffle wobble
Bonus prizes
Waffle Recipe Book
Waffle Stacking Techniques

Bonus prizes
How to Wallop
Wallop Wheat Flakes
Wallop! Cupcake
Wallop! Game
Wallop! Soundtrack
Wallop! Stamp

not updated old list to trade:

- Addow ride gun
- Baterminator bow
- Battle of Baspinar Plushie (x2)
- Battle of Baspinar Axe
- Biala Tetris Axe (x8)
- Biala Tetris plushie (x4)
- Blackjack spikes
- Bounchy Axe
- Bounchy Plushie
- Candy Cannon Gun (x2)
- Candy Cannon Plushie
- Cosmonaut Game
- Dagger Throw Glowing Egg
- Dukka Trove Chain
- Dukka Trove Fan (x2)
- Dukka Trove Plushie
- Football Attack Boot (x2)
- Gumball Machine Madness Soundtrack (x2)
- Item collector Soundtrack (x2)
- Murfin Chase
- Murfin Chase Plushie (x2)
- Murfin Chase Sword (x3)
- Oglue Lunch Stamp (x2)
- Oglue Lunch Toy
- Phanty Quest Soundtrack
- Phanty Quest Star Cookie
- Phanty Rescue Soundtrack
- Phanty Rescue Stamp (x3)
- Rofling Stamper Mallet
- Skipping Pearl (x2)
- Sudoku dagger
- Ushunda Invaders Chain
- Ushunda Invaders plushie
+ I can add photos of my current pets

- Addow ride Stamp
- Bounchy Stamp
- For Sale Glowing Egg
- Free Cell Glowing Egg
- Hexxagon Glowing Egg
- Memory Pets Glowing Egg
- Whack an Azul Glowing Egg
or items of my wishlist/glowing eggs I don't have

Up to 11 of my game prizes for a glowing egg of the value of everything for example
MM or MC me if interested

❁ Wigs previews ❁
2 years, 7 months & 9 days ago
21st Apr 2018 06:32


Hair die/glowing egg colors search:
Hair die/glowing egg colors (by La): entry=500160&id=3347670
All wigs previews:

Sea Salt Wig model: Rap

Rainy Day Locks model: Cryable

Irish Waves Wig model: NativeNacy? kmckmckmc01

Space Buns Wig model: Damaged

Grumpy Braids Wig model: Candles x2, La

New Year Wig model: Noelley21

Surfer wig model: Starlingwood, yikes & Nell

Side curl wig model: pocahontas944

Sweet bun wig model: NativeNancy

Shamrock Hairbrush model: LeiyL

Bleached Gothabilly Braids model: Halsey

Virgo Wig model: End

Braid Wig model: honeybear333

Surfs Up Wig model: Kathryns

Emo Bangs Wig model: SofistiCat

Starry Wig Model: Snixie

Sandy Waves Wig Model: Purrrr, alexb

Bangs Hair Extension Model: Dishonored & La
179f7b6b87b85b7d6dc2cbe94e544c04.pngf89113ae051e7d272321f806690fbbed.png + candy wig

Imperial Wig Model: puppylove210

Aries Wig Model: Kurama

Harmony Wig Model: Christy

Cute Bun Wig Model: blitzen

Moonrise Wig Model: stockings

Well Groomed Locks + Aries Hair Extension Model: Mitchie

Jenoa Wig Model: blitzen & Neptune

Valentine Wig Model: Ian

Fishtail Braids Wig Model: HotDogDog & EllenE

Left Pigtail Hair Extension + Right Pigtail Hair Extension Model: Lux & ATEEZ

Trapeze Wig Model: LindsayRae & NativeNancy

Hippie Wig Model: Cutesy

Candy Wig Model: XxAshley1015xX & Cancelled

Winter Locks Wig Model: Bek, Jihe

Dash Wig Model: Bloo & Custard

Snowy Waves wig Model: Lake

Casual Colonial Wig Model: markarid

Melody Wig Model: KA

Straight Bangs Hair Extension Model: Candles

Double braids wig Model: Em

Famulus Model: Spiked Back Wig








I love their looks and need preview so here you are!

Thanks and if you don't want me to put you here, just tell me and sorry for the inconvenience! I always credit.

Also, I never intend to copy any of these selfies I'm 100% against that -

Blogs archive
2 years, 7 months & 29 days ago
1st Apr 2018 03:30

Procrastination and music

Thank you very much Marapets. I joined two days ago and I procrastinate much more than usual.

Anyway I just wanted to write a blog entry but I don't know what to say...

Ooh ! I know ! I'll talk about music ???
Okay so here are a few underrated songs to listen to:

- Oceans - Seafret
- American Money - BORNS
- little light - Lewis Watson
- Maybe the cracks in the floor of heaven are the stars in the sky - Oh Honey
- Moonlight- Grace VanderWaal
- Runaway - AURORA

Some are quite weird but I like them all!
Enjoy !

Tell me your opinions or if you knew them already! Feel free to share some songs you like too Smile

another old blog
My bday
1 year, 10 months & 16 days ago

Hi there!
I turned 17 today!
I just realized now at 11PM where I live, that I have to do something and start really working because I don't want to have regrets (and I already feel like I'm wasting my time everyday this year)
I've got a huge exam on Saturday morning so instead of playing on Marapets (which is great actually, especially the players some are really kind)...
I almost stopped playing about a week ago but I have fun so I don't want to but I HAVE TO if I still want to be happy for a long period not for a few evenings...
Anywayyy I'm also wasting time writing this because I write slowly, as a French and not bilingual person...



Thanks guys that's so sweet ♥Pleased
171 year, 10 months & 8 days ago

Happy Birthday to you! Just take breaks away from Mara whenever you need, then come back to reward yourselfOkay Enjoy your special day!
151 year, 10 months & 16 days ago

Happy Birthday!
361 year, 10 months & 16 days ago

Happy Birthday! May I say, as an older person, don't give up things you enjoy but do everything in moderation Smile You can still have goals to work hard at things you want to focus on but make sure to relax and have fun and peace too!
751 year, 10 months & 16 days ago

Awh happy birthday <3

I turn 21 in a little over a month.
361 year, 10 months & 16 days ago

Happy sweet 17 birthday!
I'll turn into 17 too this month

  1. songs
    20th Nov 2020 03:43
    7 days, 11 hrs & 14 mins ago
  2. oMg gOaLs *-*
    17th Jun 2020 03:04
    5 months, 12 days & 12 hrs ago
  3. Minipets I need
    14th Jun 2020 03:11
    5 months, 15 days & 12 hrs ago
  4. ♕ 2020 looks ♕
    24th Mar 2020 09:56
    8 months, 6 days & 6 hrs ago
  5. ➳ EVENTS ITEMS SWAP: what I have
    21st Mar 2020 11:26
    8 months, 9 days & 4 hrs ago
  6. ➳ EVENTS ITEMS SWAP: wanteds
    21st Mar 2020 10:57
    8 months, 9 days & 5 hrs ago
  7. Missing items
    28th Aug 2019 10:24
    1 year & 3 months ago
  8. WISHLIST <100k + to do list
    24th Aug 2019 09:38
    1 year, 3 months & 4 days ago
  9. ♕ August looks 2019 ♕
    17th Aug 2019 08:56
    1 year, 3 months & 11 days ago
  10. ❁ Wishlist previews + guides ❁
    16th Aug 2019 14:30
    1 year, 3 months & 12 days ago