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Hey my name is Kate
I am an adult player
Me and relisys827 live in the same house and may send each other items from time to time. I also use a lot of different devices to access marapets, including my ipad, iphone, laptop, work computer
Augurer the Wizard Ercuw
11 years, 5 months & 25 days OldBorn 28th Apr 2009 23:37

Teal Anlur
3 Years 7 Months Old
3 Years 7 Months Old
Winter Durabat
16 Years 6 Months Old
Level 1 Mechanic earning MP110MP a day

Job Promotion earning MP160MP a day
Level 4  Strength 8  Charisma 2  Maths 4  Science 5  CDs 2