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  • UPDATED: Quick flash games     ~05 Oct 2017
  • Random Halloween Costumes List     ~03 Oct 2017
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  • UPDATED: Quick flash games

    Posted on : 5th Oct 2017 09:29   Posted by : Cobweb
    For most games you don't have to actually play them much in order to get 3 different scores quickly and move on. For example, with Bounchy I would make sure I score like 9 and 7 and 2 or something.

    These ones are super quick to get 3 sent scores and move on:
    Addow Ride
    Biala Tetris
    Candy Cannon
    Dagger Throw
    Domino (literally just hold space bar - it is likely three different scores every time)
    Dukka Trove
    Fropa Attack
    Gumball Machine Madness
    Leido Bounce
    Moon Raccoons
    Murfin Chase
    Newth Snowboarding
    Oglue Lunch
    Pearl Skipping
    Protect the Egg (lose the egg - gets you ten points when you get it back each time)
    Rofling Gold
    Rofling Stamper
    Shoot the Fatty
    Ushunda Invaders

    These ones take slightly longer as you have to play them a bit or let them time out:
    Candy Cannon (just actively miss 5 times after you get a certain amount).
    Fruit Harvest
    Item Collector
    Marapet Keeper
    Muffin Bricks
    Newth Box (quite easy to miss the newth)
    Phanty Quest
    Sindi slide (I just start the game then ignore it)
    Whack an Azul (hit it three times, then two, then 1)

    If you don't mind actually needing to play the games then these are okay:
    Spider Solitaire (1 suit)
    Undead Billiards

    You have to let the card ones time out if you get stuck though. For Mahjong, just hit hint fifty million times and it times out quickly.

    That should help a bit, I hope. It's easily possible to submit 100 scores within a day if you're dedicated.

    Let me know if I've missed anything.

    Random Halloween Costumes List

    Posted on : 3rd Oct 2017 10:42   Posted by : Cobweb
    Beelzebub Costume
    Black Death Costume
    Black Skeleton Costume
    Bloody Barber Costume
    Criminal Costume
    Death March Costume
    Doctor Costume
    Dracula Costume
    Evil Ghost Costume
    Graveyard Keeper Costume
    Gremlin Costume
    Grim Reaper Costume
    Headless Horseman Costume
    Killer Sindi Costume
    Loose Mummy Costume
    Lycanthrope Costume
    Mr Skeleton Costume
    Mrs Skeleton Costume
    Nefarious Cloak Costume
    Nefarious Fairy Costume
    Nurse Costume
    Onryo Costume
    Pumpkin Costume
    Red Death Costume
    School Uniform Costume
    Sinner Costume
    Speechless Ghost Costume
    Superboy Costume
    Supergirl Costume
    Teenage Sorcerer Costume
    Teenage Vampire Costume
    Teenage Witch Costume
    Tight Mummy Costume
    Undead Bride Costume
    Undead Groom Costume
    Vampire Girl Costume
    Vintage Devil Costume
    Vintage Pumpkin Costume
    Vintage Werewolf Costume
    Vintage Witch Costume
    Zombie Fairy Costume

    Treasure Chest avatars left...

    Posted on : 28th Sep 2017 07:59   Posted by : Cobweb
    Treasure Chest minipet avs:
    Maestro - Harmony TC (no price in trades)
    Seaso - Underwater Treasure Chest (60mil in trades)
    Splish - Summer Treasure Chest (20mil in trades)
    Starbert - Galactic Treasure Chest (60mil in trades)

    Hopefully re-released in AU
    Adorab - Cancer TC (June 21-July 20)
    Libra Treasure Chest (Sep 23-Oct 22)
    Scorpio Treasure Chest (Oct 23-Nov 21)

    You found the 'Sneaky' Hidden Avatar

    Posted on : 12th Sep 2017 08:49   Posted by : Cobweb
    Tuesday 12th September 2017 @ 08:18 MST

    Bloody finally! : )

    Updated Clothing

    Posted on : 3rd Sep 2017 11:17   Posted by : Cobweb
    9th Birthday Male Costume is now Birthday Cake Dress
    Arinya Male Costume is now Arinya Mask
    Morbid Suit is now Skeleton Leggings
    Male Poison Costume is now Waist Cincher
    Male Mafia Costume is now Mafia Hat
    Sindi Male Party Suit is now Sindi Party Tank Top
    Male Star Pyjamas is now Dreamland Bunny
    Male Summer Swimwear is now Surfboard
    Autumn Suit is now Hoodie Scarf
    Feather Male Costume is now Feather Tunic
    Blitzen Skin is now Viotto Sniffles
    Carnival Feliz Male Costume is now Starry Feliz Costume
    Chick Male Costume is now Osafo Mask
    Bunny Male Costume is now Valentine Sindi Mask
    Lorius Onesie Male Costume is now Sindi Party Shorts
    Valkyrie Male Costume is now Valkyrie Wings
    Burlesque Male Costume is now Burlesque Suspenders
    Male Bunny Feet is now Sindi Feet
    Sunflower Suit is now Sunflower Vines
    Cupid Male Costume is now Cupid Sword Belt
    Yellow Shirt is now Furvana Shirt
    Red Shirt is now Zoundgarden Shirt and
    White Polo Shirt is now Shoreline Shirt

    16th Sept 2017:
    Alien Emperor Suit is now Alien Armour
    Ballerina Male Costume is now Ballet Suit
    Male Bloody Feet is now Blood Splatter
    Morbid Male Boots is now Broken Heart
    Drifty Sweater has been revamped.
    Duplicate Female Shirts from the 12 star sign Treasure Chests have been replaced with star sign Tattoos
    Chocolate Bunny Male Costume is now Easter Bunny Costume

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