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Marapets is mobile friendly
Please feel free to add me as a friend and to ask about all types of trades.
  1. mae fashion show/ fleek pageant/ dolls
    13th Jul 2018 13:30
    1 year, 8 months & 15 days ago
Missing Christmas 2019
3 months, 10 days & 17 hrs ago
18th Dec 2019 05:17

Carol Singing

Snow Triangle x 1

Church Bell x 3

Angelic Guitar x 2

Sleigh Bell x 6

Silent Night Bell x 5

Santa Bell x 1

Jingle Bell x 2

Christmas Bell x 1

Forums Prize

Snowflake Jelly

Grinch fleek gift swapppp
3 months, 19 days & 5 hrs ago
9th Dec 2019 16:45

1. 5 basic info facts: (name/nickname, favorite color, hobbies, irl fun facts, etc.)

I go by Anna! I love pink and pastels. I love reading and doing archery.

Fun fact... hmm I have crutches

2. What do you collect in Marapets?
Everything but mainly Wardrobe!!!

3. What are some of your goals in Marapets?
To expand my collections and complete more goals

4. Name a few of your favorite/ideal items in Marapets?

Wishlist stuff? Honeslty not sure! The clover skirt is up there.

5. Anything else you want to add in to help your Secret Grinch choose a better gift for you?

I just love expanding my wardrobe! Having cute outfits and cute pieces.

Fleek Pokemon Event!!!
6 months, 11 days & 13 hrs ago
16th Sep 2019 09:22

Lets do thissss





Fleek 2nd bday gift swap!
7 months, 26 days & 17 hrs ago
2nd Aug 2019 06:11

a little about yourself, what you collect, and some dream items of yours (within a reasonable price, please).

Hey there!

I go by my irl name Anna Pleased Im from the Uk and im one of mara\'s young mature players haha.

Some facts about me...

My fave colour is pink and I love working with pastels.

Im a hugeeeee Disney nerd!

Fave mara pet is a rusty and im working on building a rusty army.


I collect everything but wardrobe is my main focus followed by Tara\'s gourmet collection.

Mara Goals!

Warbrobe, wardrobe, wardrobe and a rusty army.

Dream items <3

My wishlist is full of wardrobe items id love to own some day! My top are probs...

Flower Shower (also more pricey rip meee)

Heartless Shoes Want

Sweet hair buns

Clover skirt

Cheaper dream item
Amy flats

Amy pumps

Wolf hood

Haunted house

Id be so grateful for whatever someone gifts me, so thank you so much in advance!!! <3 <3 <3

  1. mae fashion show/ fleek pageant/ dolls
    13th Jul 2018 13:30
    1 year, 8 months & 15 days ago