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Z3t4IbN.png?1 Hi there, and welcome to my profile! My name is Silvia, and I also go by Silvy.

I'm usually around from 22:30 to 11:30 MST, though from 5:00-8:00 am MST I randomly step away from the computer.
I am almost guaranteed to be away from the computer from 12:00-10:30 pm MST.

Feel free to Talk or Mail me if you have any questions, I'm fairly new at the site, but will be happy to help if I can!

Visit my Mara.Page for a link to my Collections Spreadsheet to see what items I still need of the following list: minipets, poop, pumpkins, and newspapers.
  1. Blackout Photos Still Needed
    12th Sep 2020 09:22
    4 months, 5 days & 23 hrs ago
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