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Marapets is mobile friendly
Named for my niece Larissa, and nephews Jordan and Aidan. Jadissa is very special to me and will never be for trade, although I will lend her here and there. Avies Jadissa gives:

Instrument Avies
All Instrument avatars (except drumsticks which you get from making drumsticks at the microwave)

Other Avies (29)
Bottled-view play collection
Forest Fairy-view play collection
Play-view play collection
Groovin'-view cd collection
Water Fairy-view cd list
Music-view cd collection
Sakko-view DVD collection
Space Fairy-view DVD collection
WWW-view Guide to Marasites in her DVD collection
Email-view You've Got Maramail in her dvd collection
Joking-view Joke Book in her book collection
Dinner is served- view Gourmet Zombie Meal in gourmet food list
Mintcream-view Mintcream in her gourmet food list
Morbid Obese-view gourmet food list
Obese-view gourmet food list
Obese Fairy-view gourmet food list
Plump-view gourmet food list
Heavy-obese fairy page
Schnoodle-view obese fairy page
Stop Eating!-view gourmet fairy page
Super Obese-view gourmet fairy page
Tune- view collections page
Musical Fairy-view collections page
Tyras-View stats page
Naga-View Stats page
I Like You A Latte- View gourmet collection
Sandy- View her profile
Shelly- View her profile
Devilishly Good- View gourmet collection
Yellow Snow- View gourmet collection
Yuck- View Book collection
Brr...grr- View gourmet collection
I Love Doughnuts- View Gourmet Colletion

Total avies she gives is over 130 right now. I think I'm forgetting some, but if I am that's ok too lmao

When viewing gourmet collection, or any collection make sure you view EVERY PAGE to get all the avatars she offers!
Jadissa the Goblin Leido
6 years & 7 days OldBorn 24th Nov 2014 04:31

1 Month 7 Days Old
1 Month 7 Days Old
1 Month 7 Days Old
1 Month 7 Days Old
1 Month 7 Days Old
1 Month 7 Days Old
1 Month 7 Days Old
1 Month 7 Days Old
1 Month 7 Days Old
Level 20 Actor earning MP11,750MP a day