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  • Battling Log     ~17 Feb 2018
  • Paying Off my DCGB     ~24 Jan 2018
  • Missing Stamps     ~12 Jan 2018
  • Missing Books - Buying!     ~21 Dec 2017
  • Wins     ~26 Oct 2016
  • Queen Bee Log (Just Began)     ~27 Sep 2016
  • Olympics     ~27 Aug 2016
  • Art that I bought     ~30 Jun 2014
  • NTS     ~31 Jan 2014

  • Battling Log

    Posted on : 17th Feb 2018 16:07   Posted by : Labyrinth
    Progress Before: 12.85%


    Start Battle: 3,800

    End Battle: 4,898

    Battles Completed: 1,098

    Earned: 130,000 BP

    Progress: 16.56%

    Bought: Rapunzel Album, 3x Accordion


    Start Battle: 4,898

    End Battle: 5,461

    Battles Completed: 563

    Earned: 103,500 BP

    Progress: 18.46%

    Bought: 3x Accordion


    Start Battle: 5,461

    End Battle: 6,461

    Battles Completed: 1,000

    Earned: 174,400 BP

    Progress: 21.84%

    Bought: 4x Accordion


    Start Battle: 6,461

    End Battle: 6,946

    Battles Completed: 485

    Earned: 108,700 BP

    Progress: 23.48%

    Bought: None


    Start Battle: 6,946

    End Battle: 7,172

    Battles Completed: 226

    Earned: 43,600 BP

    Progress: 24.25%

    Bought: Rapunzel Trading Card


    Start Battle: 7,172

    End Battle: 7,206

    Battles Completed: 34

    Earned: 7,300 BP

    Progress: 24.36%

    Bought: None


    Start Battle: 7,206

    End Battle: 7,278

    Battles Completed: 72

    Earned: 15,900 BP

    Progress: 24.61%

    Bought: None


    Start Battle: 7,278

    End Battle: 7,327

    Battles Completed: 49

    Earned: 10,400 BP

    Progress: 24.77%

    Bought: None


    Start Battle: 7,327

    End Battle: 7,612

    Battles Completed: 285

    Earned: 43,500 BP

    Progress: 25.74%

    Bought: Heartfelt Melodies


    Start Battle: 7,612

    End Battle: 7,718

    Battles Completed: 106

    Earned: 18,200 BP

    Progress: 26.09%

    Bought: None


    Start Battle: 7,718

    End Battle: 7,821

    Battles Completed: 103

    Earned: 22,500 BP

    Progress: 26.44%

    Bought: None


    Start Battle: 7,821

    End Battle: 8,050

    Battles Completed: 229

    Earned: 35,500 BP

    Progress: 27.22%

    Bought: Sewer Struggle x4, Newspaper x2, Magazine x2


    Start Battle: 8,050

    End Battle: 8,102

    Battles Completed: 52

    Earned: 9,700 BP

    Progress: 27.39%

    Bought: Sewer Struggle x2, Magazine x2


    Start Battle: 8,102

    End Battle: 8,117

    Battles Completed: 15

    Earned: 1,500 BP

    Progress: 27.44%

    Bought: Newspaper x2, Magazine x2


    Start Battle: 8,117

    End Battle: 8,698

    Battles Completed: 581

    Earned: 117,200 BP

    Progress: 29.41%

    Bought: Newspaper x4, Magazine x4


    Start Battle: 8,698

    End Battle: 8,880

    Battles Completed: 182

    Earned: 38,200 BP

    Progress: 30.02%

    Bought: Newspaper x1, Magazine x1


    Start Battle: 8,880

    End Battle: 9,222

    Battles Completed: 342

    Earned: 75,400 BP

    Progress: 31.18%

    Bought: Newspaper x1, Magazine x1


    Start Battle: 9,222

    End Battle: 9,617

    Battles Completed: 395

    Earned: 85,300 BP

    Progress: 32.52%

    Bought: Newspaper x2, Magazine x2


    Start Battle: 9,617

    End Battle: 9,727

    Battles Completed: 110

    Earned: 21,800 BP

    Progress: 32.89%

    Bought: Newspaper x1, Magazine x1


    Start Battle: 9,727

    End Battle: 10,000

    Battles Completed: 283

    Earned: 80,200 BP

    Progress: 33.81%

    Bought: None


    Start Battle: 10,000

    End Battle: 10,217

    Battles Completed: 217

    Earned: 52,900 BP

    Progress: 34.54%

    Bought: 1x Magazine, 1x Newspaper


    Start Battle: 10,217

    End Battle: 10,413

    Battles Completed: 196

    Earned: 51,800 BP

    Progress: 35.33%

    Bought: 1x Magazine, 1x Newspaper


    Start Battle: 10,413

    End Battle: 10,545

    Battles Completed: 132

    Earned: 34,600 BP

    Progress: 35.65%

    Bought: None


    Start Battle: 10,545

    End Battle: 10,700

    Battles Completed: 155

    Earned: 34,700 BP

    Progress: 36.18%

    Bought: None


    Start Battle: 10,700

    End Battle: 10,827

    Battles Completed: 127

    Earned: 24,400 BP

    Progress: 36.61%

    Bought: None


    Start Battle: 10,827

    End Battle: 11,583

    Battles Completed: 756

    Earned: 213,000 BP

    Progress: 39.03%

    Bought: 2 mil MP (750k BP)


    Start Battle: 11,583

    End Battle: 11,737

    Battles Completed: 154

    Earned: 39,400 BP

    Progress: 39.55%

    Bought: None


    Start Battle: 11,737

    End Battle: 12,214

    Battles Completed: 477

    Earned: 118,200 BP

    Progress: 41.16%

    Bought: 1x Magazine, 1x Newspaper


    Start Battle: 12,214

    End Battle: 12,511

    Battles Completed: 297

    Earned: 81,600 BP

    Progress: 42.16%

    Bought: None


    Start Battle: 12,511

    End Battle: 12,793

    Battles Completed: 282

    Earned: 59,800 BP

    Progress: 43.11%

    Bought: None


    Start Battle: 12,793

    End Battle: 13,251

    Battles Completed: 458

    Earned: 65,600 BP

    Progress: 44.40%

    Bought: None


    Start Battle: 13,251

    End Battle: 13,334

    Battles Completed: 83

    Earned: 19,300 BP

    Progress: 44.60%

    Bought: None


    Start Battle: 13,334

    End Battle: 13,501

    Battles Completed: 167

    Earned: 35,000 BP

    Progress: 45.00%

    Bought: None


    Start Battle: 13,501

    End Battle: 13,623

    Battles Completed: 122

    Earned: 26,100 BP

    Progress: 45.40%

    Bought: None


    Start Battle: 13,623

    End Battle: 13,752

    Battles Completed: 129

    Earned: 27,500 BP

    Progress: 45.83%

    Bought: None


    Start Battle: 13,752

    End Battle: 13,916

    Battles Completed: 164

    Earned: 41,500 BP

    Progress: 46.38%

    Bought: None


    Start Battle: 13,916

    End Battle: 14,404

    Battles Completed: 488

    Earned: 96,900 BP

    Progress: 48.01%

    Bought: None


    Start Battle: 14,404

    End Battle: 14,452

    Battles Completed: 48

    Earned: 8,200 BP

    Progress: 48.17%

    Bought: 1x Magazine, 1x Newspaper


    Start Battle: 14,452

    End Battle: 14,551

    Battles Completed: 99

    Earned: 15,000 BP

    Progress: 48.50%

    Bought: 2x Magazine, 2x Newspaper, 1x Sewer Struggle


    Start Battle: 14,551

    End Battle: 14,584

    Battles Completed: 33

    Earned: 9,100 BP

    Progress: 48.61%

    Bought: 3x Magazine, 3x Newspaper


    Start Battle: 14,584

    End Battle: 14,625

    Battles Completed: 41

    Earned: 13,600 BP

    Progress: 47.86%

    Bought: 3x Magazine, 3x Newspaper


    Start Battle: 14,625

    End Battle: 14,699

    Battles Completed: 74

    Earned: 23,500 BP

    Progress: 48.11%

    Bought: None


    Start Battle: 14,699

    End Battle: 14,728

    Battles Completed: 29

    Earned: 10,300 BP

    Progress: 48.18%

    Bought: None


    Start Battle: 14,728

    End Battle: 14,758

    Battles Completed: 30

    Earned: 9,100 BP

    Progress: 48.28%

    Bought: None


    Start Battle: 14,758

    End Battle: 15,001

    Battles Completed: 243

    Earned: 48,100 BP

    Progress: 49.04%

    Bought: None


    Start Battle: 15,001

    End Battle: 15,081

    Battles Completed: 80

    Earned: 15,500 BP

    Progress: 49.20%

    Bought: 2x Magazine, 2x Newspaper


    Start Battle: 15,081

    End Battle: 15,195

    Battles Completed: 114

    Earned: 35,200 BP

    Progress: 49.53%

    Bought: 3x Magazine, 3x Newspaper


    Start Battle: 15,195

    End Battle: 15,218

    Battles Completed: 23

    Earned: 12,300 BP

    Progress: 49.57%

    Bought: 1x Magazine, 1x Newspaper


    Start Battle: 15,218

    End Battle: 15,249

    Battles Completed: 31

    Earned: 9,000 BP

    Progress: 49.67%

    Bought: 2x Magazine, 2x Newspaper


    Start Battle: 15,249

    End Battle: 15,310

    Battles Completed: 61

    Earned: 20,700 BP

    Progress: 49.87%

    Bought: 2x Magazine, 2x Newspaper


    Start Battle: 15,310

    End Battle: 15,547

    Battles Completed: 237

    Earned: 74,700 BP

    Progress: 50.64%

    Bought: 1x Magazine, 1x Newspaper


    Start Battle: 15,547

    End Battle: 16,124

    Battles Completed: 577

    Earned: 187,300 BP

    Progress: 52.52%

    Bought: None


    Start Battle: 16,124

    End Battle: 16,255

    Battles Completed: 131

    Earned: 39,700 BP

    Progress: 52.95%

    Bought: None


    Start Battle: 16,255

    End Battle: 16,438

    Battles Completed: 183

    Earned: 48,800 BP

    Progress: 53.55%

    Bought: None


    Start Battle: 16,438

    End Battle: 16,524

    Battles Completed: 86

    Earned: 26,400 BP

    Progress: 53.83%

    Bought: None


    Start Battle: 16,524

    End Battle: 16,566

    Battles Completed: 42

    Earned: 9,500 BP

    Progress: 53.96%

    Bought: None

    To Leaderboard: 16566/30698

    Progress Total: 53.96%

    Paying Off my DCGB

    Posted on : 24th Jan 2018 09:28   Posted by : Labyrinth
    Bought DCGB on 01.15.2018


    Expense: 997,474 MP

    Start Quest: 288

    End Quest: 421

    Quests Completed: 133

    Number of Crystals: 266

    Revenue: 1,692,829 MP

    Profit: 695,355 MP


    Expense: 261,591 MP

    Start Quest: 421

    End Quest: 456

    Quests Completed: 35

    Number of Crystals: 70

    Revenue: 420,000 MP

    Profit: 158,409 MP


    Expense: 1,300,000 MP

    Start Quest: 456

    End Quest: 631

    Quests Completed: 175

    Number of Crystals: 350

    Revenue: 2,100,000 MP

    Profit: 800,000 MP


    Expense: 2,100,000 MP

    Start Quest: 645

    End Quest: 958

    Quests Completed: 313

    Number of Crystals: 620

    Revenue: 4,637,060MP

    Profit: 2,537,060 MP


    Expense: 400,000 MP

    Start Quest: 958

    End Quest: 1011

    Quests Completed: 53

    Number of Crystals: 106

    Revenue: 1,003,589 MP

    Profit: 603,589


    Expense: 1,000,000 MP

    Start Quest: 1028

    End Quest: 1171

    Quests Completed: 143

    Number of Crystals: 286

    Revenue: 2,076,861 MP

    Profit: 1,076,861 MP


    Expense: 1,120,000 MP

    Start Quest: 1171

    End Quest: 1346

    Quests Completed: 175

    Number of Crystals: 350

    Revenue: 2,864,531 MP

    Profit: 1,864,531 MP

    Total Profit: 7,735,805 MP

    85.95% paid back

    Missing Stamps

    Posted on : 12th Jan 2018 15:46   Posted by : Labyrinth
    You are missing 203 Stamps from your Stamp Album

    10 Years Stamp
    10th Birthday Stamp
    8th Birthday Stamp
    Account Upgrades Stamp
    Acorn Stamp
    American Flag Stamp
    Angel Fasoro Stamp
    Angel Wings Stamp
    Anime Stamp
    Banana Peel Stamp
    Bauble Stamp
    Bee Stamp
    Birthday Ice Cream Stamp
    Birthday Present Stamp
    Blizzard Stamp
    Blood Stamp
    Blue Justin Stamp
    Bobber Stamp
    Bug Stamp
    Burning Christmas Tree Stamp
    Candle Stamp
    Cartoon Strip Stamp
    Castle Tower Stamp
    Castle Wall Stamp
    Chewed Up Stamp
    Christmas 2008 Stamp
    Christmas Dinner Stamp
    Christmas Gift Stamp
    Christmas Tree Stamp
    Christmas Trees Stamp
    City Recession Stamp
    Cloud Nine Stamp
    Cobweb Stamp
    Coffee Stamp
    Cowboy Potato Stamp
    Cursed Stamp
    Decadal Stamp
    Desert Fairy Stamp
    Digital Fairy Stamp
    Digital Stamp
    Double Peck Stamp
    Drake Stamp
    Duckling Stamp
    Dukka Caves Stamp
    Dukka Fairy Stamp
    Earth Fairy Stamp
    Easter 2012 Stamp
    Easter Bunny Stamp
    Easter Egg Collectors Stamp
    Easter Egg Hunt Stamp
    Easter Egg Stamp
    Easter Stamp
    Elger Stamp
    Enpiah Daisy Stamp
    Enpiah Stars Stamp
    Explorer Stamp
    Fairy Stamp
    Fallen Leaves Stamp
    Fild Stamp
    Fire Fairy Stamp
    Fishbowl Stamp
    Flail Stamp
    Fluffy Stamp
    Fossil Stamp
    Friday 13th Stamp
    Fried Egg Stamp
    Frostfire Stamp
    Gamer Stamp
    Gamma Stamp
    Geek Stamp
    Genie Stamp
    Ghost Stamp
    Gingerbread Stamp
    Gnome Stamp
    Gobble Chef Stamp
    Gobble Music Lover Stamp
    Gobble Stamp
    Goblin Huthiq Stamp
    Greedy Fairy Stamp
    Griffin Stamp
    Gumball Machine Stamp
    Gumball Stamp
    Halloween Chibs Stamp
    Halloween Snowman Stamp
    Halloween Stamp
    Happy Easter Stamp
    Happy Pool Party Stamp
    Hidden Eggs Stamp
    Hobo Stamp
    Homeless Fairy Stamp
    Ice Cream Cone Stamp
    Jelly Stamp
    Junk Food Stamp
    Kamilah Desert Stamp
    Kamilah Sphinx Stamp
    Killer Stamp
    Leprechaun Stamp
    Light Fairy Stamp
    Light Side Stamp
    Lightning Stamp
    Lovestruck Stamp
    Lucky Horseshoe Stamp
    Lush Lake Stamp
    Mad Scientist Stamp
    MaraJournals Stamp
    Marapop Stamp
    Marasites Stamp
    Masterpiece Stamp
    Mini Fairy Flower Stamp
    Mini Stamp
    Missing Tooth Stamp
    Moon Stamp
    Moonlight Vixen Stamp
    Mountain of Biala Stamp
    Mystery Egg Stamp
    Native Stamp
    Nefarious Stamp
    New Years Stamp
    Night And Day Quell Stamp
    Nightmare Stamp
    Olympics Stamp
    Palace Stamp
    Paparazzi Stamp
    Party Hat Stamp
    Pawprint Stamp
    Phantom Grin Stamp
    Pirate Ship Stamp
    Pirates Booty Stamp
    Pixie Snookle Stamp
    Polar Stamp
    Poop Stamp
    Princess Rapunzel Stamp
    Propellor Hat Stamp
    Puchalla Meals Stamp
    Pumpkin Stamp
    Queen Eleka Stamp
    Referral System Stamp
    Royal Wedding Stamp
    Sad Pool Party Stamp
    Santa Sleigh Stamp
    Santa Visits Stamp
    School Mordo Stamp
    Scrooge Stamp
    Sea Star Stamp
    Seasonal Stamp
    Shell Stamp
    Simeria Goals Stamp
    Simeria Stamp
    Simerian Sea Stamp
    Simerian Stamp
    Skateboard Stamp
    Skater Stamp
    Skull Stamp
    Sleepy Stamp
    Sleigh Stamp
    Smartphone Stamp
    Snow Boy Stamp
    Snow Girl Stamp
    Snow Madam Stamp
    Snowflake Stamp
    Snowman Stamp
    Space Fairy Stamp
    Sparkle Stamp
    Speedy Newth Stamp
    Spider Web Stamp
    Spring Bouquet Stamp
    Spy Stamp
    Squink Stamp
    Staff of the Fire Fairy Stamp
    Sun Stamp
    Sunlight Stamp
    Sunny Side Up Stamp
    Sunset Skyline Stamp
    Superhero Stamp
    Transumption Stamp
    Transuranic Stamp
    Transvaluation Stamp
    Tropical Stamp
    Twree Stamp
    Underwater Stamp
    Undying Fairy Stamp
    Undying Festival 2010 Stamp
    Undying Festival Stamp
    Unlucky Stamp
    Uploads Stamp
    Valentine Potato Stamp
    Vampire Stamp
    Villain Stamp
    Vlad Stamp
    Voodoo Doll Stamp
    Voodoo Gobble Stamp
    Vortex Stamp
    Water Fairy Stamp
    Weather Stamp
    Werewolf Stamp
    Whirlpool Stamp
    Wizard Stamp
    Zetzilla Eye Stamp
    Zetzilla Stamp
    Ziranek Sky Stamp
    Zola Wine Stamp
    Zombie Kidlet Stamp
    Zorg Stamp

    Missing Books - Buying!

    Posted on : 21st Dec 2017 20:25   Posted by : Labyrinth
    Buying any book on list for 100k or under- comment below
    * denotes shop book

    10 Years Book
    1000 Easter Egg Recipes
    1001 Slime Recipes
    101 Summer Bucket List Ideas
    300 Million Hits Book
    5000th Century Tales
    8th Birthday Book
    Advent Tree Book
    Advent Wreath Book
    Alien Phone Book
    Ancient Writing Book
    Aquarius Book
    Arcade Strategy Guide Book
    Armoured Book
    Autumn Book
    Autumn Rain Book
    Baby Photo Book
    Baking Gingerbread Book
    Baking Pumpkins Book
    Bankruptcy Book
    Be Mine Book
    Beach Ball Book
    Beach Book
    Bed Time Book
    Beelzebub Summoning Tome
    Being Elger
    Being a Punk Book
    Biala Book
    Big Book of Leaves
    Biography of Elger*
    Biography of Fugunzel*
    Biography of Plushie Fairy*
    Biography of Smuggler*
    Biography of Sultan*
    Blood Stained Book
    Book of Anime
    Book of Beaches
    Book of Bees
    Book of Candles
    Book of Cavities
    Book of Cheese
    Book of Christmas Cards
    Book of Christmas Trees
    Book of Clouds
    Book of Dukka Coins
    Book of Easter Eggs
    Book of Eggcelent Puns
    Book of Elements
    Book of Explosions
    Book of Fate
    Book of Fire
    Book of Ghosts
    Book of Gnomes
    Book of Heroes
    Book of Holiday Poems
    Book of Ice Cream
    Book of Insects*
    Book of Leo Fashion
    Book of Love Stories*
    Book of Mistveil
    Book of Money
    Book of Nightmares
    Book of Pixies
    Book of Pumpkins
    Book of Ra
    Book of Secrets
    Book of Simeria
    Book of Snow Fights
    Book of Snow Storms
    Book of Sparkles
    Book of Stamps
    Book of Storms
    Book of Sweets
    Book of Toys
    Book of Valentines
    Book of Vampires
    Book of Villains
    Book of Wings
    Book of Wishes
    Brutal Weapons Book
    Camouflage Book
    Camp Fire Book
    Cancer Book
    Candy Guide Book
    Candy Mysteries Book*
    Chinese New Year Book
    Chocolate Book
    Christmas 2012 Book
    Christmas Carol Book
    Christmas Cook Book
    Christmas Lights Book
    Christmas Magazine
    Christmas Ribbons Book
    Christmas Tree Book
    Chronicles of the Dark
    Chronicles of the Light
    Classic Comics
    Classic Love Stories
    Cooking Turkey Guide
    Crazy Science Book
    Creepy Book
    Creepy Tree Book
    Cursed Book
    Dark Fairy Book
    Dark Journal
    Daylight Book
    Death Spell Book
    Decorating a Tree Book
    Digital Fairy Book
    Digital Spell Book
    Discovery of Enpiah
    Dragon Diary
    Dressing Like a Doll Book
    Dukka Goals Book
    Earth Book
    Easter 2012 Book
    Easter Book
    Easter Egg Book
    Easter Egg Hunt Map
    Easter Eggs Book
    Egg Recipe Book
    Eggcelent Jokes
    Electronic Book
    Elegant Writings
    Elger Cookbook
    Enchanted Storybook
    Encyclopedia A
    Encyclopedia Z
    Enpiah Book
    Enpiah Explorer Book
    Enpiah Law Book
    Error Book
    Eternal Osafo Book
    Evil Clown Book
    Evil Eye Book
    Evil Genius Book
    Eye See U Book
    Festival Book
    Festival Pop Up Book
    Festive Candles Book
    Figaro Colouring Book
    Filondor Book*
    First Broomstick Flight Book
    First Dates Book
    Flaydor Book*
    Flying Book
    Four Leaf Clover Book
    Frankenstein Book
    Fried Eggs Book
    Frosty Adventures Book
    Frosty Tales
    Full Moon Book
    Full Moon Chronicles
    Gardening Book
    Gemini Book
    Ghost Book
    Ghost Pop Up Book
    Gift Wrapped Book
    Gingerbread Cookie Book
    Gingerbread Pop Up Book
    Glass Book
    Golem Summoning Tablet
    Gonk on the Ranch Book
    Grave Digging 101
    Greedy Fairy Book
    Grumpy Ladybug Book
    Guide To Nimbus
    Guide to Anatomy
    Guide to Candy Book
    Hairy Book
    Halloween Book
    Haunted Comics Issue V
    Haunted Festival Book
    Holiday Decorating Guide
    Holographic Comic
    Holographic Encyclopedia
    Holographic Story Book
    Hoofprint Book
    How to Build a Snowman
    How to Care Less
    How to Farm Book
    How to Fish
    How to Kiss Book
    How to Survive the Teen Years
    Ice Fairy Book
    Island Book
    Jelly Book
    Jenoan Tales
    Jewelled Book
    Jingle Bell Book
    Kamilah Pyramid Book
    Kitten Book
    Lati Book*
    Leprechaun Book
    Leprechaun Hat Book
    Light Fairy Book
    Lightning Book
    Living in Prison Guide
    Love Letter Collection
    Lucky Book
    Lucky Horse Shoe Book
    Lush Fountain Book
    Mafia History
    Mara Manga
    Maramail Grammar Guide
    Marapets Colouring Book
    Marapets Memories Book
    Memoirs of a Monster
    Memory Book
    Midnight Book
    Mini Book
    Mini Fairy Book
    Minipet Island Travel Brochure
    Moon Book
    Moustache Book
    Murder Mystery Book
    Native Book
    Nutcracker Book
    Old Fairy Book
    Old List of Rules
    On Fire Book
    One Thousand and Two Nights
    Party Book
    Party Gift Ideas
    Peppermint Fancy
    Pest Control Book
    Petal Book
    Phantom Book
    Pilgrim Book
    Pisces Book
    Plate Collection Guide
    Polar Book
    Popup Christmas Book
    Possessed Book
    Potion Making Guide Book
    Puchalla Village Book
    Pyramid Book
    Queen Eleka Book
    Rainbow Pop Up Book
    Rainbow Popup Book
    Rainy Book
    Raising A Quell Book
    Rapunzel Book
    Recycled Book
    Recycling for Dummies
    Rocket Ship Book
    Roman Numerals Book
    Royal Book
    Royal Fairy Book
    Rudolf Book
    Runes Book
    Sagittarius Book
    Sand Book
    Santa Claws Book
    Santas Secrets
    Scarf Book
    Scary Daisy Stories
    Scorpio Desert Guide
    Sea Water Book
    Seasonal Fairy Tales
    Secret Diary
    Secrets of Simeria Book
    Secrets of the Hat Book
    Secrets of the Light Book
    Shipwreck Book
    Shredded Song Book
    Simerian History Vol 02
    Simerian History Vol 04
    Simerian History Vol 05
    Simerian History Vol 06
    Skater Book
    Skater Story
    Skull Compendium
    Smuggler Journal
    Snowman Hats Book
    Snowmans Halloween Book
    Snowstorm Book
    Soggy Book
    Space Fairy Book
    Splatter Book
    Springtime Stories
    Spy Guide Book
    Starry Book
    Starter School Series
    Stock Market Crash Book
    Storm Book
    Story of Drakeland
    Summer Book
    Summer Vacation Book
    Surviving 9 Years Book
    Survivor Story
    Sushi 101 Book
    Swamp Below Book
    Sweets Galore Book
    Tales Of Undead
    Tales of King Baspinar Book
    Tales of Queen Eleka Book
    Tales of Scrooge
    Taurus Book
    Team Maple Leaf Diary
    The Death Arena Book
    The Frost Princess
    The Steampunk Trilogy
    Thrill Seekers Guide Book
    Trojan Diary
    Tundra Book
    Turkey Troubles
    Twister Tales Book
    U Jelly Book
    Ultimate Camouflage Guide
    Undying Book
    Undying Festival 2012 Book
    Valentine Book
    Vampire Sightings Book
    Voodoo Book
    Vortex Warning Book
    Whale Tales Book
    Wilderness Book
    Winter Book
    Witch Cook Book
    Witch Spell Book
    Wonderland Book
    Xoi Book*
    Zombie Stories


    Posted on : 26th Oct 2016 12:42   Posted by : Labyrinth

    You have completed the Poison Pit Treasure Map

    You now have lifetime access to use the Poison Pit



    You just found the Dukka Dash Jackpot of 149,329MP


    Congratulations! You have solved the Anagram!!
    Here is your prize...

    Blue Blood


    You dug up Magic Australian Bean


    Congratulations! Luella just knocked over the Sugar Stack. As you were the player who added the last Sugar Cube you have won the jackpot of 498,937MP.


    Congratulations! You have solved the Anagram!!
    Here is your prize...

    Green Blood



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