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  • Trade prices log     ~09 Mar 2018
  • Missing Pearls     ~10 Feb 2018
  • 2017 Christmas Caroling     ~12 Dec 2017
  • My color me in entry     ~29 Oct 2017
  • Note to Staff     ~25 Oct 2017
  • Maraween 2017     ~15 Oct 2017
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  • Q - R Avvies Needed     ~10 Apr 2017
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  • Trade prices log

    Posted on : 9th Mar 2018 11:11   Posted by : Twistie
    Easter. - 3mil/3AU
    Light Fairy - 1mil/1AU
    Pixie. - 2mil/2AU
    Tornado - 900K
    Villain - 7mil/7AU

    Geek T-Shirt - 1.7mil/1AU + 700K
    Halloween Snookle Tail - 2mil/2AU
    Kitsune Tail - 1.3mil/1AU + 300K
    Kitty Undies - 750K x2
    Lion Mask - 750K
    Lox of Oz Wig - 1.5mil/1AU + 500K
    Oversized Jean Jacket - 1mil/1AU
    Peacock Feathers - 1.8mil/1mil + 800K
    Ruby Slippers - 600K
    Scarecrow Boots - 700K

    Gourmet Food:
    Milk Chocolate Covered Strawberry - 2mil/2AU
    Orange Souffle - 2mil/2AU

    Cheese Fasoro Potion - 2.9mil/2AU + 900Kr
    Chocolate Murfin Potion - 3mil/3AU

    King Baspinar Clothing - 2mil/2AU

    Trading Cards:
    Earth Fairy Trading Card - 6mil/6AU


    Missing Pearls

    Posted on : 10th Feb 2018 16:25   Posted by : Twistie
    List of pearls I???m missing. I???m looking to buy at a discount as they will be either held in a collection. In my gallery or eaten by Brainn once I no longer need them for goals. Feel free to mail or MT

    13th Birthday Pearl
    8th Birthday Pearl
    9th Birthday Pearl
    Acorn Pearl
    Angel Pearl
    Anime Pearl
    Aura Pearl
    Autumn Pearl
    Baby Pearl
    Balloon Pearl
    Bankrupt Pearl
    Baspinars Castle Pearl
    Bat Pearl
    Battle Fairy Pearl
    Bee Pearl
    Birthday Gift Pearl
    Birthday Pearl
    Blitzen Pearl
    Bloody Vampire Pearl
    Broken Egg Pearl
    Burnt Pearl
    Camouflage Pearl
    Cheese Pearl
    Chibs Pearl
    Chocolate Pearl
    Christmas Gift Pearl
    Christmas Pearl
    Christmas Tree Pearl
    Cookie Pearl
    Cool Pearl
    Cotton Candy Pearl
    Cowboy Pearl
    Cursed Pearl
    Cute Pearl
    DNA Pearl
    Dark Side Pearl
    Devil Pearl
    Digital Pearl
    Doll Pearl
    Drake Pearl
    Dukka Caves Pearl
    Dukka Coin Pearl
    Earth Pearl
    Easter Egg Pearl
    Easter Egg Shaped Pearl
    Easter Pearl
    Elf Pearl
    Explorer Pearl
    Fairy Pearl
    Fancy Pearl
    Fat Pearl
    Festival Pearl
    Fire Fairy Pearl
    Fire Pearl
    Floral Pearl
    Flower Pearl
    Flowery Pearl
    Forest Fairy Pearl
    Frankenstein Pearl
    Frozen Pearl
    Funky Pearl
    Geek Pearl
    Giant Pearl
    Gigantic Paradise Pearl
    Gingerbread Pearl
    Goblin Pearl
    Graveyard Pearl
    Halloween Pearl
    Happy Pearl
    Harpy Pearl
    Ice Cream Pearl
    Ice Fairy Pearl
    Insideout Pearl
    Island Pearl
    Jelly Pearl
    Jenoa Pearl
    Kamilah Pearl
    Killer Pearl
    Ladybird Pearl
    Laurel Pearl
    Leprechaun Pearl
    Light Fairy Pearl
    Light Pearl
    Light Side Pearl
    Lilac Pearl
    Lush Lake Pearl
    Mafia Pearl
    MaraTalk Pearl
    Merman Pearl
    Midnight Pearl
    Mini Fairy Pearl
    Mini Pearl
    Minipet Island Pearl
    Minipet Pearl
    Monster Pearl
    Moon Pearl
    Musical Pearl
    Naga Pearl
    Nefarious Pearl
    Nightmare Pearl
    Obese Pearl
    Old Fairy Pearl
    Olympics Pearl
    Orange Pearl
    Panda Pearl
    Pearl with a Hat
    Phantom Pearl
    Pixie Pearl
    Plushie Pearl
    Polar Pearl
    Prison Pearl
    Puchalla Village Pearl
    Punk Pearl
    Purple Pearl
    Rainbow Fairy Pearl
    Recycled Pearl
    Robot Pearl
    Royal Pearl
    Santa Pearl
    School Pearl
    Scout Pearl
    Scrooge Pearl
    Seasonal Fairy Pearl
    Seasonal Pearl
    Simerian Pearl
    Skater Pearl
    Skull Pearl
    Slater Park Pearl
    Sleepy Pearl
    Slime Boy Pearl
    Smuggler Pearl
    Snow Pearl
    Snowflake Pearl
    Snowman Pearl
    Space Pearl
    Sparkle Pearl
    Spider Pearl
    Spring Pearl
    Spy Pearl
    Steampunk Pearl
    Stripes Pearl
    Strobe Pearl
    Summer Pearl
    Superhero Pearl
    Teal Pearl
    Thanksgiving Pearl
    Tiger Pearl
    Tomato Pearl
    Tree Pearl
    Underwater Pearl
    Undying Fairy Pearl
    Undying Woods Pearl
    Vacation Pearl
    Valentine Pearl
    Vampire Pearl
    Village Pearl
    Villain Pearl
    Vortex Pearl
    Wedding Pearl
    Werewolf Pearl
    White Pearl
    Winter Pearl
    Wooden Pearl
    Ziranek Pearl

    2017 Christmas Caroling

    Posted on : 12th Dec 2017 15:08   Posted by : Twistie
    Baby Grand Piano - 0/10
    Candycane Ornament - 4/3
    Candycane Pearl - 2/3
    Candycane Yule Log - 4/3
    Caroling Angel - 2/3
    Coal Drink - 2/3
    Coal Stocking -2/3
    Cymbal Songs - 2/3
    Festive Brownie - 2/3
    Festive Cymbals - 0/10
    Festive Tuna - 0/10
    Festive Violin - 1/10
    Festive Vixen Plushie - 2/3
    Fireplace - 2/3
    Jingle Bell Rock - 2/3
    Jingle Bells - 0/10
    Jingle Bells Stamp - 2/3
    Milk and Cookies Glowing Egg - 2/3
    Nutcracker Action Figure - 5/3
    Piano Hits - 0/3
    Piano Stamp - 2/3
    Rocking Reindeer - 2/3
    Sleigh Book - 2/3
    Stocking Costume - 2/3
    Stocking Guide - 2/3
    Tuba Tunes - 2/3
    Violin Classics - 1/3

    My color me in entry

    Posted on : 29th Oct 2017 18:46   Posted by : Twistie
    I missed the deadline for Beelzebubs color contest. So all though I don’t get a prize. I worked hard on this and on my phone no doubt. I wanted to show it off... lol it’s not great but I like it and think it’s good for being done on my phone


    Note to Staff

    Posted on : 25th Oct 2017 16:17   Posted by : Twistie
    This is just a note to staff...

    2 of my kids are thinking about coming back to play marapets. They are (justanotherperson) and (OOgeebug). They do use my laptop so the likelihood of the same ip address coming up is a possibility...

    I have went over the basics with them about giving and trading things with others who use the same ip address in the chance they decide to come back...

    I also access MPs on my phone when I am not at home.

    So please do not freeze us..

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