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The Plushie collection is where all of the plushies you have collected are permanently stored for you to show off. The Plushie Fairy rewards you for collecting Plushies.
Plushie Collection

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ayatides has collected 1,062 Plushies

10th Birthday Plushie

21 Blitz Plushie

Addow Ride Plushie

Alien Blaster Belt Plushie

Anatomical Heart Plushie

Angel Azul Plushie

Angel Fasoro Plushie

Angel Poera Plushie

Anime Kaala Plushie

Anime Raulf Plushie

Ant Plushie

Apophis Plushie

Arcade Zetlian Plushie

Armoured Equilor Plushie

Atropos Plushie

Autumn Doyle Plushie

Autumn Kujo Plushie

Autumn Sindi Plushie

Baby Ercuw Plushie

Baby Huthiq Plushie

Baby Quell Plushie

Baspinar Sword Plushie

Bat Plushie

Baterminator Plushie

Batsy Plushie

Battle of Baspinar Plushie

Bear Scout Plushie

Beckoning Chibs Plushie

Bee Reese Plushie

Beelzebub Plushie

Beige Addow Plushie

Beige Basil Plushie

Beige Feather Plushie

Beige Gobble Plushie

Beige Xoi Plushie

Best Friends Limax Plushie

Biala Tetris Plushie

Bigfoot Plushie

Bitty Plushie

Black Addow Plushie

Black Astro Plushie

Black Bolimo Plushie

Black Chibs Plushie

Black DNA Plushie

Black Ercuw Plushie

Black Fasoro Plushie

Black Feather Plushie

Black Gizmo Plushie

Black Gonk Plushie

Black Hump Plushie

Black Kidlet Plushie

Black Kujo Plushie

Black Lati Plushie

Black Leido Plushie

Black Lorius Plushie

Black Nino Plushie

Black Oglue Plushie

Black Osafo Plushie

Black Paffuto Plushie

Black Renat Plushie

Black Snookle Plushie

Black Speiro Plushie

Black Spookfruit Plushie

Black Troit Plushie

Black Viotto Plushie

Black Vixen Plushie

Black Xoi Plushie

Blackjack Plushie

Blitzen Plushie

Blitzen Troit Plushie

Blue 9th Birthday Plushie

Blue Addow Plushie

Blue Astro Plushie

Blue Azul Plushie

Blue Bolimo Plushie

Blue Chibs Plushie

Blue Crindol Plushie

Blue DNA Plushie

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