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Every player has their own plate collection. The Ferris Wheel is the best ride in Marada for minipets to ride on! You can ride once every 4 hours for 1,250MP and will receive a souvenir plate. Select any minipet that you own, and if available, you will win a plate with a picture of your minipet on it for you to collect. The Mini Fairy rewards you for collecting Plates.

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Plate Collection

Ferris Wheel Giftbox

Giftbox Shop

Buy a Ferris Wheel Giftbox item and you can use the Ferris Wheel twice as often for life!

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ayatides has collected 728 Plates

Adorab Plate

Agatha Plate

Alien Bush Plate

Alien Fatty Plate

Alien Jinx Plate

Andy Plate

Anjet Plate

Anlur Plate

Ant Plate

Anubis Plate

Aphid Plate

Apophis Plate

Applex Plate

Aristocorn Plate

Arizona Plate

Ata Plate

Aura Plate

Autumn Jacko Plate

Autumn Plate

Aviv Plate

Bablah Plate

Bacon Plate

Baline Plate

Ballee Plate

Balloonimal Plate

Banalphin Plate

Bananey Plate

Batty Plate

Batz Plate

Baylien Plate

Beach Plate

Bearger Plate

Belle Plate

Bellerina Plate

Bewmel Plate

Billy Plate

Bingo Plate

Bitty Plate

Black Billy Plate

Black Blooble Plate

Black Bolisoro Plate

Black Crush Plate

Black Devan Plate

Black Gummi Plate

Black High Plate

Black Leprechaun Plate

Black Pat Plate

Black Peiko Plate

Black Puff Plate

Black Spooks Plate

Black Sprite Plate

Black Stego Plate

Black Unlucky Plate

Black Wallet Plate

Black Yhing Plate

Black Yolk Plate

Blake Plate

Blissaur Plate

Blooble Plate

Blub Plate

Blue Azlian Plate

Blue Billy Plate

Blue Blooble Plate

Blue Bush Plate

Blue Chibi Plate

Blue Chook Plate

Blue Chubley Plate

Blue Damaged Plate

Blue Dracone Plate

Blue Dusty Plate

Blue Faye Plate

Blue Flicker Plate

Blue Foh Plate

Blue Frex Plate

Blue Gummi Plate

Blue Heart Plate

Blue Kuork Plate

Blue Limited Plate

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