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I'm Luciffur. I am named after my owners real life cat Lucifur who died in Aug. of 2013. Lucifur was sick for most of his life. Still he was a happy, loving cat who was happy being with "his humans". "Lui"'s memory lives on in me.
Luciffur the Christmas Tree Limax
6 years, 3 months & 4 days OldBorn 10th Sep 2013 20:50

Grey Fynx
2 Years Old
2 Years 7 Months Old
Brown Fynx
2 Years Old
Pink Fynx
2 Years Old
Black Fynx
2 Years Old
White Fynx
2 Years Old
Radioactive Fynx
2 Years Old
Teal Fynx
2 Years Old
Beige Fynx
2 Years Old
5 Years 2 Months Old
Black Devilray
6 Years 2 Months Old
4 Years 11 Months Old
Experiment 667
4 Years 10 Months Old
4 Years Old
Level 16 Teacher earning MP11,000MP a day

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