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Happy Birthday Mara







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  • Fantanas - the kronk

    Posted on : 31st May 2009 00:31   Posted by : mythenmetz
    i got her from pet trade as a halloween tantua.
    may 18., 2009 she changed in an orange kronk. I got the potion from the clam mission which i finished after hard work for month, lol - my friend wittelsbach spent her a sponge costume.
    june, 28. 2009 she entered the Temple of Transubstantiation

    My Rofling-FreddaTheImp

    Posted on : 8th May 2009 11:30   Posted by : mythenmetz
    8th May 2009
    today i finished the temple to become a rofling and changed my name from Bovinity to Peikko
    Many Thanks to carrisa: she helps me a lot

    17th of May 2015:
    Today my Rofling got her final name: FreddaTheImp

    It took a long time, but now it is reality. I'm very happy

    Fredda the hairy is the terrible a scoop of mountain and the last representative of its kind. She wrote poems in their homeland, the scoop mountains, until she was kidnapped and when attraction at a Carnival was issued, by which she gained interest and came to night school. Here a wide education received her and she met her classmate blue bear, in which she fell. Fredda came about some detours to Atlantis, where she lived in the underground with the invisible people. Here she met blue bear one last time and at the same time her new love, she met Chemluth Havana with which it flew via Atlantis into space.

    Fredda is also a classic figure of the Buchhaimer Puppetismus.

    Early life edit
    Fredda grew up in the mountains of the scoop and oxymoronistische scoop poetry which to classify either were in the rote - or yellow period. This suggests that Fredda lived already during or after the Zamonischen high Baroque. At least one copy of her poems found its way into the catacombs of Buchhaim, where it was discovered by Hildegunst myths Metz.
    She was kidnapped from the mountains and offered at a fair in Wolperting as an attraction. Their owners shaved it and promoted it so completely glabrous to see the last scoop of mountain. She could be found in a tent against an entrance fee. Prof. Dr. Abdul Nachtigaller learnt from her, and thanks to the fact that she was the last representative of its kind, he was immediately interested in her. Nachtigaller bought it at the faire and brought them into the dark mountains.

    Night school edit
    Here, she was the only female student of Nachtigaller. He taught them to read and trained them in his night school. Some time later came blue bear at night school and she fell in love with him, their love was not reciprocated. It was at this time already 400 years old, but still very immature: giggled constantly and made other odd noises. Disturbed blue bear in the classroom, she put him their pencil in your ear and with paper beads threw at him, on which were printed heart and oaths of love. Also, she gave him a leg break or sat on his back. Blue bear could not defend themselves against these offers, because mountain scoops have enormous powers. According to the blue bear, she had the strength of ten mountain gorillas, the reflexes of a Puma, and the endurance of a dolphin. However, he soon befriended her. Blue bear she had yet an another classmate qwert Zuiop??, with which she themselves also became friends.

    Between the lessons she conversed with her classmates the school material and argued among other things that are the universe neither expanded nor coincided in itself, but wobbled. Because she could not speak, but only roar, she had to communicate by means of notes in their engraved calligraphy. To this end, she had always a pad and a pen in. Fredda wrote love poems, some of them as love letters at blue bear or over the mountains of the scoop. During their time in night school, she once had a dark mountain bats nest in your hair and could barely sleep so one night. She left the night school during their graduation first of former pupils of the night, shortly after your Milan followed. Like any night students, she had to find their way through the dark mountain maze to the exit. But this was no challenge for them, because she found its way into the open and climbed down the mountain wall through one of the holes of made. As a replacement for the two night students Fredda and Mike followed for Fredda Fogelweide, qwert Groot and Zille. Blue bear missed much Fredda and Milan, until he was eventually also sent into the labyrinth.

    Way to S??dzamonien edit
    After their descent, made on the way to the mountains of the scoop and ran it partly through the sweet desert. On the way, she wrote more poems. One day she discovered the pyrite mountains, a steep mountain wall and thus an alpine challenge, she could not resist. So she climbed over the mountains and came to Atlantis.
    Dawn of a new world of edit
    Because not coped Fredda with urban life, she lived henceforth in the sewers. In the underground, she met the invisible people and befriended them. She learned of their projects, a space ship to turn into Atlantis, to return to their home planet and wanted to travel with them, as she shared the view of the invisible people, that people claimed more and more space for themselves and other general forms therefore would have to seek a new home outside the Earth. Once one of the invisible people told that he rescued a blue bear, which Fredda knew that was blue bear in Atlantis. Later, she learned also from blue bear's success as a lying Gladiator and read his interviews in newspapers. On the day that the plan of the invisible people should arise, let them to lead blue bear and his friend Chemluth Havana thanks to the help of their allies Cockatrice Rumo and inaugurated it in the project of the invisible people. Blue bear wanted to remain on Earth and therefore escaped from Atlantis. Chemluth fell straight into Fredda due to her lush head of hair and Fredda flew with her new love from the Earth into a new future. Their further fate is not known.


    2008 Halloween Pumpkin Hunt Winner

    Posted on : 12th Feb 2009 07:29   Posted by : mythenmetz
    Dear mythenmetz, Congratulations! You were one of the 2008 Halloween Pumpkin Hunt Winners! You were Number 37 and have been rewarded with a Hot Dog Trading Card! If you were in the top 250, you also received 1,000,000MP.

    Thank you for playing and supporting Marapets.

    Temple of Transmogrification Start 31. Jan.09

    Posted on : 31st Jan 2009 08:22   Posted by : mythenmetz
    Lvl 1 : Hieroglyphic O, V, W got: Stone Lava Cake
    Lvl 2 : Hieroglyphic L, E, F got: 10 000 MP
    Lvl 3 : Hieroglyphic C, J, P
    got: Simerian crown
    Lvl 4 : Hieroglyphic J, T, V
    got: 25 000 MP
    Lvl 5 : Hieroglyphic B, O, S
    got: Trojan Horse
    Lvl 6 : Hieroglyphic U, F, T
    got: 50 000 MP
    Lvl 7 : Hieroglyphic C, L, O
    gained a level stat
    Lvl 8 : Hieroglyphic J, Q, V
    got: Antique Jug
    Lvl 9 : Hieroglyphic A, K, U
    got: 75 000 MP
    Lvl 10: Hieroglyphic E, N, Z
    gained 2 coordination stats
    Lvl 11: Hieroglyphic B, S, Y
    gained 2 strength stats
    Lvl 12: Hieroglyphic N, O, Q
    got: 100 000 MP
    Lvl 13: Hieroglyphic B, T, Z
    gained 5 charisma stats
    Lvl 14: Hieroglyphic N, Q, S
    got: Simerian History Vol 2
    Lvl 15: Hieroglyphic O, Z, Z
    gained ??1 Account Upgrade Credit
    Lvl 16: Hieroglyphic C, N, S
    got: 125 000 MP
    lvl 17: Hieroglyphic B, P, Q
    gained 3 speed stats + Avatar
    Lvl 18: Hieroglyphic B, L, Z
    got: Ruins Music
    Lvl 19: Hieroglyphic B, Q, V
    got: 250 000 MP
    Lvl 20: Hieroglyphic E, G, V
    got: Sobek
    Lvl 21: Hieroglyphic C, E, J
    gained 10 magic stats
    Lvl 22: Hieroglyphic C, L, O
    got Simeria
    Lvl 23: Hieroglyphic Q, V, W
    gained 5 health stats
    Lvl 24: Hieroglyphic T, T, W
    gained 10 Art stats
    Lvl 25: Hieroglyphics G, J, P
    got 500 000MP
    Lvl 26: Hieroglyphics L, P, Q
    got Venus Trading Card
    Lvl 27: Hieroglyphics A, C, T
    got Transmogrification Stamp
    Lvl 28: Hieroglyphics J, M, T
    got 750 000 MP
    Lvl 29: Hieroglyphics J, K, L
    gained ??2 Account Upgrade Credit
    Lvl 30: Hieroglyphics G, J, U
    Congratulations!! You have made your way through the Temple of Transmogrification!!!
    Bovinity changed to a yellow Rofling!
    Congratulations! You found the 'Transmogrification' Hidden Avatar!

    my missions:

    Posted on : 14th Jan 2009 15:04   Posted by : mythenmetz

    beast of the wood ++
    blitzen +++
    circus +++++
    clam +++++ +
    fates +++++ +++++ +++
    fugunzel +++++ +++++ +++++ +
    gertrude ++++
    Hector the Collector +++++ +
    Hospice ++
    Jester +++++ +++++ ++++
    Penitentiary +++++ ++++
    Pirate Mafia +++++
    Priscilla +
    Puchalla Bumpkin +++++ +++++ ++
    rusty +++++ +++++ +
    sewer +++++
    tarquin +++++
    troll +++
    trotter +++++ +++++ +
    trunx +++++ +++++
    ublish +++++ ++

    New Mission:
    Greedy Gertrude mission +
    second try: (start 5th Oct. 2013)

    New Mission: 20.07.2015
    Beast In The Woods

    New Mission: Priscilla (released in August 2016)
    see extra blog...



    Level 1: Willa Dip - Thunder potato
    Level 2: Poison Berries - 250MP
    Level 3: Potato Wedges - Thunder Shirt
    Level 4: Blueberry Gummy Chibs Paws - 500MP
    Level 5: Beige Striped Worm - 750MP
    Level 6: Can Bread Pudding - 1000MP
    Level 7: Pink Easter Egg - 1250MP
    Level 8: Addow Bunches - Thunder Sword
    Level 9: Chocolate Covered Cookies - 1500MP
    Level 10: Addow Bunches - 1750MP
    Level 11: Quell Dip, Elekas Castle Pearl, Beautiful Candy Heart - 2000MP
    Level 12: Christmas Cake, Miniature Pumpkins,Feijoa - Sniffles
    Level 13: Wooden Gumball, Ugly Candy Spade - 2,500MP
    Level 14: White Chocolate Snowman, Tyrian Meal Worm - 3,000MP
    Level 15: Cyan Worm, Bolimo Dip - 4,000MP
    Level 16: Gizmo Dip, Orange Chocolate Bolimo - 5,000MP
    Level 17: Milk Chocolate Christmas Tree, Gift Wrapped Chocolate Heart - Thunder Shield
    Level 18: Huthiq Easter Egg, Yellow Gummy Dakota - 7,500MP
    Level 19: Nut Chocolate, Turkey with Potato - 15,000MP
    Level 20: Half of a Meat Pizza,Space Easter Egg - 20,000MP
    Level 21: Frozen Lamb, Plant Easter Egg. Steak and Kidney Pie - Potion Plushie
    Level 22: Nefarious Easter Egg, Giant Blueberries, Chocolate Chip Gumball - 30,000MP
    Level 23: Apple Gummy Chibs, Navy Meal Worm, Skull Mint - 40,000MP
    Level 24:
    Winking Pumpkin, Four Cheese Pizza, Purple Striped Worm - Thunder Costume
    Level 25: Large Black Tea, Smuggler Pearl, Pinwheel Cake - 50,000MP
    Level 26: Yuni Horn, Blueberry Gummy Chibs Paws, Stop Trying Candy Spade - 75,000MP
    Level 27: Eye a la Ghost; Hold Me Candy Heart; Trash Potato - Thunder Stamp
    Level 28: Ant Pizza, Biala Easter Egg, Half of a Meat Pizza - 85,000MP
    Level 29: Advent Tree Lolly, Evil Pizza, Giant Snow Peas - Potion Making Guide Book
    Level 30: Phanty Dip, Osafo Oats, Nephila - Thank you for finishing my mission on time. Here is your reward.. Yellow Lorius Potion and 100,000MP!!
    Please come back tomorrow for your next mission!


    GREEDY GERTRUDE.....First try (start 20th Sept. 2013):
    Level 1: Square Easter Egg - Thunder Potato
    Level 2: Devel Gumball - 250MP
    Level 3: Egg Sausage Bacon Muffin - Thunder Shirt
    Level 4: L33t H00ps - 500MP
    Level 5: Pirate Pearl - 750MP
    Level 6: Puchalla Potato - 1000MP
    Level 7: Silver Pearl - 1,250MP
    Level 8: Wing of Radioactive Doyle - Thunder Sword
    Level 9: Fish and Rice - 1500MP
    Level 10: 5th Birthday Cupcake - 1,750MP
    Level 11: Rapunzel Gumball, Chocolate Chip Gumball, Frozen Chicken Thigh - 2,000MP
    Level 12: Grinning Pumpkin, Undying Festival Pearl, Baguette - Sniffles
    Level 13: Tiger Beetle, Giant Fig - 2,500MP
    Level 14: Strawberry Mountain Cake, Batty Easter Egg - 3,000MP
    Level 15: Heart Gumball, Haunted Gumball - 4,000MP
    Level 16: Butterscotch Sundae,Mint Chocolate Easter Egg - 5,000MP
    Level 17: Large Apple Ice Tea, Turkey with Potato - Thunder Shield
    Level 18: Giant Banana, Rainbow Fairy Pearl - failed 'You have run out of time! Back to level 1 for you..'

    Sewer Cleaner Lvl 21
    Trap ,Old Boot with Cream ,Bed Bug - sewer cleaner plushie
    Lvl 22:
    Ultimate Trap
    Tentacle Hors Doeuvres
    Tiger Beetle - 30000 mp
    Level 23:
    Black Widow, Basic Trap, Sewage Cake - 40000 mp
    Level 24: ultimate trap, Can Bread Pudding and flower beetle - sewer costume and the avatar
    Level 25: Quality Trap
    Sewage Spaghetti
    Ladybird - 50 000 mp
    Level 26: Elite trap, sewer spaghetti, julia caterpilar -
    75 000 mp
    Level 27: green fertiliser, quality trap, sewage cake -
    Sewage (minipet) and :Congratulations! You found the 'Sewage' Hidden Avatar
    Level 28: Black fertiliser, quility trap, fish and onions - 85000 mp
    Level 29: Seaweed Lamb,Praying Mantis, Trap - Pest Control Book
    Level 30: Ultimate trap, jumping spider, bugs candy - Thank you for finishing my mission on time. Here is your reward..
    Yellow Basil Potion and 100,000MP!!
    2. Attemp:
    Level 21
    Trap, Potato beetle, Seaweed Lamb
    - Sewer Cleaner Plushie
    Level 22:
    Trap, Fish and Onions ,Blue Fertiliser - 30,000MP
    Level 23:
    Elite Trap, Grey Fertiliser, Bitten Mouldy Bread - 40,000MP
    Level 24:
    weevil, bone roll, basic trap - sewer costume
    Level 25:
    Glass Donut, Crane Fly, Elite Trap - 50 0000mp
    Level 26:
    Seaweed Lamb, Orange Fertiliser, Basic Trap - 75 000mp
    Level 27:
    Basic Trap, Glass Donut, Polyphemus - Sewage
    Level 28:
    Quality Trap, Julia Caterpillar, Rotten Apple Soup - 85 000 mp
    Level 29:
    Basic Trap, Crane Fly, Sewage Spaghetti - Pest Control Book
    Level 30:
    Ultimate Trap, Can Bread Pudding, Flower Beetle - White Basil Potion and 100,000MP!!



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