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Happy Birthday Mara







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  • Turkey hunt 2012

    Posted on : 24th Nov 2012 05:13   Posted by : mythenmetz
    20th November 2012
    A new Turkey Hunt has now started. It will end at midnight on November 26th. As you browse and play the site as normal, check out every page for a Turkey in a box. When you find it, click it and you'll get a prize!

    The 250 different players who collect the most turkeys will receive 250,000MP and a limited edition Cremated Trading Card and the next 250 will get a limited edition Cremated Trading Card!

    10 lucky players who take part will also be
    randomly selected to win a retired Pilgrim Costume!!!


    The Turkey Hunt has finished. The winners have been announced and prizes have been sent. If you were in the Top 500, you will have received an alert and the prizes by now. Congratulations to all winners!

    You were in the top 250 highest Turkey Hunt Winners. You have been given 250,000MP and a Cremated Trading Card!

    unreleased photo's - 29th July ...till now....

    Posted on : 24th Nov 2012 00:49   Posted by : mythenmetz
    25th September 2014
    There are 3 new Pet Colours - Autumn Troit, Native Gobble and Rainbow Ideus.

    23rd September 2014
    The Kaala can now wear the Punk and Rainbow Costume and the Kidlet can now wear the Ghost Costume.

    22nd September 2014
    the Decadal and Troit can now wear the Bug Costume and the Zoink can wear the newly retired Steampunk Costume.

    17th September 2014
    The Phanty and Snookle can now wear the Steampunk Costume. You have 72 hours before it retires!

    13th September 2014
    The Kaala, Tasi and Zoink can now wear the Headless Costume.

    10th September 2014
    The Paffuto can now wear the Bronze, Gold, Headless, Negative, Rainbow, Silver and Snow Costumes.

    8th September 2014
    There are 11 pets that can now wear the Radioactive Costume: Arinya, Daisy, Echlin, Hump, Ideus, Kaala, Kidlet, Paffuto, Pucu, Zoink, Zoosh

    15th August 2014
    The Ercuw, Kaala, Knutt, Mordo, Sindi, Speiro, Xoi and Gobble can now wear the Party Costume.

    14th August 2014
    You may also find the Pinata Costume inside any Pinata. The Echlin, Huthiq and Rofling can now wear this costume.

    13th August 2014
    The Gobble can now wear the Chibi Costume.

    10th August 2014
    The Vixen, Walee and Willa can now wear the Chibi Costume.

    9th August 2014
    The Decadal can now wear the Baby, Nightmare and Party Costumes.

    8th August 2014
    The Doyle, Kaala and Lati can now wear the Chibi costume.

    2nd August 2014
    The Zola can now wear the Daylight, Ice Cream, Moonlight and Plushie Costumes.

    Do you have a Daylight Costume? The Knutt, Renat and Troit can now wear it!

    31st July 2014
    The Decadal can now wear the Island, Plushie and Injured costumes.

    29th July 2014
    The Decadal can now wear the Sleepy, Pixie, Spring, Gothic, Toddler and Superhero costumes.


    Undying Festival 2012

    Posted on : 8th Nov 2012 02:14   Posted by : mythenmetz
    Hello and welcome to my Undying Festival 2012 Blog:
    it's exciting to see what will happens...

    The Undying Festival is a big site event. At every Undying Festival you follow new clues, hunting for letters to solve a sentence. Bring the sentence back to this page at the end of the event, once you have finished all levels and you'll get a limited edition Daisy pet and 500,000MP!

    - This event will return at an unknown date in the future -

    News from 5th November 2012:
    We will be having an Undying Festival this year and it will start on Thursday, 8th November! There will be 40 levels to solve, each with a prize and a letter. Complete all letters and re-arrange all 40 letters to complete the sentence to win 750,000MP and a limited edition Daisy pet. This year will be the BEST EVER!
    and today 8th of november 2012 is that day !!

    Ready to start?

    The 1. Clue is:
    She has the same as this Festival's name.
    That is her only claim to fame.

    It may be day, it may be night, but only go when the time is right.

    3. Clue
    You only get 3 out of 4. Whatever you try you can't get more.

    4. Clue
    You'll find them hiding deep down in the soil but trying to catch them can make your blood boil.

    5. Clue:
    bring him the items for which he asks so he can continue performing his tasks

    6. Clue:
    These dangerous creatures guard their mound where, if you are lucky, great treasures are found.

    7. Clue:
    If you saw one of these pets you might get a fright, especially if you meet one at night

    8. Clue:
    you may not able to keep up with the rest but at least you know you did your best

    9. Clue:
    with dips and turns like you've never seen, you could forgiven for turning green

    10. Clue:
    With dips and turns like you've never seen, you could be forgiven for turning green.

    11. Clue:
    You need to figure out where it could be. Which one will you pick, 1, 2 or 3?

    12. Clue:
    It just won't do to look second rate, if you want to impress you have to look great.

    13. Clue:
    This may be the place to be and it's all your's if you pay the fee.

    14. Clue:
    It shimmers and sparkles with lights all aglow, it's hard to resist, go on have a go.

    15. Clue:
    It's hard to know which way to go and if you'll win a prize or no.

    16. Clue:
    The time is right to get one of these, the choice is your's if you so please.

    17. Clue:
    A plain lunch is clearly mixed, it's up to you to get it fixed.

    18. Clue:
    Jump in the stream and go where it flows but don't forget a peg for your nose.

    19. Clue:
    They keep them closed, without a doubt, to keep the dead inside, not the living out.

    20. Clue:
    The bell has rung, it's time to play, at least until another day.

    21. Clue:
    It's in his nature to be sly, I wonder what he'll ask you to buy?

    22. Clue:
    Pick the one you think you should, if you're right it's twice as good.

    23. Clue:
    Dig around amongst the rock, there could be treasure for you to unlock.

    24. Clue:
    Help him out and send a gift, he can't do it himself if you get my drift

    25. Clue:
    It could be big or could be small, get it right and win them all.

    26. Clue:
    This fellow is a clever geek but also it's your help he'll seek.

    27. Clue:
    It looks like it's been there forever and could help make your pet more clever.

    28. Clue:
    Diamonds, pizzas, plushies and more but it all depends what you're looking for.

    29. Clue:
    You have to be quick so don't hesitate, grab what you want before it's too late.

    30. Clue:
    it's good to save for a rainy day so make sure you regularly put some away.

    31. Clue:
    If you don't want your pets under a spell pay the man to guard them well.

    32. Clue:
    As interest increases the price goes higher, who will be the lucky buyer?

    33. Clue:
    They're hot and they're tasty and covered with cheese, you know that your pet would just love one of these.

    34. Clue:
    It matters not if you're cruel or kind, this old thing's not in it's right mind.

    35. Clue:
    Head upstairs and view their range, you know it is really time for a change.

    36. Clue:
    They don't taste good when you lick them but they look great when you stick them.

    37. Clue:
    Please take care and don't get harmed, these pets are dangerous and they are armed!

    38. Clue:
    The rich and famous leave it all here so just line up and grab some free gear.

    39. Clue:
    This scary bunch is quite a sight, they're rough and tough and ready to fight.

    40. Clue:
    Here's where to go when you are all done, you figured it out now see what you won.

    When you have completed all 40 levels of the Undying Festival, you will have collected 40 different letters. You will need to use them to solve the following sentence. If you do solve it, you will be able to change one of your pets into a random colour Daisy and receive 750,000MP!!!!

    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _!

    Can you find the Undying Festival 2012 Hidden Avatar?

    yes, i got the avvie, lol

    IzanuelaAnazazi changed into a Gold Daisy!

    You have claimed your 750,000MP!!

    20th November 2012

    The Undying Festival has now finished. The Daisy pet has now been retired. We hope you enjoyed it!


    in memory of the "old" Daisy

    Posted on : 20th Oct 2012 23:56   Posted by : mythenmetz
    I like these easily distorted legs, the swing of her back.... she looks amusing and a little bit mad: she is pet with a lot of character..... look as elegantly she her tail swings and how proudly she carries her horns....
    if i saw her first if i come to mara i fall in love with her.....
    Daisy was released in July 2007 with the Undying Festival. That Festival was the only way to get a Daisy...

    Pronounced Daisy

    The Daisy produces a special type of brown milk ideal for the most delectable easter eggs!

    Daisy are limited pets meaning that their species is rare and limited. You cannot create a limited edition pet but you can earn them through the game.
    now you can get one from the Temple of Transmogrification and the Jars of Essence's.
    [b]some of the the old styled daisy's[/b]:
    and now she looks so:[/b] [img][/img] [b]clumsy[/b]

    for the[b] Undying Festival 2012[/b] are a lot of new costumes and colors created and now you can decide between 57 different colors:
    to many to show them all here, so please have a look there:


    many pretty nice new Daisy items are created too:
    [img][/img] this plushie is funny, isn't it?

    i was able to win a new Daisy:
    [img][/img][b]IzanuelaAnazazi[/b] changed into a Gold Daisy! she is my 4th Daisy pet
    [img][/img][b]xDelayedx[/b] got her from the pound
    [img][/img][b]Ladypan[/b] got her from a friend
    [img][/img][b]Gaensebluemchen[/b] created her at the Undying Festival 2010


    Happy Birthday to our Iza

    Posted on : 30th Jun 2012 06:17   Posted by : mythenmetz

    Roses are redViolets are blue

    There's no one as cute and fun as you

    Huggles from your Aunties wittel & myth


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