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Marapets is mobile friendly
Marapets is mobile friendly
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Help Elroy dig his way through the crust of Enpiah and see what you can find. You may also randomly find prizes as you dig towards a guaranteed prize block in the prize list below. You can win Magic Beans, Beans, RP, Pet Stats, White DNA or the jackpot of Restock PointsRP.

You can play Extract Enpiah for 500RP once every 45 minutes. Here is the Prize List.

Level 75 or higher players will receive Double Magic Beans from Extract Enpiah - for life!

Sunjewel just won Chocolate Bean

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If you add the Extract Enpiah Giftbox to your collection, you will be able to use Extract Enpiah every 22 minutes instead of every 45 minutes - for life!

The Seasonal Fairy also rewards you for every giftbox that you collect