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  • Xoigle is missing 0 Books

    Posted on : 20th Dec 2017 05:45   Posted by : Snot
    It took so many years but finally:

    Need to do that with mags and news now ; )

    New December Vault Code

    Posted on : 17th Dec 2017 00:50   Posted by : Snot

    Thank You for redeeming your Secret Code at the Vault

    You have received the following gifts...

    Snow Astro Plushie

    Maps and Instructions - what they do

    Posted on : 13th Dec 2017 13:48   Posted by : Snot
    There are currently 19 different maps/instructions available on marapets and you get awarded by the native fairy for each different map that you have in your collection.

    Maps and Instructions are always a 16 piece set and you need to have each piece in order to complete the map/instructions.

    The Monthly Mission Contest gives you a chance to win a full map if you place in the top 3 - the map is chosen each month.

    Native Fairy:

    Account Upgrades Shop:

    Giftbox Shop:

    Treasure Map Shop:

    1. Advent Tree
    These instructions come from Account Upgrades and tend to be re-released regularly for people to get access to them. Once you have completed the instructions you are given access to the Advent Tree in Biala. You can visit this tree to get the Christmas prizes from the December previously and gain the Advent Tree avatar.

    2. Bearber
    This can be bought from the Treasure Maps shop and gives you access to the Bearber in Vortex Park. You can change your facial hair here - when you change the facial hair for the first time you get the Bearber avatar. Your facial hair colour can be changed at Lush Lake.

    3. Enchanted Plushie Machine
    These instructions come from Account Upgrades. They were re-released in early 2017 and so may be re-released again in the future. Once you have completed the instructions, you have access to the machine in Slater Park and can use it every half hour. There is a giftbox available to shorten that wait time to every 15 minutes like the normal machine. You have a slightly higher chance of getting hold of rarer plushies and also there are some plushies that are only available through the EPM.

    4. Explorer
    This map comes from Account Upgrades. It has been re-released in 2017 and may be re-released again in the future. This gives you access to the Simerian Explorer quests in Simeria. When completing the quests you may be lucky to get runes. The runes are used in the Temple of Transubstantiation (where you can change the costume of your pet).

    5. Fishing
    This is available from the Treasure Map shop and unlocks the fishing in minipet island. You can visit every 3 hours (1.5 hours with the giftbox) and you may catch a fish, some MP, a dukka treasure chest or some other fish related items like plushies. The fish are used at the Temple of Tableaus (where you pick an avatar of your choice at the end). The Dukka Treasure Chest has a random dukka in it between one and two hundred.

    You get the fishing avatar randomly when you catch a fish and get the 10k MP.

    Fishing Prizes:

    6. Foxfire Pond
    This map comes from Account Upgrades. Once you complete it, you unlock lifetime access to the pond. You also get the Foxfire Pond avatar when you visit.

    This map has a variety of outcomes. You dip a food into the pond and can be rewarded with any of the following: random currency (including AU), random costume change, random species change (including limited editions), random stats, or a gourmet minipet.

    Foxfire Pond prizes:

    7. Fugunzel Tower
    This map comes from Account Upgrades and was re-released in late 2017. It may get re-released in future. Once you have completed this map, it gives you access to the Fugunzel mission in Eleka`s Castle.

    The mission asks for charms which you can buy from the charm shop. It asks for one charm from levels 1-10; 2 charms for 11-20, and 3 charms for 21-30.

    You get a slime costume and the slime avatar at level 24 and the Fugunzel avatar and a random troit maker at level 30. Further info about prizes and MP values are on MaraForce.

    Fugunzel Tower Prizes:

    8. Ice Caves
    This map comes from the Treasure Map shop mostly, apart from pieces 1, 6 and 12. These three pieces are currently retired but were recently available in the Capsule Machine (Oct 2017-ish). This map is one of the oldest maps available and as such the rewards are not quite as good as with other maps. You can visit every 16 hours (8 hours with the giftbox) and you can get any of the following: a random magic stat, random mp (small amounts), or your pet will be happy, full and no longer thirsty. This map may be revamped in the future.

    The superhero avatar can be gained by your superhero pet visiting the ice caves.

    9. Kamilah Pyramid
    This map comes from account upgrades. When you have completed this map it gives you access to the Kamilah Pyramid in the Kamilah Desert. This pyramid asks you for Kamilah Codes that you can get from the Kamilah Traveller quests, also in Kamilah Desert. At the end of the pyramid (there are 50 levels), the pet you put into the pyramid will be changed to a random plain colour hump pet. You also gain the kamilah pyramid avatar.

    For a full list of prizes you gain during this pyramid, see MaraForce:

    10. Poison Pit
    This map comes from account upgrades. When you have completed this map, it gives you access to the Poison Pit which can be found on the main marada map. Once you have completed the map and visited the pit, you get the poison pit avatar.

    The poison pit can give a variety of prizes. It`ll ask you to dip an item of a certain rarity (between 1 and 15) and you may get: random currency (including AU), random poison items, random stats or a random retired item.

    Poison Pit Prizes:

    11. Premium Hair
    This map is available through account upgrades and once completed gives the Premium Hair avatar. This map unlocks the premium hairstyles for more variety with your character. You do not need a haircut coupon to use this feature.

    12. Private Dental Insurance
    This map is available in the Treasure Map shop and once completed gives the Dentist avatar. This map unlocks the premium mouths for more variety with your character. You do not need a dentist ticket to use this feature.

    13. Sewer Pipes
    This map comes from account upgrades and gives the sewer pipes avatar when you visit it after it`s complete. You can find it in the city sewers. You can use it every 16 hours (8 hours with the giftbox) and it gives your pet a random stat or a small amount of MP.

    14. Sumo Sally
    This is a pass rather than a map/instructions so there is only one item for you to collect, the Sumo Sally Pass. This unlocks another quest similar to the Knutt Knight. Sumo Sally is in Candyland and open all day for you to battle a trading card of her choice. She rewards diamonds and a top prize of 5k BP with a Sumo Sally Trading Card.

    15. Unnecessary Perfection
    This is one of the maps you either really want or don't. It was available through Account Upgrades and has been re-released once so far. Once completed, it allows you to organise your pets as well as collections (such as trading cards, plushies and even usernames! )

    To complete it, you go to when logged in and scroll to the bottom - the button will be there. You get the Unnecessary avatar when you complete the instructions.

    16. Vending Machine
    These instructions are available from the account upgrades shop. You can buy 3 random vending machine instructions for 5 AU credits. Once complete you can then use the vending machine in slater park. You can use it every 23 hours or every 11 hours with the giftbox. It gives you access to the bonus clothing as well as the chance to get fashion show winners' clothing.

    Vending Machine Prizes:

    17. Volcano
    This is the cheapest and arguably most useless map. You can buy all the pieces from the treasure map shop and complete it at the shop as well. You'll get an avatar the first time you complete it and a variety of burnt items. This is the only map that can be completed more than once. Only the first time counts for the Native Fairy.

    Volcano Prizes:

    18. Vortex Park Reservoir
    This is the newest map and was available through account upgrades. The vortex park reservoir is available in vortex park. Similarly to the portal and whirlpool it can offer transformations and stats. The major difference is that it usually changes back and cannot change species. There is a low chance it can change colour. There is a possibility you can get limited edition transformations. It also gives you the chance to get university stats and so far is the only map that does so. You can use it every 24 hours or 12 hours with the giftbox.

    19. Whirlpool
    Whirlpool is available in the treasure map shop and can be found in Jenoa. It's similar to the portal and offers the chance for a random transformation; gym stats, and school stats. You also have a low chance for your pet to change to a limited edition pet. You can use it every 24 hours, or 12 hours with the giftbox.

    Advent Calendar 2017

    Posted on : 1st Dec 2017 00:29   Posted by : Snot
    Day 1: 2 Snow Globe and 2,500MP
    Day 2: 2 Injured Gingerbread Man and 500MP
    Day 3: 2 Menorah Stamp and 750MP
    Day 4: 2 Knitting and 1,500MP
    Day 5: 2 Polar Bear Summoning Stone and 5,000MP
    Day 6: 2 Book Ornament and 50MP
    Day 7: 2 Homemade Hot Chocolate and 2,000MP
    Day 8: 2 Mitten Book and 100MP
    Day 9: 2 Snowy and 7,500MP
    Day 10: 2 Santa Candycane and 1MP
    Day 11: 2 Reindeer Slippers and 460MP
    Day 12: 2 Snowflake Earmuffs and 4,000MP
    Day 13: 2 Menorah and 1,200MP
    Day 14: 2 Dreidel Stamp and 50MP
    Day 15: 2 Menorah Plushie and 750MP
    Day 16: 2 Reindeer and 250MP
    Day 17: 2 Candy Martini and 1,000MP
    Day 18: 2 Windswept Wig and 125MP
    Day 19: 2 Long Scarf and 1MP
    Day 20: 2 Dreidel Cookies and 650MP
    Day 21: 2 Christmas Cupcake and 330MP
    Day 22: 2 Holly Vest and 1,250MP
    Day 23: 2 Wrapped Christmas Lights and 2,500MP
    Day 24: 2 Snowflakes and 5,000MP
    Day 25: 2 Biscuit Glowing Egg and £1 Account Upgrade Credit
    Day 26: 2 Hanging Mistletoe and 700MP
    Day 27: 2 Sugar Cookies and 900MP
    Day 28: 2 Snowflake Stockings and 400MP
    Day 29: 2 Scarf Pearl and 1,750MP
    Day 30: 2 Tray of Cookies and 1,650MP
    Day 31: 2 Seasonal Capelet and 10,000MP

    Here's to Advent Calendar 2018!

    Finish dates of Halloween events

    Posted on : 28th Oct 2017 08:54   Posted by : Snot
    Halloween Snowman - November 7th
    Pumpkin of Gold - November 12th
    Elger Trick or Treat - November 13th
    Halloween Alien - November 15th
    Character Trick or Treat - November 15th
    Pumpkin Hunt - November 21st

    AU Character Costumes - October 31st
    AU Shop Halloween Items - November 20th


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