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Marapets is mobile friendly
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⤷ friends inv: ✔
⤷ photo/plate swap: ✔
_____________________________________________________ Special thanks to ThinkDeeper for her generosity and her amazing club :)

nicknames: Vee/vani/evie,
Dad (cause I make bad dad jokes), sarcasm, tissue

Staff: I log on my phone and computer
- I also use data on my phone -

ty Oak for this siggie :)
My nametag is by Zed!


some of my outfits (more in blog 1):



I tend to collect wardrobe items and spend most of my MP to buy some, also trying to collect gourmet and other collections but they come second!
(therefore still not satisfied with my pets and didn't complete many pet goals etc..)

about me:
- escaping from reality with Marapets cause currently under a lot of pressure
- some hobbies: volleyball, drawing, tv shows, singing, dancing, love listening to all types of music, books -well not rn- etc..
- little things that make me happy:
puns -hearing & making them-, making people smile and laugh (tho my humor is really bad), running barefoot on the sand,
scoring at volleyball -I'm a beginner-, cute cats that sadly I can't pet cause I'm allergic,
watching old vines or looking at dumb memes on reddit, singing a song with a friend when both of us know the lyrics by heart

- TV show of the moment: Friends -


face reveal:
Croo the Leprechaun Yakubi
2 years, 6 months & 4 days OldBorn 23rd Apr 2018 07:23

Pink Skullington
4 Months 6 Days Old
Orange Vampry
4 Months 6 Days Old
4 Months 3 Days Old