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A cowardly pet who loves sweets... Tricks-and-Treats used to belong to Beelzebub, who didn't feed him very often. Now that he has a pampering owner, Tricks eats any sweets he can find, and has become a bit of a gourmet! Tricks-and-Treats is afraid of the dark and spooky things, but he loves Maraween (free treats? what could go wrong!) So you'll often see him out trick-or-treating, but ready to hide behind his owner at any moment!

It is his dream to become a world-famous chef with a five-star restaurant, and on the side, he practices Olympic sports to work off the extra calories.
TricksandTreats the Halloween Phanty
4 months, 23 days & 15 hrs OldBorn 1st Sep 2019 07:34

3 Months 5 Days Old
2 Months 22 Days Old
Level 3 Chef earning MP135MP a day