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Places to Visit

At the heart of the great Maradan desert lies the ancient and mysterious town of Kamilah Desert. Mighty pyramids tower over the colourful buildings where you can relax from the desert heat, or perhaps browse the bazaar if you choose, where you will find all kinds of strange and maybe even magical artifacts, pungent herbs and spices, and beautifully woven carpets. Not much is known about this world yet, but we'll soon find out...
 Bootleg Pyramid
Complete the 50 levels of the Bootleg Pyramid for a missing book, cd or dvd for your pet.
Buy the candle items you want or need from this candle shop.
 Desert Fairy
The Desert Fairy rewards you for the number of Books your pet has read.
 Desert Spy
Restock items for the Desert Spy quest to buy items from his shop.
Visit the Genie once a day for free and you could have your wish granted.
Complete goals related to Kamilah Desert and receive a prize at each level.
 Hump Racing
Bring the thirsty Hump a drink and it may win the race for you.
 Jackpot Pyramid
Visit for free every hour to win MP. The higher you climb the more you win.
 Kamilah Pyramid
Complete the 50 levels of the Kamilah Pyramid to receive a restricted Hump pet.
 Kamilah Traveller
Bring the items the Kamilah Traveller needs and you may receive Kamilah Codes.
 Magic Carpet
Complete for a free ride on the Magic Carpet that allows you to skip any mission level.
Naga rewards each of your pets for training their speed stats.
Buy the perfume items you want from this shop.
 Slate Pyramid
Complete the 50 levels of the Slate Pyramid to receive a restricted Echlin pet.
Buy the spices you need from the spice market shop.
Visit the Sultan daily to pay taxes. Loyal tax payers will be rewarded.
Fight Talon in the Battle Arena to win MP or magical feathers.
 Weekly Job Contest
Win a retired Minipet every Sunday if you earn the most job agency wages.
 Wonky Pyramid
Complete the 50 levels of the Bootleg Pyramid for a missing item for your wardrobe.

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