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No I do not lend items any more, too much goes wrong.
If you have any other queries, mail or MT me - I'm happy to help








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  • Items Xoigle needs to play with

    Posted on : 13th Dec 2018 05:28   Posted by : Yeti
    Please mail or MT me if you are willing to lend any of these - I tip 150k and will only play with them if I have a carpenter fix it. I return the item straight away once played with.

    Light Fairy Doll

    Dukka Coins
    600 Dukka Coin
    650 Dukka Coin
    700 Dukka Coin
    750 Dukka Coin
    800 Dukka Coin
    850 Dukka Coin
    900 Dukka Coin
    950 Dukka Coin
    1000 Dukka Coin
    2000 Dukka Coin
    3000 Dukka Coin
    4000 Dukka Coin
    5000 Dukka Coin
    6000 Dukka Coin
    7000 Dukka Coin
    8000 Dukka Coin
    9000 Dukka Coin
    10000 Dukka Coin

    Female Certificate
    Male Certificate
    Vending Machine Instructions 01 - 16 (full map)

    Magic Beans
    Magic Angel Bean
    Magic Australian Bean
    Magic Balloon Bean
    Magic Black Bean
    Magic Breeze Bean
    Magic British Bean
    Magic Brown Bean
    Magic Calico Bean
    Magic Chocolate Bean
    Magic Cotton Candy Bean
    Magic Cupid Bean
    Magic Cursed Bean
    Magic Digital Bean
    Magic Fairy Bean
    Magic Fire Fairy Bean
    Magic Gold Bean
    Magic Grey Bean
    Magic Ice Cream Bean
    Magic Love Bean
    Magic Moonlight Bean
    Magic Native Bean
    Magic Pink Bean
    Magic Prison Bean
    Magic Rainbow Bean
    Magic Silver Bean
    Magic Snow Bean
    Magic Teal Bean
    Magic White Bean
    Magic Yellow Bean

    I have some magic beans in my attic I can swap to play with as well

    Toy Blocks
    Toy Block 2
    Toy Block 5
    Toy Block B
    Toy Block E
    Toy Block N

    Treasure Maps
    Fishing Treasure Map 04
    Fishing Treasure Map 05
    Fishing Treasure Map 06
    Fishing Treasure Map 07
    Fishing Treasure Map 08
    Fishing Treasure Map 09
    Fishing Treasure Map 10
    Fishing Treasure Map 11
    Fishing Treasure Map 12
    Fishing Treasure Map 13
    Fishing Treasure Map 14
    Fishing Treasure Map 15
    Fishing Treasure Map 16

    All other missing toys are plushies ... over 1000 of those!

    Christmas event end dates

    Posted on : 10th Dec 2018 07:05   Posted by : Yeti
    Santa Claws Raffle - 1st January **last full day 31st December**
    Krampus - 1st January **last full day 31st December**
    Christmas Carolling - 31st December **last full day 30th December
    Approved costumes: Advent Tree Costume, Angelic Costume, Archangel Costume, Blitzen Justin Onesie, Candycane Costume, Christmas Cake Costume, Christmas Day Costume, Christmas Night Costume, Christmas Onesie, Christmas Pudding Costume, Christmas Reindeer Costume, Devious Elf Costume, Drummer Girl Costume, Elfember Costume, Frosty Tree Costume, Gift Wrapped Costume, Gingerbread Lady Costume, Gingerbread Man Costume, Hamster Onesie, Holly Costume, Jack Frost Costume, Jacqueline Frost Costume, Krampus Costume, Mistletoe Costume, Mrs Claus Costume, Ms Scrooge Costume, Nisse Costume, Polar Bear Costume, Present Costume, Reindeer Costume, Santa Claus Costume, Santa Claws Costume, Santa Elf Costume, Scrooge Costume, Stocking Costume, Toy Sindi Onesie, Tree Costume, Tree Uniform Costume, Vixen Costume, Winter King Costume, Winter Kujo Onesie, Winter Queen Costume, Yeti Costume

    Double Gym and Elite Gym Stats as well as double School and University Stats:
    Advent, Angel, Blitzen, Christmas, Christmas Tree, Elf, Gingerbread, Ice, Polar, Seasonal, Snow, Tundra or Winter Costumes - December 31st **last full day 30th December**

    Just for my tracking

    Posted on : 5th Dec 2018 03:38   Posted by : Yeti
    Started Santa Claws quests at: 778 quests

    Questing ends 31st December (last full day).

    Santa Claws finish number:

    Total quests for raffle:

    Random Christmas Costumes from AU

    Posted on : 3rd Dec 2018 05:51   Posted by : Yeti
    Advent Tree Costume
    Angelic Costume
    Archangel Costume
    Blitzen Justin Onesie
    Candycane Costume
    Christmas Cake Costume
    Christmas Day Costume
    Christmas Night Costume
    Christmas Onesie
    Christmas Pudding Costume
    Devious Elf Costume
    Drummer Girl Costume
    Frosty Tree Costume
    Gift Wrapped Costume
    Gingerbread Lady Costume
    Gingerbread Man Costume
    Holly Costume
    Jack Frost Costume
    Jacqueline Frost Costume
    Krampus Costume
    Mistletoe Costume
    Mrs Claus Costume
    Ms Scrooge Costume
    Polar Bear Costume
    Polar Skin
    Present Costume
    Reindeer Costume
    Santa Claus Costume
    Santa Claws Costume
    Santa Claws Skin
    Scrooge Costume
    Toy Sindi Onesie
    Tree Costume
    Tree Uniform Costume
    Vixen Costume
    Vixen Skin
    Winter King Costume
    Winter Queen Costume
    Yeti Costume

    Elfember Vault Code

    Posted on : 3rd Dec 2018 00:42   Posted by : Yeti
    Vault Code:

    Thank You for redeeming your Secret Code at the Vault

    You have received the following gifts...

    Gingerbread Ornament

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