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  • Pokemon-Fleek version     21st Sep 2019 11:19
  • Unbuyable Books Jojofrog still...     1st Sep 2019 11:12
  • Amelia - March 25, 9th birthd...     19th Feb 2016 02:33

  • Pokemon-Fleek version

    Posted on : 21st Sep 2019 11:19   Posted by : Nafre

    Unbuyable Books Jojofrog still needs

    Posted on : 1st Sep 2019 11:12   Posted by : Nafre
    List of 87 Ub books:

    Bandana Book
    Bankruptcy Book
    Baseball Book
    Being Elger
    Biala Book

    Biography of Elger
    Biography of Fugunzel
    Biography of Plushie Fairy
    Biography of Smuggler
    Biography of Sultan

    Book of Christmas Cards
    Book of Explosions
    Book of Fire
    Book of Flowers
    Book of Heroes

    Book of Hieroglyphs
    Book of Holiday Poems
    Book of Mushrooms
    Book of Olympic Winners
    Book of Plushies

    Book of Pumpkins
    Book of Rollercoaster Rides
    Book of Ruins
    Book of Simeria
    Book of Sports

    Book of Storms
    Book of Villains
    Book of Wings
    Candy Guide Book
    Chatspeak Guide

    Chocolate Book
    Discovery of Enpiah
    Earth Book
    Easter Book
    Enchanted Storybook
    Enpiah Book
    Error Book
    Eye of Horus Book
    Figaro Colouring Book
    Frankenstein Book

    Fried Eggs Book
    Frosty Tales
    Ghost Book
    Gift Wrapped Book
    Golem Summoning Tablet

    Greedy Fairy Book
    Heartless Tales
    How to Fish
    Jewelled Book
    Light Fairy Book

    Mafia History
    Maramail Grammar Guide
    Marching Band Pop Up Book
    Memory Book
    Minipet Island Travel Brochure

    Moon Book
    Murder Mystery Book
    Musical Fairy Book
    On Fire Book
    One Thousand and Two Nights

    Pest Control Book
    Plate Collection Guide
    Popstar Scrapbook
    Possessed Book
    Puchalla Village Book

    Rainbow Fairy Book
    Rainbow Popup Book
    Red Carpet Book
    Roman Numerals Book
    Runes Book

    Scarf Book
    Seaside Book
    Sewers Book
    Simerian History Vol 04
    Skull Compendium

    Smuggler Journal
    Spy Guide Book
    Stock Market Crash Book
    Sultan Tax Guide
    Summer Vacation Book

    Sushi 101 Book
    The Death Arena Book
    The Frost Princess
    Turkey Troubles
    U Jelly Book

    Water Fairy Book
    Wilderness Book

    Amelia - March 25, 9th birthday

    Posted on : 19th Feb 2016 02:33   Posted by : Nafre
    This year has been so hard with out her.I had to give my chorkie up when made the bad mistake of moving to Alabama. Mom stayed sick but some what better. Things with are difficult. She was my little girl.I cry every time i think about with my heart problems I miss her more then guys about this blog being sad it's just so says she was her first real grand daughter. And I won't even have kids.

    That's why I am trying so hard to get a baby raulf by her birthday. It's my main dream right now.

    I just want to say thank you to all the people who have been helping me and to one who has been there for me for over 17years Jo I am so glad you are my sister. Your there for me when I need you the most.girl I love you. You know mom feels about you. Mia loved video chatting with you. It was so funny.

    Any way thank you everyone for being there for me.

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