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Earn 100MP per post or topic

KingFreak i need to go to the library when it opens
Dannie Thanks!
silverrawrsky Nice win Smile

Help & Assistance
Eleka Castle Goals?
by La at 19th Nov 2017 21:54
New Players
by AnwarahGotzone at 19th Nov 2017 21:06
Marapets Chat
Borrow Pets for Goals
by epuppy99 at 19th Nov 2017 21:40
General Chat
Post for sewer fairy rewards
by EllenE at 19th Nov 2017 22:04
Random Chat
My bf's mom hates me because im shy
by Politics at 19th Nov 2017 22:02
Restricted Chat
9+ year club
by charli100 at 18th Nov 2017 22:00
Price Check
Pc : millionaire, fairy & Easter chibs potion
by LAniMIrC at 19th Nov 2017 22:04
Notice Board
Endless Swaps, Cheap Trades & Stocked Shop
by EllenE at 19th Nov 2017 12:54
Hans' Prophecies (robot marapet rp)
by darknessdawn at 19th Nov 2017 17:05
by mxwynne at 19th Nov 2017 20:49
Programming & Graphics
Newly Designed Wolfies <3
by CrazyCatLady at 19th Nov 2017 22:03
Dress Up
Rate the Doll Above You
by MissAbiigaiil at 19th Nov 2017 21:54
Adult Chat
Strictly 18+ Adults Only. £3.00

Secret Vault for February
by at 5th Mar 2017 15:09

Recent Editorial

007 Can you please add 'T' (toy) next to items that can be played with, like GF for gourmet foods?

The GF was a temporary fix because Gourmet Minipets were merged with other Minipets to fix the Minipet Colours section on Minipet Island. This was confusing and has been replaced with and Toys now show as
15 Nov 22:31

Recent Blogs

Missing Ice Sculptures
by TeoDanielleSM at 19 Nov 21:58:43

Nutty Tree Log
by Dannie at 19 Nov 21:33:20

Missing Plates B-Q
by QueenKarone at 19 Nov 21:20:01

Next Pet Goal
by Darkrai at 19 Nov 20:58:26

Loyalty Raffle
by Graham at 19 Nov 20:57:10

Clam mission $
by Matthewh30 at 19 Nov 18:46:49

10 UBS in shop!!
by Brunette at 19 Nov 18:36:41

Wall of Art
by Caitly at 19 Nov 17:57:41

Pet job reminders
by Sherree at 19 Nov 16:02:37

Getting older
by MarikaAnna at 19 Nov 15:34:54

by Ouch at 19 Nov 13:51:06

Will Trade Pale Green Lipstick for Pastel Green...
by Chikpea at 19 Nov 13:22:24

by stickittoome at 19 Nov 12:48:52

new photos to swap
by MissNora at 19 Nov 12:21:40

Looking for Brown/Dark Brown Hair Dye!...
by Chikpea at 19 Nov 12:19:13

[Some Signature Examples Part 2]
by Ouch at 19 Nov 11:12:31

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