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Every player has their own photo album to show off photos of their pets. The photo parlour will allow you to take a photo once every 12 hours for 1,500MP. Select any pet that you own and if the photo is currently available you will have the photo taken, to trade, sell or add to your Photo Album. The Old Fairy rewards you for collecting Photos.

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Photo Album

Photo Parlour Giftbox

Account Upgrades

Buy a Photo Parlour Giftbox item and you can use the Photo Parlour twice as often for life!

Missing Photo Giftbox

Account Upgrades

Buy a Missing Photo Giftbox item and you can view a list of Photos you are missing!

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Arion has has collected 1,700 Photos

Advent Phanty Photo

Advent Ushunda Photo

Alien Azul Photo

Alien Fasoro Photo

Alien Kaala Photo

Alien Phanty Photo

Alien Sindi Photo

Alien Tantua Photo

Alien Zoink Photo

American Crikey Photo

American Crindol Photo

American Equilor Photo

American Flab Photo

American Grint Photo

American Ideus Photo

American Ike Photo

American Kidlet Photo

American Mordo Photo

American Murfin Photo

American Osafo Photo

American Reese Photo

American Renat Photo

American Rusty Photo

American Tantua Photo

American Troit Photo

American Yakubi Photo

Angel Azul Photo

Angel Chibs Photo

Angel Doyle Photo

Angel Fasoro Photo

Angel Justin Photo

Angel Kaala Photo

Angel Knutt Photo

Angel Limax Photo

Angel Mordo Photo

Angel Murfin Photo

Angel Poera Photo

Angel Quell Photo

Angel Sindi Photo

Angel Tantua Photo

Angel Ushunda Photo

Anime Chibs Photo

Anime Osafo Photo

Anime Poera Photo

Anime Quell Photo

Anime Raulf Photo

Anime Vixen Photo

Anime Zoosh Photo

Aqua Addow Photo

Aqua Bolimo Photo

Aqua Daisy Photo

Aqua Dakota Photo

Aqua Echlin Photo

Aqua Gonk Photo

Aqua Ideus Photo

Aqua Ike Photo

Aqua Kaala Photo

Aqua Knutt Photo

Aqua Kronk Photo

Aqua Mordo Photo

Aqua Murfin Photo

Aqua Osafo Photo

Aqua Phanty Photo

Aqua Tantua Photo

Aqua Walee Photo

Aqua Zetlian Photo

Arcade Decadal Photo

Arcade Fairy Photo

Arcade Fasoro Photo

Arcade Huthiq Photo

Arcade Limax Photo

Arcade Mordo Photo

Arcade Raulf Photo

Arcade Rofling Photo

Arcade Willa Photo

Arcade Xoi Photo

Arcade Zetlian Photo

Armoured Feliz Photo

Pages [22] :  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 

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