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  • FLEEK: Team Black & White     ~17 Jan 2018
  • -{Jas}- Forever grateful     ~15 Jan 2018
  • -{Jas}- Making Avvies     ~02 Jan 2018
  • -{Jas}- 25 facts about me     ~13 Nov 2017
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  • FLEEK: Team Black & White

    Posted on : 17th Jan 2018 12:37   Posted by : IamJasper

    Welcome to team Black & White\'s home base blog! Here you can find every way to accumulate points for you and your team for the club war! In the comments, we ask you post your points so we can record them properly during the war. Chat points will be recorded by staff, so you don\'t need to record those. Points are easily rewarded, we just ask that you not abuse the system by SPAMing, donating junk items, or over-inflated items. Team leaders do have the right to reject points if they see you abusing them. But, we want you to have fun! The winning team will recieve a large AP prize and an award for their profile and the top 2 point-accumulators will recieve a large prize and an award for their profile! Your team leader is Jasper. Wordsearch and other event entries can be sent directly to her. Check back here often for special event days and double-reward days!
    Event Begins: January 20, 2018
    Event Ends: February 3, 2018

    Earn Points:

    Join a Team - 5 pts
    Refer a member - 10 pts
    Post on club forum - 2 pts
    Post in club chat - 5 pts per 25 posts

    Donate (wardrobe) item - 2 pts
    Donate UB items (not plates/photos) - 20 pts

    Team Theme Dress-Up - 5 pts
    Team Themed Avvie - 2 pts
    Use team siggie - 2 pts
    Complete team wordsearch - 5pts

    Enter club activities - 2 pts
    Enter club raffle - 1 pt per entry
    Win OOTM - 5 pts
    Win Dress-up Contest - 5 pts

    Team Wordsearch:

    B&W Militia:
    Jasper - 244
    brb2mara - 137
    Deity - 1433
    hulabazoo82 - 1019
    LeiyL - 5
    magnet1o1 - 65
    Salvandor - 7
    steph90807 - 9
    XxAshley1015xX - 30

    -{Jas}- Forever grateful

    Posted on : 15th Jan 2018 13:08   Posted by : IamJasper

    You have completed the Private Dental Insurance Map

    You now have lifetime access to my premium mouths

    Thanks Fable

    -{Jas}- Making Avvies

    Posted on : 2nd Jan 2018 11:51   Posted by : IamJasper
    Commissions currently: CLOSED

    Check out my blog for a chance at a free avvie, though!

    Ive been making pixel avvies on Marapets for a long time. And recently Ive had some extra time to start making again. So here you will find the examples of my avvies and the form, in case I happen to be making them for anyone to order.


    Color Scheme:
    Price: 40k

    -{Jas}- 25 facts about me

    Posted on : 13th Nov 2017 22:49   Posted by : IamJasper
    I redo this about every year, so welcome to part 3 of 25 Facts about Jasper!!!

    1. My name isn't really Jasper (so shocked, right?)

    2. Triple numbers weird me out and make me super uncomfortable.

    3. Politics is my hobby, marketing is my passion!

    4. I'm a general manager of a shoe store.

    5. In my free time, I like to sleep!

    6. I'm really passionate about anything and everything I set my mind to.

    7. Oglues are the prime example of that passion. Back when they were ugly and unwanted, I made it a goal to love them enough to build the Oglue army of all armies!

    8. I'm a car girl. I looove street race cars!

    9. When I was 5, I had my brother throw a tomato stake over my head and, in turn, I've got a gnarly scar above my eye.

    10. I have 5 ear piercings, a nose piercing, a belly button piercing, eyebrow piercing, and 3 tattoos (and counting)!

    11. I just turned TWENTY-FUN!

    13. I've never been outside of the United States

    14. I have a cat named Stripe and he's a spoiled little jerk.

    15. I often come off really harsh but, I promise, I'm one of the most giving and forgiving people you'll ever meet.

    16. I genuinely hate stupid people.

    17. I have no fashion sense (insert image of my doll here).

    18. I used to be a die-hard roleplayer.

    19. I'll watch just about anything, except South Park (gross).

    20. I'm the saddest happy person you'll ever meet...

    21. And the most optimistic pessimist you'll ever encounter.

    22. I will spend hundreds on coffee iin a week if you'd let Me!

    23. I've been playing Marapets so long that I can't even remember when I started

    24. Grammatical errors and misspelled words really irk my nerves.

    25. And, to follow up with that, I skipped fact 12 and I'm sure you never even noticed, huh?

    Well, 'till next year, my fellow players of Marapets!

    -{Jas}- Why TFD members are the best!

    Posted on : 1st Apr 2016 14:39   Posted by : IamJasper
    June 25, 2016
    "Exploring Marada is profitable! You just found 4MP!

    "Gurl a pageant?
    Give me that pink dress and note card lets do dis shet" -Neal (Salvandor)

    "Wow I wish there was the thumbs up emoticon on this chat" - Ina (sourcherry1222)

    April 1, 2016

    (by: optymizer)

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