Places to Visit
The virtual world of Marada - home of 8,109,435 pets. Explore every world for fun activities, games, shops and more!

Play Game  Baspinar's Castle
The castle world of the great King Baspinar of Marada, where BP is the currency.
Play Game  Biala Mountain
A happy, snowy mountain world where every day is Christmas!

Play Game  Candyland
A world made entirely out of candy and chocolate where Easter is celebrated.
Play Game  City of Marada
The capital city of Marada. Pets come here to bank, shop, learn and work.

Play Game  City Sewers
A disgusting, disease ridden world where all the sewage and waste ends up.
Play Game  Dukka Caves
A pirate world of caves which uses Dukka Coins as currency.

Play Game  Dukka Town
A pirate town inside of the Dukka Caves. Their currency is Dukka Coins.
Play Game  Eleka's Castle
The castle world of the evil Queen Eleka of Marada, where RP is the currency.

Play Game  Enpiah
An alien planet tied down to Marada. You can get away with doing illegal stuff here.
Play Game  Foxfire Forest
A mystical forest home to magical creatures of all shapes and sizes.

Play Game  Gigantic Paradise
A beautiful paradise world where everything is gigantic is size and weight.
Play Game  Jenoa
A clean, healing underwater world of mermaids and sea creatures.

Play Game  Kamilah Desert
A world of magic and mystery in the very hot Kamilah Desert.
Play Game  Lowlyhood
A world of the rich and famous. Full of fashion and entertainment.

Play Game  Lush Lake
A lush, relaxing vacation world. Full of recreation and home of the Olympics.
Play Game  Minipet Island
An island oasis where minipets roam in the wild and everything is tiny.

Play Game  Nimbus
The magical cloud world of Nimbus - home to all fairies, angels and pixies.
 Pirate Ship
You can buy special items for Dukka Coins at this shop in .

Play Game  Poison Pit
Complete the Poison Pit Map to gain access, dip items and see what happens...
Play Game  Progress
Every player completes these levels to help the world of Marada to grow and prosper.

Play Game  Puchalla Village
A quiet old village where most marapets live, shop and hangout in Clubs.
Play Game  Simeria
The ancient ruins of the lost tribal city of Simeria.

Play Game  Slater Park
The entertainment capital of the world. Slater Park is where the fun is at!
Play Game  Undying Woods
The spooky woods filled with ghosts and zombies where nothing actually dies!

Play Game  Vortex Park
The poor, trashy, destroyed town of Vortex Park that was suddenly hit by a Vortex.
Play Game  Ziranek
A high tech digital world of the future. Ziranek has the best technology in Marada.

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