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All of the games that are FREE to play are listed below. You may have found some of these places already while you Explore the virtual worlds of Marada. Each feature will give you bonus MP, items, pet stats or currency. The page will update automatically with a countdown of when you can visit a game again.

Play GamesFlash Games

Play Game  Ant Hill
If you are brave enough, you can try and steal from this giant ant colony.

Play Game  Archeology
Dig up MP and ancient items in this archeological dig site.

Play Game  Balloon Burst
Burst Mango's balloon collection to win the prizes inside. Free to play every 3 hours.

Play Game  Bingo
There are 15 free games of Bingo every day to win MP, Dukka Coins and Account Upgrade Credit.

Play Game  Christmas Tree
Kick it? Hug it? Whatever you choose, you could end up winning a cracker! Open it and reveal what is inside...

Play Game  Clothing Rack
Visit the clothing rack once a day for a free piece of celebrity clothing for you to wear.

Play Game  Cloud Nine
Choose 3 clouds to win the MP prize. The storm cloud will then multiply your win!

Play Game  Cup Shuffle
This fairy isn't a good example of the Maradan fairies, but her gambling habit might work in your favour.

Play Game  Double or Nothing
Guess whether the coin is going to land on heads or tails. Win prizes for guessing correctly.

Play Game  Duck or Dive
Duck, duck, duck to win MP from Heckles! Dive to accept his offer instead.

Play Game  Eleka Tombola
Draw a ticket and if it ends in 0, 2, or 5, you will get an item prize.

Play Game  Fortune Teller
Anastasia can predict the future and bring you great fortune if you listen to her wise words.

Play Game  Fruit Machine
Spin the wheel and cross your fingers! You could win up to 50,000 MP, so it is definitely worth a go!

Play Game  Genie
Visit the Genie once a day for free and you could have your wish granted.

Play Game  Grave Robbing
Take a chance and rob a grave... just don't get caught!

Play Game  Guess the Flag
Help Trojan to leave Enpiah and visit a new country. Guess the flag for a prize.

Play Game  Guess the Weight
How much is the potato going to weigh today? Think you know - take a guess for free!

Play Game  Jackpot Pyramid
Visit for free every hour to win MP. The higher you climb the more you win.

Play Game  Lush Tombola
Draw a ticket and if it ends in 0, 2, or 5, you will get an item prize.

Play Game  Mummy Multiplier
Open the tombs to win MP and increase the multiplier. Game is over when you find a mummy.

Play Game  Nutty Tree
Shake, kick, burn, hug or kiss the tree to try to make it drop nuts for you.

Play Game  One in a Million
Try your luck and guess the number of coins... you might win a million MP!

Play Game  Open Graves
Take a guess at where that elusive Bolimo is hiding and if you guess correctly, he will give you MP!

Play Game  Pot of Gold
Visit the pot of gold to grab a free item that another player has donated. Does not earn Score Points.

Play Game  Seven Heaven
Roll two dice to win MP. A double increases the multiplier. Roll a 7 and lose.

Play Game  Sewage
Swim in the Sewage to see what you can find, but don't stay in it too long or you'll get sick!

Play Game  Snap!
Play the easiest card game of them all. You can play this game for free once every 10 minutes.

Play Game  Spooks Busters
Scare away a matching set of Spooks hiding under the bed to win MP.

Play Game  Test Your Strength
See how hard you can hit with the mallet. If you impress the fairy, she'll reward you greatly.

Play Game  Tombola
Roll up roll up! Put your hand in, take a ticket, and if your ticket ends with 0, 2, or 5, you could win a fab prize!

Play Game  Trash Heap
Reach into the Trash Heap and grab something if you can get past the dreadful smell.

Play Game  Undying Fairy
Throw knives at this fairy and possibly win a prize. Don't worry, it won't hurt her.

Play Game  Undying Tombola
Cool prizes stand to be won if you can draw a ticket ending in a 0, 2, or 5.

Play Game  Worm Digging
If you are not too squeamish, try digging in a selected patch of dirt. You could find a worm...or even some MP!

Puzzle Games

Play Game  Anagram Sam
Solve the scrambled item name anagram for Sam and win prizes

Play Game  Crossword
Fill in the Crossword puzzle and win MP and prizes if your answers are correct!

Play Game  Mystery Item
Can you guess what item the Ice Fairy has blurred? Enter daily for free to win prizes.

Play Game  Word Search
See how many of the hidden words you can find. You'll be rewarded for finding them!

Game of the Day

Win a Free Bonus Item everytime you play. Changes daily.

Play Game  Candy Cannon
Test your targetting skills by hitting the falling candy with the gumball cannon.

Game of the Week

Earn Double MP everytime you play. Changes Sunday.

Play Game  Battle of Baspinar
Defend the castle of King Baspinar from the dark side.

Quest of the Day

Earn 25% more RP. Changes daily.

Play Game  Leprechaun
Earn RP by bringing the Leprechaun the items he asks for and completing his quests.

Mission of the Week

Earn 50% more MP completing levels. Changes Sunday.

Play Game  Beast in the Woods
Complete the Beast in the Woods missions to be rewarded with a limited edition Astro pet.

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