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  • Mara Goals for 2019     14th Dec 2018 00:25
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  • Mara Goals for 2019

    Posted on : 14th Dec 2018 00:25   Posted by : leochick123
    [ ]Get UN Cert (and hope the name I want is still available)
    [ ]Complete Checklist every month (and hopefully win some xD)
    [ ]Get Name Certs for BoY and sweetbits (shudders)
    [ ]Turn Commitment and Kaniya into something cool (preferrably LE's)
    [ ]Restock 1 LE potion
    [ ]Make over 20 Mil MP
    [ ]Complete at least 2 more missions in entirety
    [ ]Over 4,000 Wardrobe Items
    [ ]Host a SUPER AWESOME giveaway (5 mil value or more if allowed)
    [ ]Get Shannarah's GF's to over 4,000
    [ ]Reach level 30 of the Progress Goals
    [ ]Get Unnecessary Perfection Instructions
    [ ]Get Advent Tree Instructions

    ~Maramas 2018~

    Posted on : 13th Dec 2018 17:47   Posted by : leochick123
    Advent Calendar-
    [x]Ice Crown
    [x]Angel Ornament
    [x]Glacier Pearl
    [x]Candycane Wreath
    [x]Ice Belt

    [x]Gingerbread Latte
    [x]Angel Food Cupcake
    [x]Baubles and Snowflakes
    [x]Purple Candycane Candle
    [x]Back Head Hair Extensions

    [x]Ice Ribbon
    [x]Carol Singing Hat
    [x]Santa Gumball
    [x]Teddy Bear Ornament
    [x]Carol Singing Vest

    [x]Christmas Tree Ice Sculpture
    [x]Pig Tails Hair Extensions
    [x]Festive Sea Shell
    [x]Seasonal Socks
    [x]Gingerbread Candle

    [x]Holly Brownie
    [x]Frosted Book
    [x]Cuddly Pillow
    [x]Tree Plushie
    [ ]

    [ ]
    [ ]
    [ ]
    [ ]
    [ ]

    [ ]

    [x]Elf Belt

    [x]Elf Book
    [x]Elf Snow Day
    [x]Elf Playlist

    [ ]Krampus Beanie
    [ ]Krampus Contact Lenses
    [ ]Krampus Slippers
    [x]Krampus Stockings
    [ ]Krampus Sweater

    [ ]Krampus Tail

    [x]Deer Skull
    [ ]Devil Food Cake
    [x]Devil Food Cupcake
    [ ]Krampus Horn Pearl

    [x]Evil Teddy Bear Plushie

    [x]Evil Glowing Egg

    [ ]Catch a Krampus Book
    [x]Ice Stocking
    [ ]Krampus Figurine
    [ ]Krampus Nightmares
    [ ]Krampus Playlist
    [ ]Krampus Shadow Stamp

    [ ]Ripped Teddy Bear

    [x]Bows and Bells Hair Clip
    [x]Candycane Hair Clip
    [x]Caroler Shawl
    [x]Music Notes
    [x]Snowflake Slippers

    [x]Snowflake Necklace

    [x]Candycane Trumpet x8
    [x]Holly Maracas x7
    [x]Ice Guitar x10
    [x]Peppermint Banjo x5

    [x]Blueberry Gummy Gingerbread Man
    [x]Blueberry Gummy Reindeer
    [x]Cherry Gummy Gingerbread Man
    [x]Cherry Gummy Reindeer
    [x]Chocolate Gingerbread Sandwich

    [x]Gingerbread Sandwich
    [x]Grape Gummy Gingerbread Man
    [x]Grape Gummy Reindeer
    [x]Lemon Gummy Gingerbread Man
    [x]Lemon Gummy Reindeer

    [x]Lime Gummy Gingerbread Man
    [x]Lime Gummy Reindeer
    [x]Strawberry Gingerbread Sandwich

    [x]Penguin Glowing Egg

    [x]Music Note Ornament
    [x]Polar Bear Snow Globe
    [x]Ribbon Wreath
    [x]Santa Hat Ornament

    Secret Santa-
    [x]Blue Seasonal Present
    [x]Bronze Peppermint Present
    [x]Chilled Blue Striped Present
    [x]Chilled Gold Striped Present
    [x]Chilled Green Striped Present

    [x]Chilled Purple Striped Present
    [x]Chilled Teal Striped Present
    [ ]Gold Peppermint Present
    [x]Mint Peppermint Present
    [x]Orange Seasonal Present

    [x]Pink Peppermint Present
    [ ]Purple Seasonal Present
    [x]Silver Peppermint Present
    [x]Tall Christmas Striped Present
    [x]Tall Green Striped Present

    [x]Tall Orange Striped Present
    [x]Tall Purple Striped Present
    [x]Tall Teal Striped Present
    [x]Teal Seasonal Present

    [x]Athletic Bikini
    [x]Athletic Bikini Top
    [x]Candycane Shower
    [x]Caroler Top
    [x]Christmas Lights Belt

    [ ]Kitty Pom Pom Hat
    [ ]Seasonal Gloves
    [x]Snowman Hat

    [x]Ice Cake

    [ ]Bell Plushie
    [ ]Blue Peppermint Plushie
    [x]Green Peppermint Plushie
    [x]Orange Peppermint Plushie
    [x]Purple Peppermint Plushie

    [x]Blue Candycane Candle
    [ ]Blue Santa Hat Ornament
    [ ]Green Candycane Candle
    [ ]Holly Wreath
    [x]Orange Candycane Candle

    [x]Pink Santa Hat Ornament
    [ ]Purple Santa Hat Ornament
    [x]Red Candycane Candle

    Advent Tree-
    [ ]Button Up Jacket
    [ ]Christmas Socks
    [ ]Drapery Scarf
    [ ]Polar Bear Hat
    [ ]Polar Bear Sweater

    [ ]Pyjamas
    [ ]Sissy Shirt
    [ ]Snow Boots
    [ ]Winter Puff Dress

    [ ]Frozen Cupcake

    [ ]Peppermint Plushie

    [ ]Ice Wreath
    [ ]Snowman Snowglobe
    [ ]Snow Presents

    [ ]Festive Lamppost
    [ ]Gingerbread Doll House
    [ ]Holiday Party Dress
    [ ]Snowy Waves Wig
    [ ]Viotto Doll

    [ ]Vixen Doll
    [ ]Winter Gaze Contact Lenses
    [ ]Zola Doll

    [ ]Holly Jolly Burger

    [ ]Frosty
    [ ]Ice Glowing Egg

    [ ]Mistletoe Melodies
    [ ]Under the Mistletoe
    [ ]Winter Evening Stamp

    Capsule Machine-
    [ ]Candycane Pants
    [ ]Caroler Hat
    [ ]Caroler Jacket
    [ ]Caroler Skirt
    [ ]Caroler Stockings

    [ ]Chandelier Prince Top
    [ ]Chandelier Princess Dress
    [ ]Gingerbread Hoodie
    [ ]Ice Antlers
    [ ]Ice Boots

    [ ]Ice Gloves
    [ ]Ice King Wig
    [ ]Reindeer Pants
    [ ]Ring of Ice
    [ ]Seasonal Puff Skirt

    [ ]Angel Food Cake
    [ ]Candycane Brownie
    [ ]Candycane Latte
    [ ]Holly Latte
    [ ]Reindeer Burger

    [ ]Reindeer Cookie
    [ ]Ribbon Cookie
    [ ]Rudolph Pearl

    [ ]Cookie Plushie

    [ ]Walrus Glowing Egg

    [ ]Book of Christmas Ornaments
    [ ]Ice Candle
    [ ]Ice Covered Presents
    [ ]Sleigh Ornament
    [ ]Snowman Candle

    [ ]Snowy Mountain Stamp
    [ ]Touch of Frost

    ATM Secret Santa Wishlist

    Posted on : 11th Dec 2018 14:42   Posted by : leochick123
    Hey there, and thank you for taking part in this Smile

    I mainly collect wardrobe items, so my wishlist is currently full of all of the wardrobe items I'm missing that I actually also really like the looks of. I have it sorted to try to make it easier, 10/10 is all items that are between 500k and 700k, and the lower the rating, the more they cost. Basically a 10/10 just means it's more affordable than the others, but I want and love them all equally, so no worries, don't feel pressured by any means. If it still isn't quite what you'd want to get, that's okay too! I just tend to go for clothes so I made my wishlist all clothing, but I also collect gourmets on Shannarah and love to get new ones I'm missing on her, and I also have been somewhat working on a plushie collection. Another cool thing if you'd prefer could be plates that I'm missing because I'm stuck on level 21 of these overall goals for mara because I've never had an interest in collecting plates, and thus I am VERY short of the 200 I need.

    Regardless of what I get, I will be super happy with it, and I'm just glad to be taking part in this Smile Thank you again and Happy Holidays!

    ATM Trick or Treat

    Posted on : 19th Oct 2018 21:48   Posted by : leochick123
    Trick or Treat Smile

    RS Tracker

    Posted on : 17th Oct 2018 19:20   Posted by : leochick123
    Navy Leido Potion - B//7,347MP : S//499,942MP
    Pink Costume - B//11,638MP : S//89,759MP
    Red Shorts - B//1,677MP : S//99,908MP
    White Fasoro Potion - B//10,491MP : S//495,545MP
    White Doyle Potion - B//6,339MP : S//499,999MP
    Cheese - B//350MP - S//91,879MP
    Navy Jessup Potion - B//5,930MP : S// ??? UB
    Hotcha 15 - B//664MP : S//79,069MP
    Wizard Tantua Plushie - B//21,024MP : S//499,983MP
    Jar of Petals - B//8,517MP : S//2mil MP
    What Top - B//19,290MP : S//327,011MP

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