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... It is the small everyday deeds of ordinary folk that keep the darkness at bay. Small acts of kindness and love...
(The Hobbit)







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  • seven years..... passed as in flight..

    Posted on : 3rd Mar 2015 11:27   Posted by : mythenmetz
    Congratulations! Your marapets account has passed the 7 Years Old status!

    To reward you for your loyalty and staying with Marapets for this long, King Baspinar has just given you a Popo minipet!

    Thanks for playing Marapets!
    If you would like to support marapets and upgrade your account, you can do so here at the Account Upgrades page.


    Tempel/Library of knowledge......

    Posted on : 2nd Mar 2015 08:53   Posted by : mythenmetz
    Hello Ian
    It would be a great thing if there was a place where one gets for his pet Learnables. Like gourmet food, but not so easy. a temple/pyramid (or an underground cave with a library) with 50 levels, which is expensive and difficult, sort of like a goal. I am very much in favour to make heavy and expensive such a temple, such as sewer or Flash.
    for the individual level specific tasks or requirements to meet are: send your pet on the University, school, have certain knowledge-stats. Your pet must have 1 or more jobs. It should be so and so many books / CD's / DVD's / have read, heard or seen.
    in the lower levels, the pet could meet a treasure hunter/librarian, for a fee of 25 k - 100 k, you get spread out a knowledge booster directly given the pet and random (1-10) stats: school, University, Olympic...
    At the higher levels, tasks might like: have x - time missions such as Tarquin, troll, Trotter, theatre.
    in these tasks, you can get appropriate rewards as: books, CD's, DVD's, or musical instruments.
    Another variation: from a higher level one chooses the direction: book, CD or DVD according to the last levels are aligned.
    At the end of the temple you may choose an old rare book, CD, DVD or an expensive musical instrument, given the pet directly (similar to gourmet food).
    Another variant: elsewhere in Mara (for example) at the emergent, fishing or the Poison Pit has a lamp that is a prerequisite for the use. Lighting you need special candles that must be there E.g. found or purchased at the treasure hunter/librarian. These include number of levels or a certain period of time only for a conscience. After that, new candles must be found. These could be fought for by a trading from the middle of the level.


    Valentines Day item-list 15th febr. 2015

    Posted on : 14th Feb 2015 19:56   Posted by : mythenmetz

    Broken Heart Blues----- rarity it
    Broken Heart Stamp-----rarity it
    Candy Heart Plushie-----rarity it
    Chocolate Dipped Heart Cookie-----rarity it
    Classic Love Stories-----rarity it
    Cupid Pearl-----rarity it
    Discarded Roses-----rarity it
    Experiment 667-----rarity it
    Hateful Rose-----rarity it
    Heart Candy Necklace-----rarity it
    Heart Flower-----rarity it
    Ian Pillow Plushie-----rarity it
    Jar of Single Tears-----rarity it
    Love Sick Decadal Plushie-----rarity it
    Lovebug-----rarity it
    Luffley-----rarity it
    Pink Heart Macaron-----rarity it
    Purple Heart Macaron-----rarity it
    Red Rose Plushie-----rarity it
    Rejected Proposal Ring-----rarity it
    Rosewater Tea-----rarity it
    Swirly Love Elixir-----rarity it
    Thoughtful Feliz Plushie-----rarity it
    Unhappy Endings-----rarity it
    Yellow Heart Macaron-----rarity it

    Missing PLUSHIE-List 15th febr.2015

    Posted on : 14th Feb 2015 15:14   Posted by : mythenmetz
    Angel Chibs Plushie
    Angel Echlin Plushie

    Baby Chibs Plushie
    Balloon Chibs Plushie
    Bee Echlin Plushie
    Black Arinya Plushie
    Black Basil Plushie
    Black Chubs Plushie
    Black Crikey Plushie
    Black Daisy Plushie
    Black Decadal Plushie
    Black Echlin Plushie
    Black Gobble Plushie
    Black Ike Plushie
    Black Justin Plushie
    Black Kaala Plushie
    Black Kronk Plushie
    Black Phanty Plushie
    Black Poera Plushie
    Black Pucu Plushie
    Black Rusty Plushie
    Black Sybri Plushie
    Black Willa Plushie

    Blue Arinya Plushie
    Blue Basil Plushie
    Blue Candycane Plushie
    Blue Chubs Plushie
    Blue Crikey Plushie
    Blue Daisy Plushie
    Blue Decadal Plushie
    Blue Echlin Plushie
    Blue Flab Plushie
    Blue Gobble Plushie
    Blue Justin Plushie
    Blue Kaala Plushie
    Blue Kronk Plushie
    Blue Phanty Plushie
    Blue Pucu Plushie
    Blue Rusty Plushie
    Blue Sybri Plushie
    Blue Vixen Plushie
    Blue Willa Plushie
    Blue Zoosh Plushie
    Breeze Kidlet Plushie
    British Echlin Plushie

    Brown Chibs Plushie
    Brown Decadal Plushie
    Brown Gobble Plushie
    Brown Justin Plushie
    Brown Kaala Plushie
    Brown Poera Plushie
    Brown Pucu Plushie
    Brown Rusty Plushie
    Brown Willa Plushie
    Burnt Chibs Plushie
    Burnt Pucu Plushie

    Calico Chibs Plushie
    Calico Echlin Plushie
    Calico Pucu Plushie
    Camero Plushie
    Camouflage Pucu Plushie
    Candy Azul Plushie*
    Candy Willa Plushie*
    Card Raider Red Card Plushie
    Cartoon Crikey Plushie

    Checkered Echlin Plushie
    Checkered Poera Plushie
    Christmas Chibs Plushie
    Cockroach Plushie

    Devil Chibs Plushie
    Devil Echlin Plushie
    Dew Plushie
    Digital Candycane Plushie
    Digital Chibs Plushie
    Digital Huthiq Plushie
    Digital Rusty Plushie
    Diwali Plushie

    Earwig Plushie
    Easter Chibs Plushie

    Flea Plushie
    Flin Plushie
    Flower Beetle Plushie
    Fly Plushie
    Frozen Candycane Plushie
    Furry Chibs Plushie

    Genie Chibs Plushie
    Ghost Chibs Plushie
    Gnome Chibs Plushie
    Gold Vixen Plushie
    Gold Zoosh Plushie*

    Green Arinya Plushie
    Green Basil Plushie
    Green Candycane Plushie
    Green Chubs Plushie
    Green Crikey Plushie
    Green Daisy Plushie
    Green Decadal Plushie
    Green Echlin Plushie
    Green Flab Plushie
    Green Gobble Plushie
    Green Ike Plushie
    Green Justin Plushie
    Green Kaala Plushie
    Green Kronk Plushie
    Green Phanty Plushie
    Green Pucu Plushie
    Green Rusty Plushie
    Green Sybri Plushie
    Green Vixen Plushie
    Green Willa Plushie
    Green Zoosh Plushie

    Grey Arinya Plushie
    Grey Basil Plushie
    Grey Chubs Plushie
    Grey Daisy Plushie
    Grey Decadal Plushie
    Grey Echlin Plushie
    Grey Gobble Plushie
    Grey Ike Plushie
    Grey Justin Plushie
    Grey Kaala Plushie
    Grey Kronk Plushie
    Grey Poera Plushie
    Grey Pucu Plushie
    Grey Rusty Plushie
    Grey Sindi Plushie
    Grey Sybri Plushie
    Grey Vixen Plushie
    Grey Willa Plushie
    Grey Zoosh Plushie

    Hairy Chibs Plushie
    Hairy Echlin Plushie
    Halloween Chibs Plushie
    Headless Chibs Plushie
    Headless Pucu Plushie
    Holly Plushie

    Ice Cream Chibs Plushie
    Ice Cream Decadal Plushie

    Kamilah Chibs Plushie
    Killer Snookle Plushie

    Lark Plushie
    Lightning Pucu Plushie
    Lishon Plushie
    Love Echlin Plushie
    Love Poera Plushie
    Love Pucu Plushie

    Mad Scientist Chibs Plushie
    Marie Plushie
    Mato Plushie
    Midnight Chibs Plushie
    Midnight Echlin Plushie
    Millionaire Chibs Plushie
    Millionaire Phanty Plushie
    Minipet Addow Plushie
    Minipet Arinya Plushie
    Minipet Chibs Plushie
    Minipet Echlin Plushie
    Monster Decadal Plushie
    Mosquito Plushie
    Mummy Chibs Plushie
    Mummy Echlin Plushie
    Mummy Poera Plushie
    Mutant Arinya Plushie
    Mutant Echlin Plushie

    Native Decadal Plushie
    Native Echlin Plushie
    Native Gobble Plushie
    Nefarious Echlin Plushie
    Negative Echlin Plushie
    Ninja Phanty Plushie

    Orange Arinya Plushie
    Orange Basil Plushie
    Orange Candycane Plushie
    Orange Chubs Plushie
    Orange Crikey Plushie
    Orange Daisy Plushie
    Orange Decadal Plushie
    Orange Echlin Plushie
    Orange Gobble Plushie
    Orange Ike Plushie
    Orange Justin Plushie
    Orange Kaala Plushie
    Orange Kronk Plushie
    Orange Phanty Plushie
    Orange Poera Plushie
    Orange Pucu Plushie
    Orange Sybri Plushie
    Orange Willa Plushie

    Party Chibs Plushie
    Peak Plushie
    Pebbles Plushie
    Pilgrim Echlin Plushie
    Pink Arinya Plushie*
    Pink Candycane Plushie
    Pink Chibs Plushie
    Pink Chubs Plushie
    Pink Crikey Plushie
    Pink Daisy Plushie
    Pink Decadal Plushie
    Pink Echlin Plushie
    Pink Gobble Plushie
    Pink Ike Plushie
    Pink Justin Plushie
    Pink Phanty Plushie
    Pink Poera Plushie
    Pink Pucu Plushie
    Pink Rusty Plushie
    Pink Sybri Plushie
    Pink Vixen Plushie
    Pink Willa Plushie

    Pocano Plushie
    Polar Echlin Plushie
    Princess Phanty Plushie
    Prison Arinya Plushie
    Prison Echlin Plushie
    Prison Gobble Plushie
    Prison Phanty Plushie
    Prison Pucu Plushie
    Punk Chibs Plushie

    Purple Arinya Plushie
    Purple Basil Plushie
    Purple Candycane Plushie
    Purple Chibs Plushie
    Purple Chubs Plushie
    Purple Crikey Plushie
    Purple Decadal Plushie
    Purple Echlin Plushie
    Purple Gobble Plushie
    Purple Ike Plushie
    Purple Justin Plushie
    Purple Kaala Plushie
    Purple Kronk Plushie
    Purple Phanty Plushie
    Purple Poera Plushie
    Purple Pucu Plushie
    Purple Rusty Plushie
    Purple Sybri Plushie
    Purple Vixen Plushie
    Purple Willa Plushie

    Radioactive Chibs Plushie
    Radioactive Rusty Plushie
    Rainbow Arinya Plushie
    Rainbow Plushie
    Rainbow Pucu Plushie

    Red Arinya Plushie
    Red Basil Plushie
    Red Candycane Plushie
    Red Chubs Plushie
    Red Crikey Plushie
    Red Daisy Plushie
    Red Decadal Plushie
    Red Echlin Plushie
    Red Flab Plushie
    Red Gobble Plushie
    Red Ike Plushie
    Red Justin Plushie
    Red Kaala Plushie
    Red Kronk Plushie
    Red Phanty Plushie
    Red Pucu Plushie
    Red Rusty Plushie
    Red Sybri Plushie
    Red Vixen Plushie
    Red Willa Plushie
    Red Zoosh Plushie

    Rotten Echlin Plushie
    Royal Chibs Plushie
    Royal Echlin Plushie

    Sawni Plushie
    School Chibs Plushie
    Seasonal Candycane Plushie
    Sewers Echlin Plushie
    Skater Chibs Plushie
    Slime Chibs Plushie
    Snow Chibs Plushie
    Snow Echlin Plushie
    Snow Phanty Plushie
    Snow Pucu Plushie
    Snowy Candycane Plushie
    Sokoban Pumpkin Plushie
    Sokoban Yuni Plushie
    Space Echlin Plushie
    Spring Nino Plushie*
    Starry Gobble Plushie
    Starry Viotto Plushie
    Steampunk Dakota Plushie*

    Tadi Plushie
    Tisha Plushie
    Toddler Chibs Plushie
    Trailer Chibs Plushie

    Uno Plushie

    Valentine Chibs Plushie
    Viper Plushie

    White Arinya Plushie
    White Basil Plushie
    White Chibs Plushie
    White Chubs Plushie
    White Crikey Plushie
    White Daisy Plushie
    White Decadal Plushie
    White Echlin Plushie
    White Ike Plushie
    White Justin Plushie
    White Kaala Plushie
    White Kronk Plushie
    White Phanty Plushie
    White Poera Plushie
    White Pucu Plushie
    White Sindi Plushie
    White Sybri Plushie
    White Vixen Plushie
    White Willa Plushie
    White Zoosh Plushie

    Yellow Arinya Plushie
    Yellow Chubs Plushie
    Yellow Crikey Plushie
    Yellow Decadal Plushie
    Yellow Echlin Plushie
    Yellow Flab Plushie
    Yellow Gobble Plushie
    Yellow Ike Plushie
    Yellow Justin Plushie
    Yellow Kaala Plushie
    Yellow Kronk Plushie
    Yellow Phanty Plushie
    Yellow Pucu Plushie
    Yellow Sybri Plushie
    Yellow Vixen Plushie
    Yellow Willa Plushie
    Yellow Zoosh Plushie

    Zombie Chibs Plushie
    Zombie Echlin Plushie
    Zombie Poera Plushie

    Missing MUSICinstruments: Stand 11th Febr. 2015

    Posted on : 10th Feb 2015 15:58   Posted by : mythenmetz
    Missing Musicinstruments: Stand 11th Febr. 2015

    Banjo Grade 3
    Glockenspiel Grade 5
    Harmonica Grade 3
    Ocarina Grade 1
    Piano Grade 4
    Thrombone Grade 1


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