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  • I don't understand     3rd Oct 2013 15:13
  • um... Help?     16th Oct 2012 09:19

  • I don't understand

    Posted on : 3rd Oct 2013 15:13   Posted by : Glamourgoddess1o1
    I looked it up because I'm a big fan of Percy Jackson. I read this thing about how Cancer's (the star sign) usually have Artemis (I choose my own religion. lay off) influencing their lives the most, and how they feel caged, like they wanted to just escape and want to be alone. I'm just like that. Until of course, the page started droning on about love and I have no interest in that. So I was wondering why the heck I'm like this and if anyone else is because even though I want to be alone sometimes I feel lonely...?

    um... Help?

    Posted on : 16th Oct 2012 09:19   Posted by : Glamourgoddess1o1
    It's been nearly two months and my glowing fire egg and glowing pink egg haven't hatched. Is it a glitch or can somebody help me? If you can please tell me, thanks.

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