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You have Pets

Adopt a Pet

You can adopt a pet someone else has adandoned. It will cost you MP, but they may be rarer pets in nicer colours than you can create for free.

Account Upgrades

You can upgrade your account to gold, silver or bronze which will give you limited edition pets and rare items and help the site!

Disown a Pet

If you have too many pets to care for or no longer like the pets you have, you can pay to adandon them for other players to adopt.

Battle Arena

Your pets can enter the Battle Arena to face off against fearsome battle opponents. Winning is rewarded with large sums of BP.

Create a Pet

Create a free marapet in any of the four basic colours to stay by your side as you explore the virtual world of Marada.


Swing by the Weights Gym and pay with crystals to let your pets workout and train their strength, speed, health and other stats.


Enroll your pets in the School to teach them basic skills needed for future jobs. Regular attendance is important for good grades!

Pet Breeding

You can breed your marapets in the Laboratory, resulting in DNA minipets. However, these dangerous experiments can mutate your pet.

Operations Portal

Nestled into a corner of Enpiah is the illegal Operations Portal. Pets that enter are known to sometimes change colours and even species, besides gaining stats.

Ice Caves

Try not to get lost as you enter the Ice Caves. The Ice Caves are known to have strange side effects that include gaining magic stats and MP.

Pet Exchange

Using free pet exchange points and MP to pay fees, you can accept any pets that generous Maradans have sent to you at the Pet Exchange.

Job Centre

Raising pets can be costly. Bring your unemployed pets to the Job Centre, where they can get jobs to work and help pay for themselves.


Pets that swim in the Whirlpool are known to undergo mysterious changes. Some are even said to become limited edition pets.


Leave your pets in the Hotel if you have to leave and cannot bring them with you. They'll be fed and well taken care of.


If your pets are ill, bring them to the Hospital to get them checked up by a doctor and completely cured of all their ailments.

Gate of the Graveyard

Pets that were never claimed in their zombie stage at the Graveyard become ghosts and haunt the Gate of the Graveyard for any passerbys to claim as their own.

Pets Forum

Discuss and show off all of your favourite pets, or advertise the pets you have for trade in the Pets Forum.


All the marapets that were abandoned and left to die lurk in the Graveyard as zombies. For a fee, you'll be allowed to bring your undead pet home.

Clock Tower

Visit the Clock Tower in Undying Woods to check the current time in Marada. Visiting at certain times may have strange effects.

Mini Pets

Make your way into the Mini Pets shop and buy your pets their very own mini pets to love and take care of.

Pet Colours

Use the Pet Colours page to check what costume colours are available and which marapets can wear each of them.

Town Hall

At the Town Hall in the City of Marada you can use name certificates to legally change the names of your pets.

Murfin Madness

For a small price, you can give your pets rides on the Murfin Madness Rollercoaster. They may enjoy the ride or get sick from the high speeds.

Fasoro Falls

Put your minipets down the Fasoro Falls in Skater Park to give them a fun ride and a chance to change their colour.

Pet Shops

Browse the wide selection of Pet Shops in Marada to buy all kinds of foods, toys and accessories for your marapets.

Pet Trades

Put your pets in Pet Trades to let people offer their pets on them. Choose to accept or reject the offers, and maybe get some fresh new pets.

Eleka Fountain

Throw some RP into the Eleka Fountain and wish for magic stats for your pet. Your wish just may come true!

Undying Minipets

Build Undead Minipets using blood and matching bones found at the Grave Robbing site in the Undying Woods.

Elite Gym

Train your pet's coordination, stamina and balance at the Elite Gym using diamonds to ready your pet for the Olympics.


Use scholarships to get your pet a place at the University, where it can study a variety of subjects to better its education.


Train and enter your pet into the numerous categories of the Olympics to win Olympic Points to use in the Olympic Points Redemption Shop.

Simerian Statue

Visit the Simerian Statue and it may share its ancient wisdom with your pet in the form of random school stats.


The Decapitating Fairy enjoys executing marapets. Submit your pet to her will and she may reward its bravery... or it may lose its head.

Sewer Pipes

Complete the Sewer Pipes Treasure Map to gain access to the Sewer Pipes, where you can get free MP and stats for your pets.

Witch Doctor

Pay the Witch Doctor with RP to protect your pets from having curses placed on them with evil voodoo dolls.

Gingerbread House

Owners that are too poor to feed their pets can bring them to the Gingerbread House to eat their fill completely for free.

Gourmet Food

Collect and feed your pet all the different kinds of Gourmet Food to get special prizes from the Obese Fairy.

Photo Parlour

Use the Photo Parlour to take photos of your pet to add to your Photo Album, trade for other photos or items, or sell for MP.

Minipet Resort

Bring your minipets to chill out at the Minipet Resort in Minipet Island, where they'll stay happy and well taken care of.


Use the Webcam to take photos of your pet to add to your Photo Album, trade for other photos or items, or sell for MP.

Pet Auctions

The only way that you can buy or sell your pets for MP is at the Pet Auctions.

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