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  • Olympic Points

    Posted on : 15th Aug 2018 11:56   Posted by : Meggy
    Current Olympic event is Swimming
    8/15 2:55 EST You have 10,014 Olympic Points

    Keeping note to see how many I'll make in the next 24 hours.

    Current Olympic Event is Swimming!
    8/16 2:50 EST You have 10,715 Olympic Points

    So I made 701 MP in 24 hours.


    EPM Win 6-8-18

    Posted on : 8th Jun 2018 14:48   Posted by : Meggy


    Okavango is now wearing Safari Costume

    Posted on : 3rd Jun 2018 11:29   Posted by : Meggy

    Greedy Gertrude win

    Posted on : 12th Apr 2018 03:52   Posted by : Meggy
    Thank you for finishing my Mission on time. Here is your reward..

    Enchanted White Lorius Plushie

    GG was actually rather kind to me this run. There were a few UB items I had to buy, but for the most part, she asked me for items I already had. This is my first time beating GG and I don't expect to be able to do it again any time soon.


    Posted on : 29th Mar 2018 18:59   Posted by : Meggy
    Shadelings and Demons


    - Think of shadelings like specks of dust. When pieces of dust (in this case, shadelings) clump together, they make larger and larger clumps of dust. In this way, they're like dust bunnies made of pure evil.
    - Shadelings can be thought of as baby demons. They are abstract, amorphous beings made of pure, concentrated evil.
    - Some can be seen even by normal eyes, while others can only be seen through the aid of magical objects or people with a soul reading ability.
    - No two shadelings look alike. They can be ridged or fluid enough that they can pass through (and even posses) living creatures in their "infant" and "forming" states.
    - It can take hundreds of years for a Shadeling to develop from "infant" (which is just a speck) to a minor demon. If a shading merges with a corrupted living creature, this speeds up the process.
    - Shadelings to not have a personality or sentience. They can be controlled by higher level demons who use them to cause chaos.
    - Despite having no free will, they are primally driven to do evil.
    - They grow from evil and chaos and thrive off of fear and negativity. Anything from the cry of baby to discord among neighbors can cause them to grow and develop, even if it's slowly, over hundreds of years. They work like dust bunnies, attracting other pieces of shadelings over time.
    - As shadings grow and develop, their shape becomes more solid and they become more intelligent and purposeful in their intent. They become more and more dangerous.

    Effects of shadings vary.
    Human contact with a weak shadeling can result in anything from as minor as mood change and feeling a chill in the air to developing illnes. Advanced shadelings, under certain conditions, can change livestock into minor demons or corrupt human souls. Soul corruption causes a human's personality to change, making them more likely to kill or commit crimes of chaos. The soul possession can be temporary or permanent. This can lead to a human losing its soul and becoming a minor demon.

    -Minor Demons-

    When a shading grows up, it becomes a minor demon. Minor demons are monsters, normally with limited intelligence. (Think of them as creatures one would battle in an RPG.)
    - Knights and mercenaries have made a living protecting towns from these creatures but their numbers have started to grow more numerous, completely wiping out a number of small villages.
    - Minor demons are diverse in form. Some fly, some swim, some work in packs. They are always dark in color and always have a visible dark aura/fog around them.
    - Like shadelings, they grow from chaos and evil.


    These are fully developed demons. Some can take on a humanoid form and some are large enough to dwarf an entire village. They have human level cunning and intellect, but they are beings of pure evil.
    - These are the demon lords from old stories.
    - No fully developed demons have been seen by the time our story begins, but they are on the brink of forming.

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