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Earn 100MP per post or topic

Ambriella bought ^^
Draco Dukka Town News Jun 2018- 1mp. help again please. until I get the badge, I'll stop asking, lol
Ambriella yeah and there was the instruments too lol.

Help & Assistance
Glitched gourmet foods?
by La at 19th Jun 2018 21:57
New Players
by OlyaK at 20th Jun 2018 06:05
Marapets Chat
Official Jelly Board 12
by Susi at 20th Jun 2018 06:08
General Chat
Tag #4
by cev88 at 20th Jun 2018 06:08
Random Chat
I need...
by Ambush at 20th Jun 2018 06:07
Restricted Chat
How much do you pay for rent
by zooomin at 20th Jun 2018 05:18
Price Check
Buying Poison Pit Map Pieces - WANTED ADS UP!!
by bigfatdaddybear at 20th Jun 2018 06:06
Notice Board
~Fleek~ Fleek Gives Back!
by IamJasper at 20th Jun 2018 05:43
Audalania (A Fantasy RP)
by LinzeyLove88 at 20th Jun 2018 04:31
What's the last movie/tv show you watched?
by zooomin at 20th Jun 2018 06:00
Programming & Graphics
Safar coloring contest
by NativeNancy at 20th Jun 2018 05:30
Dress Up
*~* Rate the Doll Above *~*
by LittleStarAngie at 20th Jun 2018 05:52
Adult Chat
Strictly 18+ Adults Only. £3.00

Safari challenge: Reply to a topic in the forums
by Sumer6 at 20th Jun 2018 06:07

Recent Editorial

Matthew Would you ever consider increasing the shop price maximum past 500,000MP?

No, I think 500,000MP is more than enough.
27 Apr 01:17

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Restock Website
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Club Evolution Safari Event Pet Giveaway...
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Safari Chest Items
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